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Andrew rannells + puppies = cuteness overload

Like look at him he’s so damn precious with the puppies my heart can’t take it

It’s just the cutest thing ever

#sanversweek day 2: nerd girlfriends

Maggie wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Sure, she’s been to classes before, obviously. She went to college, she did well in college. She wasn’t one of those kids who barely made it to lecture and scraped through the finals to celebrate a 1.9 GPA with a night of alcohol poisoning. She’d been diligent – she’d had to be diligent, to keep her scholarship. Without her scholarship there was no college at all, and Maggie desperately wanted that B.A. So she’d majored in criminal justice and double minored in psychology and biology - psych because it would be good for her future career and bio because it was cool – and while she hadn’t made it to every class, she’d made it to most.

The police academy had been more classes, and she’d sure as hell gone to each and every one of those, and had shone academically. It hadn’t made her any friends, but she’d earned her uniform, and, more recently, had earned her badge.

But now she wants to get promoted into the science division, and her minor in biology is honestly more than some other people already in the division have, but those guys are men and white and straight and baby boomers and buddies with the commissioner, so they didn’t have to earn it. She has to earn it.

So she’s here. Walking into an exo-biology course at National City University. It’s not an extension course or a community college course, but she went on a couple dates with the dean a few years ago, back before the dean got back together with her now-husband, so Maggie was able to get the strings pulled to enroll. And it’s been a hot minute since she’s been in class, and since she’s had homework, but she’s excited. She honestly doesn’t know much about exo-biology, other than what she’s gathered anecdotally from friends and ex-girlfriends, and it seems like the kind of thing a science division detective should be up to date on.

So she’s here.

She walks into the classroom and immediately thinks she’s in the wrong room. It’s small, just a 30-person room, not a big lecture hall. She’s early, but there’s one girl already here, and she confirms that she’s there for Bio 367 too, so Maggie shrugs and takes a seat in the back. She’s not really a college student, and she hates the feeling of people’s eyes on her when she can’t turn around and stare right back, so she’s glad to have her choice of seat.

The room slowly fills in, mostly with dudes, a couple other girls, all so painfully young. And that makes sense, this is an undergrad class, but Maggie’s 26 years feel ancient surrounded by these all bros. They all seem to be a type: the kind of bro who wears sweatpants and sports sandals and eats dry cereal from to-go coffee cups while bragging about parties and girls and fake IDs.

Maggie wonders if this was a mistake.

But then the instructor walks in.

And, oh, she’s gorgeous.

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Into The Deep End - Chapter 59

Sasha has always tried to play it safe, to keep her life as simple and risk-free as possible. Things change, however, when she garners the interest of a handsome, charming, younger man from a completely different world than hers. As she starts to question her own rules, is she ready to take the biggest chance of them all? Will she let herself take that dive? Roman Reigns/OC.


If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it
It don’t belong to anyone but you
If there’s a question of my love, you’ve got it
Baby don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you
Baby, I’ve been making plans, oh love
Baby, I’ve been making plans for you

Three months later…

This was straight-up voyeurism wasn’t it, what she was doing. It didn’t feel that way at all, but it had to be. Right?

Sasha had been awake for over an hour and she’d spent every second gazing at her sleeping boyfriend, resting on her side facing him. He looked so good. Even in slumber he was sexy as hell. He did need to shave though, and some hair had escaped from his loosening ponytail. She wanted to run her fingers through it, but it was highly likely that the action would awaken him. He slept like a log all night, and understandably so after a stressful week. They’d only just returned yesterday evening from Pensacola and last night was the first time he’d had any proper sleep. It was best that she let him be. She could play with his hair later. 

Carefully, she slid out from under his arm, grabbed her robe to cover her nude body and tiptoed into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She crept back into the bedroom and saw that Joe had turned on his stomach, causing the covers to slide over his body and expose a naked butt cheek and leg. His ponytail was completely free now so his hair flowed down his broad back. Sasha bit her lip and quickly scrambled out of the room before she could change her mind and climb back into the large bed to ravage him.

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Musings on ‘multiple stages’ and 'splitted characters

The Blind Banker really seems to be the decoder … the magical key … for the whole story. It introduces not only the principle of ‘the stage’ …. and characers acting on that stage …. it also introduces for the very first time characters who slip into the role of other characters while staying present themselves in the same scene and the same role. Shaping by that …'splitted characters’.

More under the cut ….

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The Planet Of Sixam

Sixam is a beautiful place with great lakes of water that glow blue, trees with glowing lights pulsing through them, and beautiful yet carnivorous plant life.

There are large blue mushrooms growing out of the ground, and colorful crystals to be harvested from its rocky surface.

