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My younger sister has always worn pads. Whenever she would attempt to put in a tampon, she would cry because it hurt. My mother and I just assumed she wasn’t ready and let it go.

Fast forward almost a year and my sister is determined as hell to go swimming so she jams a tampon up in there. Everything’s fine and dandy, she doesn’t hurt at all, and she swims for about six hours and is super happy. However, when she tries to take the tampon out, it’s stuck. After struggling for almost ten minutes, she calls my mom in for help. My mom goes in, and sees that there’s literally a band of fleshy nonsense that looks like a cord that’s wrapped around the tampon.

My sister is rushed to the emergency room, where it is discovered that she has what is called a septated hymen, which is an extremely rare (1 in 2000) congenital birth defect. It’s pretty much where your hymen develops, but it has two openings into your cervix/uterus area. Most people don’t know they have it until they put a tampon in or have sex (which is hella dangerous because it can tear and that brings on a whole other slew of problems). My sister ended up having to have surgery to correct the problem while the tampon was inside of her. Surgery is the only way to fix this.

I’m letting all of y'all know this, because for some godforsaken reason this isn’t considered important enough to be taught in school, as are many other things dealing with the female body.

So here’s my PSA: if you stick a tampon in, and it hurts, get your ass to the doctors/gynecology and figure this shit out

The Space Shuttle Discovery soars skyward from Launch Pad 39B on Mission STS-64 at 6:22:35 p.m. EDT, September 9, 1994. On board were a crew of six: Commander Richard N. Richards; Pilot L. Blaine Hammond Jr.; and Mission Specialists Mark C. Lee, Carl J. Meade, Susan J. Helms and Dr. J.M. Linenger. Payloads for the flight included the Lidar InSpace Technology Experiment (LITE), the Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy 201 (SPARTAN201) and the Robot Operated Processing System (ROMPS).

From Z to A: EzrA wears the hood!

I’ve got to admit, I never really thought it was his style.

Well, turns out I was wrong.

After looking deeper into the Ravenswood Lair and noticing more connections, I can say with certainty:

EzrA has worn the hood.

Take a look at this…

Here’s a shot from Ezra’s cabin hideout, where he moved most of the stuff from the Ravenswood Lair. (I’ve already covered that in a previous post.)

What you need to pay attention to here is the office chair. Notice the aluminum frame, particularly the horizontal bar across the back. Also notice the way the leather rolls back over the top, and the thick back cushion.



But that’s not all.

At the top left of the frame, you can see the poster from the Ravenswood Halloween event. Also notice the photo of Wilden, top right. The blue folder on the left side of the desk, and the rolled maps on the right side of the desk.

The same stuff can be seen in Ezra’s Ravenswood Lair, and later in his home apartment.

To the far right, there’s Wilden’s picture. And just to the left of it, draped over the pillow is the Ravenswood Halloween poster

There’s the blue folder on Ezra’s desk at school…

And again, the blue folder

Prescription pads from Dr. Wren Kingston. Fake, stolen, or donated? This is an important question. Unfortunately, we don’t know.

EzrA plants one of these pads in Spencer’s bag to make her lose credibility as she’s finding more evidence against him.

And this can of red spray paint from the Ravenswood Lair was used for…

Oh yes, EzrA vandalizes too!

Thought he was too mature for that type of behavior, did ya? Think again.

This stunt was intended to scare Shana away. Consider that. The plot thickens and the power plays just keep getting more fascinating!

An apple for teacher? I think this one is actually Mona. She was working for Ezra at the time, but the details of their working relationship were never revealed.

What we see here are some hacks to restore the factory settings on Emily’s car.

The car engine had mysteriously gone dead as the girls were en route to the Busy Bee Inn. Not so coincidentally, they broke down within walking distance of Ezra’s cabin.

The cabin was then raided by two black hoodies – Ezra and Mona, who stole Alison’s silver diary.

I just want to point out the film (Dark Passage) once more because seeing Humphrey Bogart with his face in bandages seems even more relevant after the burn unit scenes in 5x21.

Check out the post linked below which points out that the guy in bandages is wearing shoes identical to a pair Ezra owns! Good chance Ezra is the mummy!

How crazy is that?

Here’s my first post about the Ravenswood Lair


Thanks to rosewoodspy for the post that prompted me further along this path:


Also thanks to caytebeth for pointing out Ezra’s shoes:


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Hi!! Love your blog!! I saw that you do your facials at home. Can you walk us through the steps you take? I recently got way into skin care and I'm always looking for new tips. 💖

I am so obsessed with skincare! It makes such a difference! And if you can’t afford or don’t feel like going in to get facials on a regular basis, at home skincare is still great! Here are my tips :

Cleanse - use a cleanser for your skin type. If you have dry skin use a “milky” cleanser. Oily skin use more of a foaming cleanser.
Tone- if oily to close pores. If dry can prob skip
Protect- use a facial sunblock EVERY DAY!!

