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  • Doctor Strange: guess who can do magic! look at this spell I just learned *does his magic* 💫〰✨⚡️🌟🌈❄️⭐️
  • Loki: mmh yeah, I've been doing things like that for centuries, so, boring
  • Doctor Strange: yeah but can You do this? *some spell really cool*
  • Loki: pfff basic *how did he do that?*
  • Doctor Strange: :( ok let's just find Odin
Thor: The Dark World


George Kirk as Thor

Queen Amidala/ Padme as Jane Foster

Capt. Nicholls as Loki

Dr. Hannibal Lector as Odin

The Dr. as Malekith

Flynn Rider as Fandral

Marcus as Volstagg

Stacker Pentecost as Heimdall

Max Black as Darcy Lewis

Bootstrap Bill as Erik Selvig


Roy Trenneman as Richard

Odin seems to be telling the truth when he stutters, and lying when not.
Like he doesn’t stutter when he says he’s sixteen(Page 700). The arrow twins confirm later he is 18, (Page 1203) meaning he lied about being 16.
With this knowledge if we go back to page 101 he states he really liked Maggie so he saved her and figured they could live on his planet without stuttering.
Page 1494 he states he was going to bring back twice of what he was sent out for. Same page the twins react with shock ‘YOU found two of them!?“ …'Them’…Maggie and Ava. Both hosts of demons. Could that be what he was sent out for? Perhaps that’s why he was so interested in Ava chest box (pages 658 to 667 and page 699)
I am currently uncertain why they want the hosts of demons though.

tl;dr : Odin is searching for hosts of demons as his mission

FFVIII in a Star Wars AU!

Okay, have you ever thought about a Star Wars AU for FFVIII???
How awesome would that be?!?!?!?!?

Ultimecia as a powerful Sith Lord – with a red lightsaber of course. (Although she prefers to use the sheer Force to defeat her opponent.)
Squall as a Jedi Padawan. He fights with a blue lightsaber and is often annoyed by his Jedi Master during training.
Rinoa as the leader of the small resistance group „Forest Owls“. (Of course! Literally a „rebell princess“ :D) A little Ewok named Angelo follows her wherever she goes because Rinoa once saved her.
Zell as a technician whose specialty is repairing broken T-Boards and other hovercrafts.
Quistis as a bounty huntress or an instructor for new members of the Resistance.
Irvine and Selphie as a smuggler couple. Selphie is the pilot of their starship Ragnarok (and when they get in trouble she loves to just „blow things to smithereens“ :D) and Irvine is the charming negotiator. Furthermore Irvine owns a bar (he won it through illegal gambling) in which Selphie works as a musician from time to time (à la Cantina Band ^^). It’s a save place to make deals with customers and to hide their smuggled goods.
Seifer as a former Jedi Padawan who changed over to the Dark Side and is now Ultimecia’s apprentice.
Edea as the former Senator. The headpiece of her sorceress outfit and her Make-up would fit perfectly to that role! But now she has resigned and lives a calm life with her husband Cid. They bought a little secluded house at the shore of one of the many lakes on Naboo.
Adel as an undercover Sith in the Senate who tries to trick people into voting her as new Senator.
Laguna as Squall’s Father and Jedi Master. He’s a former Pod-Racer but he barely won anything… because he’s clumsy and actually not good at driving in general. Every time his Podracer got destoryed during a race, his Moomba friends had to repair it again. But then Laguna found out that he can use the Force, left Tatooine and became a Jedi. He spent the only trophy money he ever got to ransom Ellone.
Ellone lives with Laguna and is a wise Jedi historian. She works at the Library of Coruscant and calmly analyzes past events. Her parents died when she was very young, so she worked as a slave for Dr. Odine on Tatooine until Laguna took her with him.
Raine as a ghost who accompanies Squall and gives motherly advice. She worked as a florist on Naboo until she met Laguna. But just a few years after Squall’s birth she unfotunately died because of a disease.
Fujin and Raijin as generals of military forces.
The Shumi as inhabitants and craftsmen of Hoth who can repair every broken little thing in their underground village.
Kiros and Ward as Jedi buddies of Laguna and part of the Jedi Councils. Kiros’ lightsaber is purple, while Ward’s is green. OR: Kiros as the Baron Administrator of Cloud City and Ward as a Scavenger.
And last but not least: NORG AS JABBA THE HUTT!

The possibilities are ENDLESS! *_____*

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You can go on for a while about why you hate him, ahaha - good then, you have an audience: why do you hate Odin?

Let’s just get this out there first: he’s awful. 

First off, let’s talk about his politics. We can spend all day picking apart his diplomacy because I doubt Marvel wanted to spend much time justifying their made-up government. I suppose we should extend some credit to him in which his violence is slightly diluted from his father’s genocidal tendencies; at the very least, where Bor intended to destroy the entire race of Dark Elves, Odin at least did not do so for the Frost Giants. Though depowering Jotunheim to their bare bones after the war did as much to promote realm intergalactic peace and healing as the Versailles Treaty did to Germany after WWI, unsurprisingly. Anyway, there’s no denying that Odin has no intentions of any sort of actual peace with Jotunheim because to him, if there is no war, there is peace, but that’s not exactly how black and white international relations are. His extended hand of friendship goes as far as “please ignore the fact that my son just killed several of your men on apparent false claims so we can skedaddle and leave you to clean up his mess.” It’s a wonder, really, how any of the other Realms are not as viciously angry at Odin as Jotunheim is, though considering how very little we see of the other realms, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that truly were the case.

