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until dawn characters in a nutshell
  • chris: cutie patootie who tries his best
  • ashley: beanies and tears
  • mike: the biggest plot twist is realizing you actually give a shit about him
  • jess: boobs™
  • matt: needs a better girlfriend
  • emily: really it's only a matter of time before you're trying to get her killed
  • sam: magic towel
  • josh: didn't deserve this shit
  • hannah: mass confusion
  • beth: didn't deserve this shit 2.0
  • dr. hill: no
Plot idea for season 2: El is the 11th clone of Jane Ives / Jane Ives is the true main antagonist of season 2

Let me explain this a bit. So, the popular theory is that El is the 11th test subject taken by Dr. Brenner. But…what if she was the 11th iteration? It would be a good way to explain her inhumane treatment. Since she’s only one of many clones, it makes sense that she was treated more like a product than a person. 

But now the question is, what about the original Jane Ives? Well, here’s my hypothetical plotline.

Jane Ives is a powerful telepath that was adopted (not taken) by Dr. Brenner. She was raised by him, which is the reason why Brenner has Eleven call him “Papa”. He sees El as an extension of his adopted daughter. 

When the group tracks Jane Ives down, they initially think she’ll be nice and loving like El was. INSTEAD, Jane is the complete opposite.

Partly because I’d like to see Millie Bobby Brown take on a major villain role, Jane Ives is obnoxious, spoiled, entitled, spiteful, vain, and has little-to-no moral compass. She bullies people with her powers and if she doesn’t get what she wants, she responds harshly. 

The reason why she’s so horrible is that she was raised by Dr. Brenner to see herself as a superior being and to look down upon the “normal people”. Also, having special powers made it easy for her to get whatever she wanted so she never had to grow up feeling like she had to earn anything. It’s shocking for the whole group since they can’t imagine this girl even being connected to Eleven.

(Also, I just realized now that Millie’s curly hair could be because she’s playing a different character. Like, El’s still growing her hair out while Jane has a full mop of hair) 

When the group rescues Eleven from wherever she is, that’s when Jane Ives’ psyche starts to crack. The whole group ADORES Eleven and shower her with affection while they treat Jane coldly. Jane becomes deeply offended that a clone of her is more accepted by the group than she is. As the season goes on, she starts to lose it more and more until she finally snaps.

The moment she snaps is when the Thessalhydra attacks. The reason why I wrote Jane is the true main antagonist is that in the penultimate episode, Jane and Eleven work together to destroy the Thessalhydra. HOWEVER, the group praises Eleven, which makes Jane think that they’re giving El all the credit.

This leads to Jane finally snapping at the group and the true final battle, which is Jane versus Eleven (whoa…Millie fighting Millie, just imagine). The battle ends with Eleven reluctantly killing Jane since Jane would’ve destroyed the whole town. 

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stranger things appreciation week - day six: favorite scene

        “holy shit! did you see what she did to that van? no dustin, we missed it.”

signs as stranger things

aries :: steve harrington
taurus :: will byers
gemini :: lucas sinclair
cancer :: jim hopper
leo :: lonnie byers 
virgo :: dustin henderson 
libra :: nancy wheeler
scorpio :: joyce byers 
sagittarius :: jonathan byers 
capricorn :: dr martin brenner
aquarius :: eleven 
pisces :: mike wheeler 

“The Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the white citizen’s counselor or the Ku Klux Klan, but the white moderate who is more devoted to order than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to positive peace which is the presence of justice.” - MLK Jr.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day everybody!

When racist acts occur, many give the excuse that racism cannot be eliminated. One thing they’re forgetting is that racist acts can be eliminated. The main reason racist acts continue is the system not charging the racists. By not charging racists for discrimination, they feel no pressure in stopping. For example, not charging cops for excessive force encourages other cops to do the same. Just as Dr. King said, the system can’t prevent racism, but it can prevent racists from carrying out their discriminatory acts.

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