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Also WTF happened 300 years ago???!!! Was that when the Lich came back and Billy had to fight him??? It wasn’t the mushroom war since that had been over for nearly 1000 years by this point in the story so what the heck happened?


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Raith, one of the newest mirror Flesh-Weavers, snuggles with Grimm for his tundra fluff. WHO CAN ARGUE WITH TUNDRA FLUFF???
Story behind Raith is when she was a young mirror, she started to become infested with the Wasteland’s contagion. This was a devastating discovery since the majority of Flesh-Weaver dragons are immune to infection. Doctor Grimm took in the mirror by Omen’s request; agitated as always that his own work is disturbed he went along with the treatment. During the treatment Raith has become extremely attached to Grimm and he didn’t seem to mind. The treatment to eliminate the contagion was an extinguishing success, but of course the cost of their resourced. Instead of Raith returning to her life, she become EXTREMELY indebted to Omen and his clan. To avoid harsh treatment and slavery until they replenish their resources from Omen, Grimm requested to take Raith under his wing. Sharing the burden, both of them work hard to restore any lost resources used for her treatment.

Raith sees Doctor Grimm as a father to her, even though they are not connected in family. Grimm is never used to physical interactions in an affectionate ways, but he will make an acceptation with his little girl.

Dr. Edwards’ Plague Advice

It can be awkward when a friend gets the plague. Do you visit? Should you bring anything? How long is it polite to stay?

Dr. Edwards contributes his expertise with these tips to help you avoid a sickbed faux pas:

  • Do not go in the morning, when it’s foggy, during the extreme heat of the day, or after the sun has set.
  • You cannot enter a plague house before a fire has been made.
  • How much perfume is too much? When you’re visiting a plague victim there’s no such thing!  We recommend Juniper, Lavender or Frankincense, but anything strong and sweet will work. Drench your clothes in it and then splash your face with vinegar and rosewater.  The room will be perfumed as well, so you don’t need to worry about standing out.
  • Before you go in, place angelica root, citron skin, and a whole clove in your mouth. This may make it difficult to talk, but a real friend will understand safety comes first.
  • “But herewithall you must have a speciall care, that during the time you are with the sick, you stand not betwixt the sick body and the fire, for that is dangerous […] Keep you alwaies on the contrary side, so that the sick may be betwixt you and the fire.”
  • Remember to bring your arsenic bag! Crimson taffeta is the fabric of choice among industry specialists. Just be careful to hold it away from your skin if you start sweating or you could end up with some nasty side-effects.
  • Never forget plague is a punishment from God. Your friend is a horrible sinner, but so are you, so don’t hold it against them! You never know who could be next. Think unhappy thoughts, sleep past noon, or play too much tennis and it might be you.