It is the closest planet to Earth Realm in the entire dimension of Simiscura.

It’s small compared to most of the other planets, but it’s not any less fascinating to the scientists of the Simiscura Space Station on Earth Realm, who have had their eyes on it since it’s discovery.

They are fascinated that the planet seems to emit different colors from space that can be seen with a telescope during a certain time of year.

The Simiscura Space Station was eager to find out if there was life on the planet, and before sending astronauts there they released a strong signal into space, hoping it would be picked up by something.

There had always been rumors from the Watchers about alien abductions, but as usual, they were written off as conspiracy theorists, and disregarded, especially by scientists at the station.

Those who claimed to be abducted told grand tales of traveling through the universe and going to ‘space raves’ with pastel colored aliens, eating and drinking strange and delicious food, and at times having intercourse with the creatures who they claimed they were partying with.

The scientists believed the stories to be laughable, too wild to be true.

Yet, they still hoped to hear a response to their signal from Sixam.

A month went by when they heard nothing, then finally their expectations were exceeded beyond belief.  

The entire room of astronauts, researchers, and scientists fell silent when a voice that sounded electronic came over the loudspeaker, and it was simlish.

The famous doctor Nyla Sawyer who was usually expressionless and stoic had her jaw practically hit the floor upon hearing it.

“I am Queen Adonella, ruler of the planet of Sixam,” the voice said, “Who are you?”

Dr. Sawyer picked up the microphone and cleared her throat.

“I am doctor Nyla Sawyer of Earth Realm, a pleasure to meet our closest neighbors.” Queen Adonella and Dr. Sawyer spoke for a total of three hours.

The entire room was quiet for the duration of the conversation, in awe that they had made the first contact.

Queen Adonella was interested in learning more about Earth Realm, and doctor Nyla Sawyer was just as interested in Sixam.

They agreed to assist each other and send samples back and forth for research and study.

The trip would take about three weeks in total, well worth it in the eyes of Dr. Sawyer.

Queen Adonella agreed to allow astronauts from the space station to land on Sixam and retrieve the goods, and doctor Sawyer wanted to keep their contact a secret from the people of Earth Realm.

She explained to Adonella that Earth Realm was not prepared to hear that they had made contact with alien life and that the planet could possibly fly into a panic.

Adonella trusted the judgment of Dr. Sawyer and agreed.

Humans landed on Sixam and were astounded to see the vibrantly colored aliens, with their pastel hair and skin.

The exchange went off without a hitch, and the astronauts returned home with various different samples of things from Sixam to be studied.

The arrangement was going well, and much was being learned and exchanged between the space station and Sixam.

Queen Adonella and Dr. Sawyer had been communicating more often.

There was rarely a moment where Dr. Sawyer was not seen talking to Queen Adonella in the research room over the loudspeaker.

Queen Adonella admitted to doctor Sawyer that she had actually discovered Earth Realms existence early on and immediately disclosed it to her people.

The queen was hesitant to reach out to the planet, and before she could, her people in their impatience had already traveled to Earth Realm upon learning how close it was to Sixam.

They did indeed abduct some humans, and brought them to Sixam to party and get into trouble.

Queen Adonella was displeased at this and made the act of abducting humans illegal. There were some arrests made, but it did not deter the Sixam aliens from performing abductions, especially rowdy teenagers looking to get into trouble with their new human neighbors.

Doctor Nyla Sawyer was incredibly amused by the whole thing and also surprised at just how accurate the Watchers had been in their reports.

The Watchers were clearly far more organized and onto things then people were giving them credit for.

The doctor knew she could not allow the Watchers to find out she had made contact with Queen Adonella, or they would try to expose it to the world, then again who would believe them?

Queen Adonella informed doctor Sawyer that Sixam aliens were very skilled with technology, and teased that she could hack the doctor’s tablet if she felt so inclined.

The doctor raised a brow and dared Queen Adonella to do so, turning on her tablet and signing in.

Dr. Sawyer was astounded when Queen Adonella’s face appeared on her tablet, and she felt in that moment that she had never seen anything so beautiful in all of her years alive.

Queen Adonella had pastel blue skin, with large blue eyes that twinkled like stars.

The queen’s hair was long and pink, and it was pulled back into a ponytail.

The doctor swallowed and adjusted her glasses, even though she knew what she was seeing was real.

Queen Adonella laughed, “I told you, we are exceptionally good with technology, maybe only slightly more advanced then you.” she winked.

Doctor Sawyer and Queen Adonella began to speak all the time on the tablet, and there was hardly ever a time when her staff saw her with it out of her hands.

There were whispers that Sawyer even spoke with Queen Adonella off the clock, in her own home.