Tone- if needed
Treat- when you’re sleeping your body rejuvenates. So this is a great time to use serums to treat whichever skin problem you would like to address. If you want to even your skin tone vitamin C is great. If you’re concerned about anti aging a Retin A cream is great… Etc.
Moisturize- a great time to use creams or even just a good moisturizer.

Once/Twice A Week: At Home Facial
Exfoliate- Use something with Glycolic Acid(anti aging), Salicylic Acid (Acne), or enzymes (pumpkin).
I love the Nip Fab Glycolic Pads- Ulta.
Dr. Gross also has some great ones. -Sephora
Exfoliate with a scrub.
Put on a mask.
Rinse mask and use your treatment product (serum)
Finish with your moisturizer!

Clarasonic is really a great investment. It cleans out your pores so well and removes any excess dirt, oil, makeup from the day.

That’s all I can think of for now but will add more later or feel free to ask! ❤️❤️ Everyone deserves beautiful skin.

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Your fic about them meeting for the first time in a coffee shop is so so so good!! Any chance you could write about them on that date???

For you and everyone else who asked, anon!



He’s half hoping she won’t answer, but she picks up on the third ring and he finds himself more relieved than anticipated.

“Dana Scully,” she says.

“Hi, this is Fox Mulder. We, uh, you gave me your card at the coffee shop the other morning?”

“Hey, it’s good to hear from you. What’s up?”

He doodles on a yellow legal pad. “Dr. Scully, apropos of our prior conversation, I need to ask you a few questions. First of all, can you please disclose your planned whereabouts for tomorrow night?”

“That’s a rather personal question, Agent Mulder.” Her voice gets a touch louder, as though she’s leaning into the receiver.

Mulder takes this as a good sign. “Routine question, ma'am.”

“Well, I have to work until four and then I might go to the gym. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise. Is this about something serious?” She sounds like she’s smiling.

He is too. “It’s probably best that we discuss it in person.”

“I see. Phone could be bugged?”

Actually, there’s a decent chance. “Dr. Scully, I can disclose the nature of my investigation next time we meet. How about Fado at 7?”

“Anything for the federal government, Agent Mulder.”


He gets there early to scope the place out, and finds that she’s already there.

Dana shrugs her bag a little higher on her shoulder. “Navy brat. Fifteen minutes early or you might as well be late.”

Mulder files this away even as he resists the urge to profile her. She’s wearing gray corduroy pants and a black sweater, boots with a low heel that bring her just above his chin. They head to a table and he sits with his back to the wall.

“So Agent Mulder,” she says, “is this where you shine a bright light on me and continue your interrogation?  Handcuff me to a chair?” Her smile is really more of a smirk, an amused pout. She has a sprinkling of freckles dusting her fine-boned face.

“Depends on your level of compliance, Doctor.”


She dunks a fry into her curry sauce. “Look, I’m not doubting the existence of extraterrestrials. I’m just saying that the technology doesn’t exist for them to get here. And even if it did, why would they want to? Depending on where they are they’re looking through their telescopes and seeing us in powdered wigs and tights, or building pyramids or dinosaurs.”

Mulder finds himself smitten, finds that he wants to stay here and argue with this redheaded pathologist all night. “But you’re basing your speculation of their capabilities on our knowlege of physics.”

“The laws of physics are universal invariants!” she exclaims.

“Well, what about string theory? You can’t claim all the implications of that are remotely understood. But it looks like a promising explanation for how the universe operates and the smallest particles of existence.”

Dana stops chewing, stares at him with her mouth slightly open. “You know about string theory?”

The enraptured look on her face borders on erotic and he is grateful as hell for his arcane reading habits. “Oh yeah, sure. Mandatory FBI agent training.”

She snorts. “Sure. What the hell kind of division are you in exactly?”

Mulder considers this. “I’m afraid that’s classified.”

“Really?” she asks, taken aback.

“Yeah,” he replies, draining his beer. “But you let me buy you another round and I’ll raise your security clearance.”


She takes another bite of the brownie sundae in the middle of the table. “Monty Props though, Jesus. As a pathologist I have to say that profiling killers seems a lot more important than flying saucers.”

He is pleased by the lack of judgment in her voice. “Well, I guess people might say the same about being a pathologist versus working with live patients.”

“Fair point,” she says, but looks unconvinced.

Mulder signals the waiter for the check, already thinking about seeing this woman again.  She’s not Diana, she doesn’t share his beliefs but she seems like she might share his passion.


He walks her to her car, shoulders hunched forward and hands jammed in his pockets.

“So,” she says, rocking back on her heels. “I had a nice time.”

“Me too.”

They smile at each other for a moment, Mulder curious to see what he’s going to do now. He steps closer, feeling conspicuously tall.

Dana studies him. “Are you going to kiss me?”

“I was planning on it, yeah.”

“Good. You gonna show me your gun?”

His smile widens. “How do you know I’m carrying?”

She moves into his arms, canting her face up to him. “Agent Mulder,” she says, “you are definitely concealing a loaded weapon.”


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