dr nox

Gensomaden fantasy xv

- 4 men travel by car in a land wretched by a demon.

- the party consist of a very important figure accompanies by his 3 bodyguards

- that very important figure carry a sacred weapon

- the bodyguards didn’t care for his title
- a man in glasses drive the car
- a man in glasses also cook for them. in fact he is the only one who can cook
- among them there is a childish guy who is a mascot of the team

-also among them there is one tough guy who keep saying a harsh word. 

-the tough guy also happens to be a ladies man.

- a divine woman watched over them in their travel
- the enemies can track them wherever they go.
- enemy’s leader is a prince who is manipulated by a fishy person.
- turns out the fishy person is a bigger threat

-fishy person and very important figure share a same title/surname


FMA: Brotherhood episode 31

Just wanted to share this.

I really like this anime/manga, all of the characters are so well depicted. Their stories are interesting as well as touching.

Doctor Nox is not one of my favourite characters but this episode just made me cry. How he asks God to look past him and his son and daughter having a cup of coffee just breaks my heart :’(

What a great anime! It makes me cry like a 5-year-old girl but I still love it ;)