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Blushy boy - Tyler Seguin

Requested by anon: Would you please write an story where Tyler Seguin asks Cracknell to fix him up with one of his wife’s best friends.His wife hesitantly agrees but threatens to withhold sex for a long time from Adam if Tyler treats her friend like one of his puck f*cks or breaks her heart.Tyler’s nervous on the double date because he didn’t want to screw it up/Adam threatened him.He knows his teammates will tease him for making a fool of himself and not being his normal suave self, but the girl found it charming

A/N: First of all, I’m sorry it took sooooo long. I have been so busy and having so many headaches that I didn’t even feel like writing a line. Your prompt was super cute, so I hope I did it justice.

Word count: 1434

Warnings: Mild swearing, nothing too bad.

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Adam and Tyler keep skating around the rink, waiting for the others to join them for practice. They were the first players on the ice after Antti and Kari, who somehow manage to always be the first ones.

“I can’t believe you cut me off that Instagram picture.” Tyler jokes.  He still can’t believe that there had been so much fuzz about his comment on Adam’s post.

“I’m sorry, bro. The baby hasn’t been born yet and she already has me wrapped around her little finger.” Adam says, referring to his wife answer to Tyler’s comment.

“I can only imagine.” Tyler just says, carrying a puck around on his stick.

“You’ll find the one, Seguin.” Adam assures Tyler and he just nods.

Tyler is not in a hurry to find anyone, to be honest. He is still young and enjoys having fun with different women. He is honest about it with them though, he always tells them that he is not looking for something serious and treats them with respect.

“Someday.” Tyler agrees and skates away from Adam, shooting the puck to the net on the other of the rink.

Practice is hard today, and also open to the public. Tyler enjoys it. He thrives on the feeling of being observed by people who admire him. He does more tricks and tries to do fancy plays for the audience, earning some chirping from the guys.

“You are such a show off.” Jamie punches his shoulder strong enough to make him lose his balance for a moment.

“Says the guy that says ‘thank you, thank you’ and waves when they applaud at him.” Tyler answers back sassily.

Jamie laughs, but doesn’t say anything else, skating towards the bench. Most of the guys have left the ice already but Tyler, Adam and Devin, who are still throwing pucks to the fans. Tyler is trying to give his stick to a little guy when he sees Teresa and another girl sitting on the bleachers.

“Hey Cracker Barrel!” Tyler yells and Adam gives him a dirty look, “wifey is here.”

“Oh fuck!” Adam joins Tyler on the ice and waves at the women, “I forgot that (y/n) was coming today.”

“Who is (y/n)?” Tyler looks at the girl sitting besides Teresa.

She is breathtaking, that’s the first thing that comes into Tyler’s mind. She is a natural beauty, no makeup needed at all. Her hair quite messy and her cheeks are flushed because of the cold.

“She is Teresa’s best friend from back home.” Adam says, turning around and skating out of the rink.

“You never told me that Teresa has hot friends.” Tyler says accusatorily.

“She is too good for you, Seguin.” Adam chuckles.

“Wow, now I’m hurt.” Tyler sounds like he has actually taken a bad hit.

“You’ll survive.”

“Adam, for real, I want to meet her.” Tyler is dead serious now. (y/n) looks like she is nothing like the girls he usually goes out with. She seems mature and put together, but fun to be around. She is incredibly beautiful but yet natural.

Adam thinks about it for a second before answering. He knows that (y/n) will be good for Tyler, but he also knows that Tyler might be bad for her. Adam loves Tyler like a brother, but he doesn’t always agree with his ways with women.

“I’ll ask Teresa.” He finally agrees.

“That’s all I ask for.” Tyler seems pleased.


“Definitely not.” Teresa’s voice is firm, “I won’t let Seguin destroy (y/n)’s heart.”

“Baby, please.” Adam half begs, “Tyler needs a mature woman in his life.”

They are lying in bed after a long day of walking and driving around Dallas to show (y/n) everything. Teresa was close to her due date and Adam wasn’t comfortable with leaving her while on a trip so he had convinced (y/n) to come stay with his wife during his road trip.

