dr sawyer

like maggie just got out of a relationship and also she has NO WAY of knowing how genuine alex’s feelings are for her right now. she’s probably thinking that alex only wants this because she was the contributing factor in her realizing her sexuality. maggie wants alex to be comfortable. maggie wants alex to know what she wants. it’s so crucial, i think, to maggie, for her to know that it’s 100% her that alex wants. like, maggie just had her heart broken. there’s no way she would be ready to just hand it over again so quickly. maggie is hurt and right now, she feels like doing this with alex would be risking hurting her heart again and she’s not ready for that. she’s not ready for alex to realize that she only liked her because she’s the girl who made her realize. she wants alex to be confident in sexuality outside of whatever feelings she has for maggie and that’s commendable.

tl;dr: i love maggie sawyer.