dr lillian chin

She wants a copy of my lease

As my previous email was clear that the subject was not up for discussion, I didn’t respond to following email requesting a COPY OF MY LEASE.
The ridiculousness only escalates from here out.
6/25/10 (email)
Hi Amy:   I have never had any objection to your owning a dog or using your door for ingress/egress.  Those have never been issues with me or Hal.  I think you are well aware of what the issue is.  Your dog comes out the door and almost immediately relieves herself, which tells me that she is not walked enough or soon enough and doesn’t need to walked at all after relieving herself in front of my house, on my property. That is the only issue.   In order for me to speak intelligently with Holly &/or her agents,  I would appreciate seeing a copy of your lease that allows you to use my private property as your common area or as your dog’s toilet facility.  Your contract with Holly et al is between you and them.  It does not involve me unless there is something in your lease that violates my legal rights.  Thus, I am respectfully asking to see a copy of the lease.    I think as long as we are still talking with each other, that is beneficial.   Thank you,  Lillian