“Why does it have to be (y/n)?” She is still unsure about the whole thing, “I love Tyler and I love having him around, but I know how he is with women and I don’t want that for my friend.”

“You have seen him around the people he loves, doll. He is the most caring person I have ever met.” Adam says and Teresa nods, agreeing with what his husband is saying. She has always thought that Tyler was adorable around kids and his dogs and just people he cares about. “He just needs to find someone to treat as a Princess…”

“ Alright.”

“… to spoil rotten, someone to come home to… wait what?”

“I said alright, let’s get them together.” Teresa says, “but if he does something to hurt her there will be consequences.”


Tyler is in the pool with Marshall and Cash when he hears his phone going off. He leaves his dog swimming around the pool while he runs to answer his cell phone.

“Hello?” He doesn’t even look at the name on the screen before answering.

“Hey, Sequin Dress.” Adam says from the other side of the line.

“What’s up, Cracken Barrel?” Tyler asks, using Adam’s nickname.

“Remember (y/n)?” Adam wonders.

“Believe me, someone like that it’s hard to forget.” Tyler confesses, feeling quite dumb.

“Teresa agreed to let you meet her.” Tyler’s heart skips a beat while listening to Adam’s words, “But…”

“There is always a but…” Tyler cuts him off and Adam huffs.

“Tyler, listen to me, she is NOT one of your booty calls.” Adam emphasizes the word ‘not’, “if you meet her and you don’t feel like actually getting to know her and it’s only sexual attraction then you will let her go.”

“What does that even mean?” Tyler’s voice is confused and Adam sighs.

“What I want to say is that if you only want to spend a night with her and then never call her again, or call her again and make her have feelings for you and then break her heart I will personally beat the shit outta you.” Adam says seriously and he can hear Tyler’s breathing while the other man thinks.

“I’ll be nothing but respectful to her.” Tyler promises and Adam nods for himself, pleased with the answer that has been given to him.

“Alright, dinner tonight at Pappas Bros. 7pm sharp.” Adam informs.

“I will be there. Should I call and make a reservation?”

“That’d be smart.” Adam agrees and waits a second before adding, “you make ten times more money than I do, so you are paying.”


The food and company are amazing, Tyler thinks while taking a sip of wine. (y/n) and he have hit if off right away and he is enjoying himself.

“Do you like the wine?” He asks (y/n) shyly, and it almost surprises him how nervous he is about her answer.

Teresa and Adam are drinking water, Teresa because she is pregnant and Adam because of solidarity with his wife, so Tyler had chosen a bottle of wine just for (y/n) and him.

“It’s so good, you have a good taste.” (y/n) compliments him and his cheeks heat up.

Teresa and Adam are having the time of their life seeing Tyler get all nervous around a woman. He is normally extremely confident and acts cockily, and most women fall for his bad boy attitude; but (y/n) is finding adorable how Tyler stutters and blushes every time their eyes meet or she addresses him.

“Thank you.” Tyler says, looking down at his plate.

“Just the truth.” (y/n) smiles at him and he gets lost in that smile.

Tyler pays before Adam can tell him that he had been indeed joking and Tyler shrugs when his teammate tries to pay him back. They walk outside, Tyler helping (y/n) go down the few stairs that the restaurant has.

“You can invite me to coffee tomorrow.” Tyler tells him. “Actually, you can invite all of us.”

“Oh yes. I’ve been craving carrot cake from the coffee shop next to the Dr. Pepper arena for weeks now.” Teresa agrees with Tyler and (y/n) laughs.

“Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow, bro.” Adam hugs Tyler, hitting his back rather hard. “I’m telling everyone what a blushy boy you have been.”

“Shut up.” Tyler answers him, hitting Adam’s back just as hard.

Tyler side hugs Teresa and she kisses his cheek before he moves towards (y/n) and wraps his arms around her waist, her own arms around his neck.

“Thanks for dinner.” She whispers on his ear, “I’ve had a lot of fun.”

“It was my pleasure.” And Tyler is sure that he is blushing once again.