The space station staff dared not ask the hot-tempered doctor who was quick to fire, anything about her conversations with the queen.

Things were going well for close to a year.

Dr. Sawyer always had her tablet in hand, but when she wasn’t speaking to Queen Adonella she had actually started to seem more pleasant and was easier to work around.

Earth Realm was still unaware that they had made the first contact, and security at the Simiscura Space Station was increased greatly, to ensure that the Watchers prying eyes were kept at bay.

Then suddenly, all contact between Queen Adonella and Dr. Sawyer ceased.

Dr. Sawyer’s temper was made worse, one wrong word out of your mouth to her would get you into trouble.

She never did speak up as to why she had stopped talking to Queen Adonella, and she forbid her staff from asking her about it any further.

Sawyer reminded them of the contract they signed before they applied at the space station.

She reiterated the confidentiality agreement and refreshed their memories about how they would be punished if they were to open their mouths about their work involving extraterrestrial life.

It was a secret that was to be kept at all costs, and they were not to contact Queen Adonella without Dr. Sawyers permission, or there would be consequences.

The atmosphere had become tense at the station, but Dr. Sawyer was confident that nobody would learn of her contact with Sixam aliens, and things went back to the way they were before she had contacted the queen.

The Simiscura Space Station went back to looking for other alien life throughout Deep Space.

The other top scientists of the station believed they should go back to studying Sixam before they move on to other planets, but Dr. Sawyer shot down the idea at every official meeting. Whatever happened between Dr. Sawyer and Queen Adonella remains a mystery.

The falling out between the doctor and the queen has not deterred Sixam aliens from visiting Earth Realm and continuing to abduct humans for raves and parties despite the consequences.

In fact, some aliens have full on left Sixam and moved to Earth Realm to make it their new home, although they disguise themselves as humans.

The Sixam visitors are attracted to Earth Realms lush and beautiful foliage, the festivals, and the music called dubstep.

They LOVE dubstep.

They have largely gone undetected, but how long until the Watchers realize that there are aliens living among them in human disguises?

Other Areas Across Simiscura


               sabrina’s  parents  are  missing.   the  two  of  them  met  while  her  mother  was  giving  a  lecture  on  occult  artifacts  found  at  recent  archaological  digs  and  what  they  might  mean  regarding  ancient  beliefs,   and  while  they  are  still  legally  married,   neither  have  been  seen  in  over  a  decade.   shortly  after  sabrina’s  first  birthday,   the  aunts  arrived  to  take  sabrina  into  their  custody.   diana  attempted  escape  with  the  child,   and  when  that  didn’t  work,   threatened  to  expose  the  family  and  witchcraft  altogether.   edward  wouldn’t  have  that.   sabrina  doesn’t  even  remember  what  her  mother  looks  like,   and  hasn’t  seen  her  father  since  she  was  five  years  old.   note:   subject  to  change  !

dr.  diana  sawyer-spellman  hails  from  boston,   and  formerly  taught  at  boston  university  until  about  a  year  after  her  marriage  to  edward  spellman,   when  the  department  received  a  sudden  resignation  and  someone  cleared  out  her  desk  overnight.   she was  placed  in   the  hearthstone  clinic  for  the  mentally  unwell   by  her  husband  under  the  name   “d.  spellman.” 

edward  spellman  is  also  currently  missing,   last  seen  just  outside  of  greendale,   massachusetts.   his  family  is  one  of  the  oldest  magic  families  in  the  world,   the  current  generation  comprised  of  him  and  his  many,   many  sisters.   the  two  eldest,   hilda  and  zelda,   were  instrumental  in  sabrina’s  conception,   and  therefore  given  sabrina  to  raise   (  it  was  against  witch  law  for  diana  to  have  anything  to  do  with  the  child  ).    he  used  to  visit  sabrina  intermittently,   on  holidays  and  her  birthday,   but  when  he  didn’t  show  up  for  her  fifth  birthday,   or  the  one  after  that  .  .  .  she  came  to  realize  he  was  missing.

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Nothing particularly interesting happened at dawnrise anymore. Nothing needed to.

The rising of the sun had changed meanings varying on the time in Lafeyette’s life.

When she was a child her bedtime was an hour or so earlier than the sunrise, thus if she’d been awake it usually meant she was too sick to sleep.

Things changed as she entered the Studium. Many a night she’d spent a Dr. Sawyer’s home studying under his eye. That odd, liminal time between night and not meant she had to tip toe just a touch softer and step between what shadow the light left. The sun meant her nighttime reprieve was coming to a close.

