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Michael Douglas has taken to Instagram to confirm that he will return as Dr. Hank Pym in ‘Ant-man and The Wasp’. He also confirmed that he will begin shooting his scenes for the movie in July. The movie was previously reported to start production in June!

July 7

Biochemist Dr. Bill Foster works in the Plans and Research Division for Tony Stark’s Baltimore factory. Dr. Foster debuted in The Avengers #32 (July 7, 1966). He is hired to be the biochemical laboratory assistant of Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym (a.k.a. Giant-Man). Pym is stuck at the height of 10 feet (3.0 m) for a time and at the behest of Stark, Dr. Foster helps Pym find a cure to change his size back to normal. Dr. Foster moves to the West Coast and at some point acquires the formula to “Pym particles” which give him the ability to grow in size like his former employer. Taking the name Black Goliath, he helps Power Man fight the Circus of Crime. Bill Foster’s superhuman powers are a result of his ingestion of a biochemical formula containing Pym particles. He has the ability to increase his size and mass to a gigantic size by psionically drawing extra mass from an extra-dimensional source while gaining superhuman strength in proportion to his height. The extra mass returns to the extra-dimensional source as he decreases in size. The process of changing height is fatiguing, making Foster more vulnerable to harm, after successive changes.

Ant-Man MBTI

Scott Lang “Ant-Man”

ESTPs are often natural athletes; they easily navigate their physical environment and are typically highly coordinated. They like to use this physical aptitude in the pursuit of excitement and adventure, and they often enjoy putting their skills to the test in risky or even dangerous activities. The ESTP’s focus is action in the moment. They are engaged with their environments and solve practical problems quickly. ESTPs are excellent in emergencies, when they can apply their logical reasoning to situations where immediate action is necessary. Long-term goals are less interesting to the ESTP, who prefers to see tangible results in the moment.

Dr. Hank Pym

INTPs present a cool exterior but are privately passionate about reason, analysis, and innovation. They seek to create complex systems of understanding to unify the principles they’ve observed in their environments. Their minds are complicated and active, and they will go to great mental lengths trying to devise ingenious solutions to interesting problems. The INTP is typically non-traditional, and more likely to reason out their own individual way of doing things than to follow the crowd. The INTP is suspicious of assumptions and conventions, and eager to break apart ideas that others take for granted. INTPs are merciless when analyzing concepts and beliefs, and hold little sacred. They are often baffled by other people who remain loyal to ideology that doesn’t make logical sense.

Hope van Dyne “Wasp”

ISTJs are responsible organizers, driven to create and enforce order within systems and institutions. They are neat and orderly, inside and out, and tend to have a procedure for everything they do. Reliable and dutiful, ISTJs want to uphold tradition and follow regulations. ISTJs are steady, productive contributors. Although they are Introverted, ISTJs are rarely isolated; typical ISTJs know just where they belong in life, and want to understand how they can participate in established organizations and systems. They concern themselves with maintaining the social order and making sure that standards are met.

Darren Cross “Yellowjacket”

The ESFJ is often striving for approval that they feel they deserve, but have not properly received. Out of the seven deadly sins they would best represent Envy. They are usually preoccupied with being underestimated or not being appreciated for their work in the past and are now out to simply get your approval or to force you to approve. Their Fe is dominant so, although types like ESTP and ENTP may be emotionally manipulative that is nothing like the emotional manipulation of the Fe dominate ESFJ and ENFJ. These Fe dominates can stab you in the back like no other, often making you feel much more violated, because they got you right in the feels. You were led to trust them and they simply used you. Just as they do this and can seem cold and deceitful, there is a huge heart breaking underneath, just wanting to be loved and appreciated. (fictionalcharactermbti, mbti villains)

Sam Wilson “Falcon”

ENFPs are people-centered creators with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. Energetic, warm, and passionate, ENFPs love to help other people explore their creative potential. ENFPs are typically agile and expressive communicators, using their wit, humor, and mastery of language to create engaging stories. ENFPs prize individuality and often consider the pursuit of happiness to be the highest priority in life, both for themselves and for others. They place great importance on personal freedom and self-expression, and want to be able to go wherever inspiration leads.

Descriptions from Truity.

AvenJuly2017: Day 17

Your hero of the day is…

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ANT MAN (the Scott Lang one)

*bio written by the wonderful @deartreadmill from a previous AvenJuly*

Scott Lang was an electronic engineer who was unable to support his family, and decided to turn to crime. He was caught and sentenced to 5 years in jail, but got out early for good behaviour. Once freed he began to work at Stark International’s design department.
When his daughter was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, Lang sought help from Dr. Erica Sondheim, who was kidnapped by Cross Technological Enterprises founder Darren Cross, for help with his own heart condition. In order to rescue her, and save his daughter, Lang broke in to the home of Dr. Henry Pym, the first Ant-Man, and stole his technology. After a successful rescue, Lang tried to turn himself in, but Pym allowed him to keep the suit, but for the purpose of good.
Dividing his time between costumed heroics and his family responsibilities, Ant-Man worked alongside several super heroes, aiding members of the Avengers against the mercenary Taskmaster on two occasions. When Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil attacked the Avengers and took control of the Avengers Mansion, Ant-Man offered his assistance to the Avengers in defeating the criminal super-team. The Fantastic Four subsequently hired him as an electronics expert when Mister Fantastic was believed to be dead, and he was inducted into the team.
Following Mister Fantastic’s return, Ant-Man joined the team known as Heroes for Hire and clashed with such enemies as Ghaur and the Master. After Heroes For Hire disbanded, he again aided the Avengers against the Taskmaster; he also began dating former super hero Jessica Jones, although their relationship ended after he learned she was pregnant with Luke Cage’s child. Ant-Man next fought alongside the Avengers against the menace of Scorpio and the In-Betweener, then was invited to join full-time, a role he only accepted after losing custody of his daughter to his ex-wife.
As an Avenger, Ant-Man had always butted heads with his teammate, Jack of Hearts, who later sacrificed his life in order to rescue Ant-Man’s daughter. Ant-Man was killed when Jack of Heart’s resurrected body blew up the Avenger’s Mansion.
I’d like to mention that Scott Lang also is a ginger. Bonus points for Scott Lang.
His powers come from the Ant-Man suit, which was made by Hank Pym. It is powered by Pym Particles, a sub-atomic particle that allows the wearer of the suit to shrink down to the size of an ant, while maintaining the strength of a regular-sized human. Tiny guy - BIG punch.

Go outside and commune with nature! Feel the grass beneath your toes. Try to think on a micro level. 

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Launching this fall we will be seeing the “Avengers NOW!” Title as well as more than TEN new “#1’s” for characters such as Thor, Superior Iron Man, and All-New Captain America as we see a woman wield Mjolnir, Sam Wilson take Caps mantle, and Tony Stark with a new outlook on life. PLUS new books for some of the lesser known and just as exciting characters like Deathlok, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange! It’s gonna be an exciting year in comic books guys! and all of this will build right up to the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron