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doctor who morse code jewellery!

this jewellery uses international morse code to spell out a word or short message of your choice. each round gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dot, each long gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dash, and each coloured bead signifies the space in between each letter.

colours, sizes, and messages are all fully customisable and everything is handmade to order. perfect for long distance relationships!

Your Sweets in Japan

You don’t deserve this big toblerone,

But I miss you on the phone,

Like you’d rather be alone than on the throne withcha boi,

Starting to feel at home here in Nihon enjoyin the seeds I’ve sown, even though I’m missing my joy,

I pour it out on these lines keepin it cute with rhymes, whether they slant or they fine,

So I dont waste my time I gotta get mine in this land of sunshine and with every nickle and dime- I mean yennie so many conflicts its hard to stay zennie

Wonderin whats on ya mind, cus you make it hard to find wishin we could rewind so far away still gotta grind,

But I'ma be on my writin tip holdin onto this relationship feelin like you wanna dip like this aint your type of trip but I dont quit.

I dont give a damn who you think I am,

Call me sam I am and watch me set you straight while I grab your green eggs and hams,

Give me the silent treatment and I get louder cus you wit me and I couldnt be more prouder but Ima give it one more hour before I catch a flight and give you these sweets before shit gets sour

If we went to another planet,
another lifetime,
a different century,
I’d choose you.
Every time,

If I was The Doctor,
I’d choose you as my companion
and we’d fly through time and space.
And if I was Peter Pan,
I’d choose you as my Wendy
and we’d fly away to Neverland.

But since I’m neither time lord
nor forever young,
I’ll settle with today,
right now.

And I choose you.