dr kleiner

One of the most tragic things about the Half-Life series is that, in most versions of Half-Life, the game won’t penalize you for killing friendly NPCs as long as they’re not necessary to the story. You can kill every single NPC in the game, slaughtering more scientists and security guards than either enemy force ever does on-screen, and yet in Half-Life 2 and beyond Gordon Freeman will still be seen as a messiah by the survivors.

Like… could you imagine how Eli Vance or Dr. Kleiner would react if Gordon told them that he killed every single scientist and security guard he came across? And that’s not parody, the game lets you full-well kill all but a small populous of the characters the second you get your hand on a weapon. The crowbar normally, but you can get the pistol early by (you guessed it) waiting for the scientist to resuscitate the security guard in the opening and then pushing him into range of the machine that falls over on the dead scientist.

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I started this in my last livestream.  I didn’t get very far, though, because I realized I had no good references of Dr. Kleiner’s lab, and when I went to try and get screenshots during the stream, I found out Half-Life 2 doesn’t like Procaster very much.  I still want to finish this eventually, but for now it’s sitting in that ever growing pile of WIPs I have laying around.  

That thingy in front is supposed to be that neat mini teleporter that you can explode the plant on.