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Comics to Read, May 28

Due to an unfortunate combination of illness and work travel I missed last week, thanks for those who dropped notes about missing the column. Now on to the week in comics. This week I have two first issues for you both of which were quite fun.

Dr. Spektor: Master of the Occult revives an Gold Key title from the last century. Dr. Spektor is a master of the occult and tabloid “real-life” TV. He’s a little bit of sleaze and, honestly, more fun that I imagined. Mark Waid, of course, is a pretty good bet for delivering a fun story and the artwork by Neil Edawards is a fine match. 

Is it metacommentary or coincidence that in a week that has the last issue of Nightwing the former writer of Nightwing, Kyle Higgins, opens his new creator owned comic with a character wearing a costume that looks like Nighwing’s classic costume? But before we contemplate that go pick up a copy of C.O.W.L #1 which is also a fun adventure comic. C.O.W.L ( Chicago Organized Workers League) is fight back against the union corruption of Chicago in the sixties. The first issue sets things up nicely but for me the real star was Rod Reis’ art which is just gorgeous.

So that’s two for you to jump in on and please let me know what you think. And now on to the others: 

I’m just incredibly in love with this comic. 

Remember you don’t have to play the game to read the comic. Some very fun writing by Gail Simone.

You know this is going to get optioned for a movie soon enough - so why not get in early?

Again a book that teams a young man of color and older white woman in a police procedural.

And now on to DC Comics. 

We’re getting to the end of Zero Year and Snyder says this is one of the best issues to date.

I know it’s a bit early for me to be giving input but I really want more Stephanie Brown, Catwoman and BlueBird

I’m not buying this for Nightwing which I don’t think was a great book and was not very good to Dick Grayson. I’m buying it because I’m very interested in Grayson which this books as a prologue to. And also, as you’ll see in another post, offers gifts from the comics gods.


So that’s it for me. Let me know what you think of the two first issues and what’s on your list!