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Alone- Spencer Reid

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You reach out, wrapping your fingers Spencer’s thin wrist. He pauses, turning around to stare at you through furrowed brows.

“Are you okay?” He asks. He doesn’t meet your eyes, scanning your body for any sign of injury. You don’t respond, blushing as you look down at the blankets surrounding the lower half of your body.

Everyone around you was dying, all because of you. You don’t know what you did, or why the stalker chose you, but he did and now he’s killing everyone you’re close to.

You’re afraid. More than you ever have been.

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You had the late shift at the Hospital yet again, but still as exhausted as you were you wanted to head home because your profiler boyfriend Spencer was back from his latest case. The odds were he was at home right now working on his paper work. However upon arriving home you peered into the bedroom to see you boyfriend still fully dressed, wild hair, with his paper work teetering on the edge of the bed. You approached quietly knowing he was exhausted also from a long case, this one had lasted almost a whole week. You folded up his paper work and tucked him under the covers. Once you were all changed and ready for bed you headed back to your bedroom to see that Spencer was awake but still laying in bed ‘Y/N your home, I missed you’ You smiled and he returned the smile, seeing you as you came towards him in your pajamas. ‘I’m glad that you are home safe, I was worried about you not eating enough and or sleeping enough’. When you were wrapped in Spencer’s arms you never struggled to sleep but you did mumble. Spencer thought your sleepy mumbling was cute and that it comforted him and soon enough he fell asleep alongside you.