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The Secret Reason We Eat Meat - Dr. Melanie Joy

In much of the industrialized world, we eat meat not because we have to; we eat meat because we choose to. We don’t need meat to survive or even to be healthy; millions of healthy and long-lived vegetarians have proven this point. We eat animals simply because it’s what we’ve always done, and because we like the way they taste. Most of us eat animals because it’s just the way things are.
—  Dr. Melanie Joy

Why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows

Have you ever wondered where your views about animals come from? Do they differ from those of your parents, or did you inherit these values from them? Why does our society tend to see pigs as food and dogs as family?


If you live with animals, like animals, or want to know the answers to these questions, then this warm, challenging, funny and, above all, deeply moving talk is a must watch

As Dr. Melanie Joy explains in a series of fascinating thought experiments, understanding whatunderlies our views about animals frees us to make more conscious choices about how we treat them. 

Parental discretion is advised, as the talk addresses issues related to farming and slaughter.

anonymous asked:

I've been vegetarian for about 6 months now and I would love to go vegan. I want to start by eating vegan one day a week and slowly making my way towards everyday. I've heard that going vegan from vegetarian can be hard, but I want to do it for ethical reasons so I don't care that I could be hard. Do you have any suggestions to make the transition easier?

I was a vegetarian for quite a while before I became vegan, and I can honestly say that the best advice I could give would be to “just do it.” I do not know your specific situation, but to be frank, for majority of people, especially if you’re already vegetarian, going vegan is not hard at all. I see that you’re wanting to start off slowly, but instead, try going one day without eating animal products, and then once you see how easy it is, try again the next day. Keep doing this and before you realize it you will have been vegan for a month!

Make sure to check out Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s talk “From Excuse-itarian to Vegan” here because it really breaks down all of the reasons why someone might not want to become vegan right now, and then gives practical, helpful answers to those things.

The next biggest piece of advice is to go grocery shopping!!! One challenge in going vegan is that for the first few days you may “forget”. You’re not used to making sure that you don’t consume cheese, eggs, etc. and so you end up eating something with one of these products and you feel like you’ve somehow failed. Get rid of the non-vegan food in your home (this is assuming you live alone, otherwise just get rid of YOUR non-vegan food) and go grocery shopping with a list and STOCK UP. Get lots of staples. Different types of rice, quinoa, pasta, lentils, bread, and grab several bags of frozen vegetables. These will be some of the cheapest foods in any store, so get as much of this as you can. Next, depending on your financial situation, you could splurge on the slightly more expensive “specialty” vegan food. Vegan meat by Gardein is wonderful, the vegan ice cream from So Delicious is great. You could get some vegan “junk” food so that you don’t feel like you’re eating completely new things. Oreos, sour patch kids, Twislers,skittles, Pringles (original flavor), are all vegan. This could help if you have specific cravings. 

Next is to GET EDUCATED! I cannot stress this enough. Once you listen to and understand the animal rights theories that are taught by Gary Francione here, , and Dr. Melanie Joy here,  along with books like Introduction to Animal Rights, or The case for Animal Rights, or the classic Animal Liberation, it will be clear to you that making the switch to a vegan life is the only logical option. Once these ideas become rooted into your moral philosophy, you won’t be tempted by the smell of bacon or the sight of melting cheese. You won’t need “cheat days” because you will be able to appreciate that your convenience and pleasure does not justify exploitation and suffering at all.

Check out sites like HowDoIGoVegan.com for a lot more information on animal rights, and check out different people on YouTube like The Vegan Zombie and Vegan Black Metal Chef  for cheap and easy vegan recipes, along with cookbooks by vegans like Colleen Patrick Goudreau.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!