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hnnnggg now I want sick animal babs hiding from their keepers because no they don't wanna go see the weird man with the muzzles, but they're also sick and feeling awful so their attempts at hiding are pathetic. Like Lynx Marvin hiding under a box with his tail poking out, or Badger Host wedging himself under the couch.

Aww, poor babs. And you can bet Jackie, Schneep and Shepherd hate it the most! Shepherd perching on the very top shelf and hiding under his wings, so Mark is forced to get a ladder to get him down. Jackie crouching down with his tail between his legs and Schneep flinching and pacing away when Jack calls them. It’s a tough time for all of them.


Official Viz English translation of the author comments featured in Weekly Shonen Jump 2019 issue #1.

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Good as New

Why even try to make decisions? It’s all pointless anyway.

Is there a point in resisting anything anything?

Maybe giving up control from time to time is not that bad.

These were the thoughts that plagued Marvin’s mind for quite a while now. He didn’t know when they’d started, or when had they gotten stronger, but every night when he closed his eyes, that’s all that plagued his mind. Anything else was a pain to think about, it was always that. He shifted in the bed, not being able to sleep, being swarmed with thoughts didn’t make sleeping easy.

Give up control. Give up control. Give up control. It’s not that hard, just do it.

He sat up abruptly and rubbed his eyes, breathing heavily as droplets of sweat fell down his forehead. “What the fuck…” Marvin whispered as he reached over for the mask that laid on the bedside table. Once he slid it in he stood up and tied his hair up in a bun, he felt really hot and couldn’t stop breathing heavily.

Marvin took slow, small steps to the kitchen, and held tightly to the walls as he walked down the stairs. He felt sick, like he was burning up, he felt nauseous. Maybe he should go to Henrik to see if he has some kind of virus or epidemic sickness of some kind. Which was weird. He rarely got sick. Once he arrived to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and took out the gallon of water. He didn’t even pour it up on a glass first, he drank straight from it, his hands felt so weak he wasn’t sure how he was holding the gallon of water, but it didn’t matter.

“Marvin?” The voice quickly snapped Marvin back to reality. It was Jackie, with a bat in his hands. “What are you doing? I thought you were Anti, who broke into the house or something!”

The mention of Anti instantly made his head pulse with a weird sensation, but he ignored it. He looked at Jackie confused.

“He doesn’t have long hair, wear a mask, and if he broke in, he wouldn’t be chugging water like his life depended on it, you idiot! But the bat down.” He whispered as he placed the gallon back in the fridge and closed it. “I just felt sick and wanted water, it’s all.”

“Then wake up Henrik, he’s not gonna care. You’re sick, you should get, I don’t know, looked at.” he put the bat down and leaned on it. “Instead of coming to the kitchen and drinking water like we’re living in a ducking apocalyptic era.”

“You said ducking.”

“Well, autocorrect on my phone keeps changing ‘fucking’ to ‘ducking’ so might as well start saying it, no?”

“Super funny.” scoffed Marvin with an exhausted smile on his face. “I would also love to hear how you plan beating Anti with a bat.”

He should die. He tried to attack you, don’t you think that’s reason enough to attack back!?

Marvin shook his head, looking down in a daze. Those thoughts again. These couldn’t be his thought, could they? He’d never want Jackie to die, right? He loves Jackie. They’re friends.

Next thing Marvin knew, Jackie had placed both his hands on the magician’s shoulders. Marvin was in a daze, looking down, troubled. Of course Jackie’s first reaction was looking to help. What Jackie didn’t expect was that Marvin would attack back.

Jackie flew across the room after Marvin hit him in the chest with a rather powerful source of magical energy, which cause Jackie to smash against the wall, making all the paintings and decor fall onto the floor.

Footsteps on the top floor were heard, but Marvin, horrified, ran to his room with his hands on his hair, he needed to leave. In his couple of years of doing magic it had never gotten out of control, sure, sometimes there were slip ups, but they were tiny. He would never attack Jackie, he would never attack anyone.

On his way up, he bumped into Henrik, who looked a mix between annoyed for being woken up, and worried what that noise was that woke everyone up. “Marvin, everyzhing alright? Vhat vas zat sound?”

“Get way from me, I-“ he was shaking, looking around in a frenzied panic. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Vhat do you mean?” he placed his hand on Marvin’s arm but hissed. “You’re burning up! You should not be zhis hot, iz not normal temperature!”

“I said get away from me!” before he knew what he was doing, he had pushed Henrik against a wall by the neck, almost choking him, but his face hung low. His arms shook, but the hand gripping Henrik’s neck didn’t shake. In fact, it held on steady, getting tighter by the second.

“M- Marvin…” Henrik choked out, both his hands holding Marvin’s wrist, trying to get free out of his grip. “Marvin, v-vhat iz going on?”

