dr plague


Buttery and rugged
undirected in our curiosity
I can prod
slide in the soul
ridged with data and wool
strippers pole-dancing to
“The Nutcracker”
Chaz Bono straddling Sylvester Stallone
a naked Chewbacca
Drew Barrymore’s labia cackling,

your baby all filthy
songs blasting.

Pour bourbon
unbutton your pants
get delightfully creepy!

This is a holiday
for letting your eerie shadows hang out
rare Italian gay sex
penetrating suburban plagues.

Hey, Dr. Van Van Mojo—
take better care of yourself.


Something simple. Been away from the house all day and couldn’t make anything awesome. Will be the same case tomorrow too.


Raith, one of the newest mirror Flesh-Weavers, snuggles with Grimm for his tundra fluff. WHO CAN ARGUE WITH TUNDRA FLUFF???
Story behind Raith is when she was a young mirror, she started to become infested with the Wasteland’s contagion. This was a devastating discovery since the majority of Flesh-Weaver dragons are immune to infection. Doctor Grimm took in the mirror by Omen’s request; agitated as always that his own work is disturbed he went along with the treatment. During the treatment Raith has become extremely attached to Grimm and he didn’t seem to mind. The treatment to eliminate the contagion was an extinguishing success, but of course the cost of their resourced. Instead of Raith returning to her life, she become EXTREMELY indebted to Omen and his clan. To avoid harsh treatment and slavery until they replenish their resources from Omen, Grimm requested to take Raith under his wing. Sharing the burden, both of them work hard to restore any lost resources used for her treatment.

Raith sees Doctor Grimm as a father to her, even though they are not connected in family. Grimm is never used to physical interactions in an affectionate ways, but he will make an acceptation with his little girl.

which flights are even drama-free these days

wind. fire gets relatively little shit i think. nobody knows if water actually exists so that’s a go?? how about a list then.

earth - recent dom drama
water - do they exist. no drama? (update: there was drama about water not existing but even that stopped existing. confirmed water has like no drama they’re precious buns why would you hurt them)
wind - smol beans, precious buns. what drama?
fire - seems like no recent drama?? raffle drama a while back but that was assholes. pretty little drama (update: their drama is other people being selfish which is like a lot of drama but they have no real drama. also precious buns. dont hurt them they’re precious.)

ice - we get shit on. drama.
light - ????people hate these glitter children for some reason?? drama just for doing dom.
shadow - i dont recall shadow drama at all actually.
lightning - ?????????????????????????unclear

nature - drama. drama just for having rhea. drama. (update: rhea confirmed to unapologetic, no one is surprised, i still love rhea a lot.)
plague - dr  a  m    a
arcane - haha wow

Tras su manto y careta 

devoto camina

con el bastón a su derecha 

con el camino en la mira 

la muerte, peste y miseria 

cadáveres en su andar

camina tras esta plaga 

examinando en su andar 

con su voz tenue y distante 

tras la mascara murmurara

este ,es un condenado 

y nada por el se hará 

dejadlo ahí tirado

no lo valláis a tocar , 

el porta la plaga 

es portador del mal

hacedme caso os digo

cuidado al respirar 

su hedor nauseabundo

pues podría ser fatal

hacedme caso os digo

hacedme caso y marchad

soy el doctor de la peste

dr. plaga me podéis llamar.