On the boat to Eorzea the time between night and day was just a means of measuring time. A blessed change in the environment amidst a world all soaked up in blue. It made Lafey feel a little less mad.

During her travels it oft meant waking. Plain, simple, one could travel by light easier if they woke up a little before the sun was full in the sky. Though she’d enjoyed her time on the road she never quite got used to this part. She’d never been meant to be diurnal.

For a year or so the daybreak was a scattered time during a disordered life where she was either at the peak of her isolation or reluctantly curled another person to eschew that particular option. Either the room was spinning too much, or not enough, or her head was foggy, or everything was painfully crisp, and she was either terribly nauseous or painfully hungry. A good thing this time was short, some people stay in purgatory for years.

Now, though, daybreak just signaled that she was midway between a cup of hot cocoa, at the first or second drag of her cigarette, and had about thirty minutes of wakefulness before it was time for bed. It was nearly like being young again, though this time if she didn’t see the dawn it meant she was too sick and slept through it.

There’d been a time when the idea of mundanity had made Lafeyette sick but recently she’s come to appreciate the simplicity of just living to watch another day.

8 Nights of Danvers Chanukah, Night 5

Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4

Maggie’s first menorah lighting with Alex, Kara, Winn, James, and Eliza, ft. Maggie giving Alex and Eliza flowers and some Maggie Backstory 2k17.

Maggie Sawyer came out at twelve years old in small town Nebraska; and by small town, she means population of three hundred something, mostly white, except for her extended family.

Maggie Sawyer beat up her first boy at thirteen years old, when he was seventeen, because he told her cousin that she was asking for it when she went out looking like that.

Maggie Sawyer was the only girl in her high school graduating class – her high school that featured her getting shoved into lockers, her enduring endless racial slurs and just as many offers to help her find the right guy – who left Blue Springs, who went to college, who made a life for herself outside of the place where everyone knew her name, third grade teacher, and which bedroom window was hers.

Maggie Sawyer joined a racist, homophobic police force to try to make it better from within.

Maggie Sawyer made detective within four years.

Maggie Sawyer battled aliens alongside the DEO; and protected them from it, too.

Maggie Sawyer was, in a word, tough.

Maggie Sawyer was also shaking like a leaf, pacing the hallway outside her the door of her girlfriend’s little sister. Because Maggie had never celebrated Chanukah, and she’d certainly never celebrated Chanukah with her new girlfriend’s mother.

It was Kara who noticed. Of course it was Kara who noticed; no one else could see straight through the wall. No one else could hear Maggie sighing, Maggie muttering to herself that she could do this, that this was nothing, that Eliza was nice, that Alex’s friends liked her, that Alex was… perfect. That it wouldn’t turn out like it always did. And that yes, her fly was zipped and her breath suitably minty.

Kara smiled slightly and touched Eliza’s shoulders as she passed behind her and Winn to softly pad to the door, glad Alex was distracted by her animated conversation with James about DEO policy.

“Maggie?” she said softly, slipping outside the apartment and half closing the door behind her. Maggie jumped, bringing her left hand under her lower lip.

“Kara! Hey. I was just about to – ”

“It’s okay if you’re nervous, Maggie.”

Maggie stopped pacing and leveled her gaze at Alex’s kid sister, who was regarding her with compassionate concern and an overflowing of a certain emotion that Maggie couldn’t quite identify, but she thought might be gratitude.

“Eliza’s really excited to meet you, you know. And Alex can’t stop talking about how happy she is that you agreed to come. I’ve never seen her like this, Maggie. Especially around a holiday. She always… since her dad… she’s always been pretty withdrawn around holidays, since we were teenagers. But now…”

Kara glanced back over her shoulder, squinting slightly to see Alex through the door, checking her phone and all but bouncing on the balls of her feet, waiting for Maggie to knock on the door.

“I just want to make her happy, Little Danvers.”

“You do, Maggie. Now come on. It’s almost sunset. Alex told you that’s when we light the menorah?”

Maggie nodded, breathing in deeply, her knuckles starting to ache with how tightly she was gripping the bag of goodies she brought.

“Wait!” she told Kara before she opened the door. From her bag, she withdrew one bouquet of roses and another arrangement, a wild mix of colors and textures and flowers Kara couldn’t identify. Kara beamed, and Maggie nodded, looking slightly like she was going to be sick.

Kara grasped her forearm briefly and opened the door.

“Look who I found!” she announced.

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Text: Hi Dr. Sawyer, It's Juniper, I was just wondering if I could come pick up some extra blood from the infirmary?

[text] Hello! I’ll set aside a bag or two that I have in excess but until I can get a blood drive going, this may be it for awhile. 

[text] There is a blood bar on the island as well. For whoever needs it.