While we are on that, let’s talk about Odin’s racism—blatant, unrepentant racism. It’s easy to see him as not racist because he does not blow up about Frost Giants as Thor did in the past, and he was not quick to seek war when Frost Giants invaded Asgard. But let’s remember that some of the most painful and strongest forms of racism does not have to be loudmouthed. I think many people before me have investigated this—the way that he thought that hiding Loki’s racial heritage from him was a benevolent mercy, that it was something worth hiding and being protected from, how he never bothered to correct Thor in their childhood or even in adulthood when Thor branded them as inferior. And it’s not just an enemy nation that he is racist against, but also mortals. We all remember the goat comment Odin made about Jane. For all his talk about being no better than them when berating Loki, he sure as hell does not walk the walk of the talk he talks.

I’d go on to his hypocrisy and fathering abilities, but while we are still in the conversation of his kingship, we need to think about how he runs Asgard as a whole. We can be critical about Thor’s plan of dealing with the Aether problem, but let’s be real, Odin’s plan was faring no better. Keeping the Aether-possessed girl in Asgard destroyed homes and killed many lives including the queen’s the first time? Maybe we’ll have better luck if we do it again! 

Anyway, his fathering: Let’s be real, I used to try to find the good in Odin. ‘of the cold and brokenhearted’ and ‘Syrgja’ have certainly tried to express that view, but now I have been disenchanted and embittered. Let’s skip over the events of Thor 1 and prior to that because we all realise that ‘no loki’ was not tactful in that particular situation by now. I think it’s no mystery that this is a really awful and heartless thing to say to a child no matter what they’ve done:

He’s basically saying, you owe your life to me, the only reason you’re alive and the only reason why you have any family or home was because of me, but you’ve messed up and let me remind you how much you didn’t and shouldn’t deserve it. And the ‘birthright to die’ thing—it’s basically negating any sort of fatherly love that he had tried to imply in the first movie. All that thing about Loki being his son and all that is negated because it’s now saying, you weren’t meant to be my son, you weren’t meant to be loved and cared for by anyone because you were meant to die alone because no one wanted you, and it’s only out of my conditional mercy that you weren’t left to die. His mercy and his love are purely conditional—if you do what I expect of you, what doesn’t shame me, I will accept you as my son, but if not, you’re on your own, you are no son of mine. Yes, what Loki did on Earth was awful, but to reject a child for it is not what a parent should do. Children aren’t meant to live up to parents’ expectations; parents do not have children only when the children are convenient to them. He’s only basing Loki’s worth on what Loki does—Loki takes the wrong turn, slips up, goodbye child. 

Not to mention banning his own mum to ever see him again—luckily Frigga didn’t listen to that, at least in loopholes. 

This is getting really long, so I’ll stop here. But yeah, tl;dr—I know that Odin was never meant to be Father of the Year and I’m sure we all do but sometimes we just gotta hate

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What do you think Odin thought the first time he saw Loki in Jotunheim? I mean do you think he saw him as pawn or as abandoned child in need of protection? Do you think he ever truly loved Loki and cared about him (before all that mess)? I would like to hear your thoughts about it.

I would argue that, not only did Odin love Loki as his son before the great catastrophes of canon, I believe Odin continues to love him despite being a deeply flawed parent and individual, and despite the things he and Loki have said to each other.

Gonna have to put a “read more” because I um, I have a lot of feelings about this. Hope you don’t mind that you’ve opened the floodgate, anon.

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Okay so this might be an unpopular opinion but from screenshots I've seen of Thor talking to Loki, Thor is kind of a dick to his brother

Actually it’s not really an unpopular opinion. This is actually quite canon for Thor pre Thor… (does that make sense? XD). I mean before he’s sent to Earth to be punished for causing a war with the Jotuns (MCU). In the comics he was sent to Earth in a mortal guise as a disabled man, Dr. Donald Blake. Odin wanted him to learn more humility and compassion for those deemed ‘lesser’ than the Asgardians. 

So yeah, Thor may be a dick to his bro at first because he hasn’t had this character arc yet. If TinyCo does their job and follow canon, Thor will ‘get a clue’ as it were and become the more compassionate and understanding Thor that we know mostly today. Also his blinders to Loki will be taken off and he’ll see things he never really saw before, both in his relationship towards Loki and with Loki.

He’s also the stereotypical ‘jock’ for the game right now, so he’s bound to be a bit dense and hard headed. 

He’s just been the game 24 hours, so I’m cool with this progression as of now. If this does keep up further and further into the game then you’ll see me starting to get grumpy and upset. Thor gets a lot of misunderstanding from the MC/MCU fandom. He’s not the dumb, one sided character that a lot of people seem to think. He’s extremely intelligent, caring, cunning, fun loving, and much more.

I’m going to stop now because I could write a whole freakin’ essay on this and I have work tomrrow, so I do want to get a little sleep.