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Alan Rickman as John Gissing in “The Search of John Gissing”, Alexander Dane/Dr Lazarus in “Galaxy Quest”, Antoine Richis in “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, Severus Snape in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, Harry in “Love Actually”

Alhbi Ur'Gaid is a tour guide. His name is “I’ll be your guide.”

The murder happened near Tehm'pul Temple. Temple Temple.

The murder victim was a man named Paht Rohl. He’s a security guard. HIS NAME IS PATROL



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Starscreams Secret Base: Hopes and Chances

Knockout hummed to himself an old Polyhexian medley as he prepared the next batch of Chemo treatment within Starscreams Living quarters.

It had been some time since he had arrived and begun Phoenix’s Radiation and Chemo treatment. The two mechs had worked together to build and set up a small working station and a place to install the human berth Knockout had “Borrowed” from Ratchets supplies.

Unfortunately neither Knockout or Starscream were very adept at human cooking however… Knockout found himself making trips through the space bridge to Earth quite frequently. This In order to visit Human restaurants with his hard light construct hologram to bring Phoenix back the proper nutrients her body needed. Thank Primus for Take out and Drive Through. He had also become quite good at light construct Money. heh heh heh.

He did his best to balance her diet based on her scans. So far it seemed to have been working. She was responding to the treatment but her body would frequently experience relapse… this would be normal but Knockout could tell now at this point that it was as he feared. Their efforts were only buying her time. 

Meanwhile Starscream had been venturing out more and more on missions to seek out and collect the proper supplies and equipment they would need for the… the plan. The seeker had been absent a lot as of late wich caused Phoenix to worry.

Knockout paused looking back to Phoenix who was playing a came called “Poke'mon” on a game device called a 3DS… He had stolen it for her a while back from a parked Walmart Truck, Having read that humans needed some form of entertainment to keep their spirits up. 

His mind wandered to the plan once again and his spark shrank worriedly in its chamber. There were still some aspects he had to discuss with Starscream when he returned, such as the matter of Phoenix’s mind and how it would be transfered to her new body.

Knockout had completed reading Shockwaves reports and proceedures on the spark splitting process some time ago… he had had to repress the feeling to empty his takes on numerous an occasion when the data pads had presented video feed of the experiments themselves. The Process was of such a taboo nature it made even him in all his experiance working under Decepticon command and a Doctor sick to his tanks. He was thankfull he had not served under SHockwave for the majority of the war… he could have become one of those experiments by the sounds of it.

He would be kidding himself if he denied he was just a tad bit terrified. none the less he chose to put those emotions aside and stuck to the plan. much was riding on it and Knockout was begining to wonder now that Phoenix had regained some of her strength and had been able to manage her “wingsicknes” when Starscream would include her too and hear what her thoughts would be on this matter.

“Alright last bag of the day!” Knockout announced cheerfully to Phoenix. Her berth was elevated up to an more manageable height for the mechs and it provided a nice view of Starscreams room to her perspective. He moved to chang out the old Chemo Bag for the new one. hooking it up to the small IV unite. his pointed digits moved with the expertise of a practiced surgeon despite the size difference in equipment.

Knockout glanced down at Phoenix looking over her shoulder at her game. “Catch anything exciting yet?” He chuckled as he watched her play.