Marvin raised his other hand, still not looking at him, just breathing heavily. His hand started glowing, like it always did when he prepared any kind of attack, but it wasn’t the usual soft emerald green and gold, it was a disgusting vibrant green and static red.

Henrik’s realization made him squirm in Marvin’s grip more. “Marvin! Marvin, stop!” he managed to get out. “Iz Anti! Not you! Fight him! Pl-Please…”

“Marvin, what the fuck!?” that voice belonged to Chase, and it was enough to have Marvin snap out of it. Pulling both his hands down, he looked horrified at the both of them as he breathed heavily, sweat falling down his face, and his eyes full of pain and tears. “Are you okay? You-“

“Get away! I don’t want to hurt you to.” he said and ran to the door in his room, ignoring both Chase and Henrik’s voice calling for him.

He slammed the door and locked it. Marvin felt himself leaning on the wall as his other hand ripped the mask out of his face, it felt constricting. Why was he in so much pain? His chest closed in on itself, he dropped to his knees. He let out a scream as he gripped his hair and pulled his scalp. Something was wrong.

Nothing is wrong! You can fix this! Just stop fighting, give up control and you’ll feel b̸et͠t͘er̛.

Everything suddenly made sense. Anti had gotten to him. He didn’t know how, but he didn’t want this. He needed him out.

“S-Stop.” he whispered as he looked down, his breath got shorter as his lungs started feeling almost smaller by the second. “Stop this, get away!”

“You can stop the pain. I can stop the pain. You just have to stop resisting!” the voice was clear in his head. It was no longer his own thoughts. It was the distorted voice of a being they knew too well.

“Get out of me!” Marvin’s instinct was to crawl to the wall and press his back to it, slamming his head against it various times. It didn’t stop. “Get the fuck out! It hurts!”

“Why won’t you accept that you’re mine now!?” Anti’s voice was so clear that his ears filled with static and ringing, drowning every other outside noise, only hearing static and Anti. Only Anti. “I can stop the pain. Stop pretending that you don’t want this. You know I couldn’t enter you without your sole permission, don’t be an idiot, you’re smarter than that.”

“I would’ve never asked you to come!! Get out of my head!” it felt as if Marvin was slowly descending into insanity. The ringing was so loud it made him scream, he was deaf to the desperate knocking of the other four knocking on his door desperately. It was all useless. Marvin felt as if his head would explode, and every time he tried to even summon anything to make it stop, his hands would just crumple up as if it hurt him to even try to do magic. As his eyes teared up from the pain, from the shortness of breath, Jackie was still trying to break the door down. With futile tries from both sides, it was all a perfect moment for Anti to arrive, and he did.

“You asked for this. You know I can stop the pain, if you just give yourself in too me.” Anti was crouching in front of Marvin, who just looked down in fear, hugging himself to try and stop the pain. “Or I can make this keep going and going until you slowly give in.”

“Get away from me,” Marvin’s voice came out strained, as if talking was the most painful of tasks. “I won’t become your stupid puppet.” he spat out the word puppet, and looked at Anti directly in the eyes. But Anti found the act of defiance amusing, giving him a sick, twisted smile as he placed the tip of his knife under Marvin’s chin, forcing them to meet eyes.

“That’s what you say now.” he hissed at him, voice full of venom. The static and ringing on Marvin’s ears just became louder and louder, each of his limbs felt as if they were on fire, as if his bones were breaking one by one. “But I’m always there.” he placed his hand on Marvin’s forehead. The magician felt his consciousness slipping out of his fingers, and after hearing ‘Always Watching’ very clear on his mind. He fell unconscious.

It wasn’t a few hours later when Marvin woke up in his bed, carefully tucked in. His mask perfectly placed on his bedside table. He tried to move his limbs to stand up but it proved to be difficult. He couldn’t move. He started to panic. He started feeling static and strings go up his feet and legs, slowly and tauntingly making their way up. This would be it. This would be his last moments with a will of his own. He was about to let tears run down his cheeks, when the door opened, revealing Henrik. “Marvin, are you good?” he asked, his accent getting a little bit too thick to understand, but the worry in his face was obvious. At that moment, the static stopped. He couldn’t tell Henrik what had happened.

“Yeah. Y- Yeah I’m good. Just woke up.”

“How are you feeling?” the doctor walked of to the bed and sat in the edge. Marvin sat down too. Knowing that Anti was still there, somewhere. Waiting for the perfect moment to strip Marvin of his freedom and turn him into a puppet. And there was nothing he or anyone could do. Absolutely nothing.

“Never been better.”


Marvel 1900: Earth’s mightiest heroes

Peter: Halloween is over! You know what that means!

Tony: It’s literally 00:01-