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  • Yurio: Can you take me to the mall to get a dress?
  • Victor: Okay! First of all, I'm so glad you felt comfortable enough to come to me with that, and you know what? If this is a thing you want to explore-
  • Yurio: Oh, it's not for me. It's for my cat, but you handled that really well.
  • Whiskey: Can you take me to the mall to get a dress?
  • Bitty: Okay! First of all, I'm so glad you felt comfortable enough to come to me with that, and you know what? If this is a thing you want to explore-
  • Whiskey: Oh, it's not for me. It's for my cat, but you handled that really well.
Chapter 111: Set P

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Pg 1: Flashback to Kanou and Eto looking at Amon within a sealed container after the Owl experiment. Kanou comments that he was a great first-class investigator and he can’t wait to see how he turns out.

Pg 2: The scene changes to Amon awake in a small room. From the window in his door he can see a crying Takizawa who is screaming that he doesn’t want to eat any more of something that is evidently disgusting. Amon stands up.

Pg 3: Amon falls forward. He sees that he is missing an arm and recalls that Kaneki severed it in their fight. A flap on the door slides open and Amon is presented with a plate of meat.

Pg 4: Amon wonders what the meat is. His kakugan begins to activate and he also begins salivating. He reaches out and grabs a handful and before he puts it in his mouth he looks at it and realizes that it is human meat. (The flashback showing a masked Amon is reminiscent of what Amon was wearing when he was rescued by investigators in the flashback in chapter 109 which makes me wonder if Amon was enlisted by Donato to help him process human bodies).

Pg 5: Amon looks at himself in the reflection of the toilet water and sees his kakugan. He says Kanou’s name. Later Kanou faces Amon in the window of his door and tells him that he will die. Amon glares at him.

Pg 6: The scene changes again to Amon strapped to a table and being force fed some sort of material. Kanou comments that it seems that they are making foie gras instead of owls (when geese are fattened for their livers [to make foie gras] they are force fed food in a somewhat similar manner) Amon wonders why him.

Pg 7: The scene changes yet again to Amon being forced to walk in front of two hooded Aogiri members. A bottle is tossed into the air above them and it begins to emit smoke.

Pg 8: The two Aogiri members slump to the side, unconscious. A seated man appears before Amon who appears to recognize him. The man (known at this point only as “Scarecrow”, recall he appeared during the auction arc) says Amon’s name in a garbled way.

Pg 9: In the present an awakened Amon punches through his glass capsule.

Pg 10: He slowly begins to crawl out while everyone watches. Amon immediately begins to mutate and transform.

Pg 11: The scene changes to Saiko and Shao running to find Urie and Hige. They find an injured Hige and Saiko tells Shao to get the medic squad.

Pg 12: Saiko looks up and sees Donato holding a couple of human heads and standing on a telephone pole. Donato turns and leaves. As he leaves Shao returns and tells her that she called the medic squad. Saiko tells her that they need to hurry.

Pg 13: Saiko and Shao enter the building that Urie and Donato were previously fighting in. Saiko sees that the ceiling is damaged and says that they are above them. They make their way to the roof and see a figure huddled at the end.

Pg 14: Urie turns to look at them, badly disfigured. Shao tackles Saiko to save her from Urie’s attack.

Pg 15: Saiko asks if Shao is okay. Shao tells her that Urie is “framed out” and tells her that he isn’t going to come back. Flashback to the original Quinx squad talking about why they need to surpass Arima.

Pg 16: The old quinx squad sits around a couch. Urie tells the others that when Haise went berserk only Arima was able to stop him. He says that it means that they need to be able to stop Haise themselves. Shirazu comments that he doesn’t think that all four of them could do it. Saiko asks what happens if one of them loses it. Urie tells them that they will be considered S-rate ghouls and will be exterminated. Shirazu asks him if he’s serious and says that he doesn’t want to die at the hand of his friends.

Pg 17: Urie tells them that that is why they have their frames, and that only in extreme circumstances their frames will break and they will “frame out”. He says that if that happens he will not hesitate to eliminate any of them because they have been given great power and have the responsibility to die of they must. Saiko tells Shao to prepare for battle. Saiko says that they will save Urie. Saiko activates her kakugan and tells Urie that she doesn’t want anyone to die anymore.


Chapter 111: Step P

So this chapter started with Amon’s memories of how he was Kanou’s lab rat and we can see how Seidou was his neighbor, he sees his arm cutoff and remembers how Kaneki did it and his being fed meat but when he realizes it’s human he refuses to keep eating it for I don’t know how long he was forced by Kanou to eat through a tube or he would die, when he is being taken somewhere and goes outside escorted by guards he is kind of saved by this guy who I believe looks like Shiki.

Right after that we see him waking up in the room where Kaneki and Ayato saw him and he breaks the glass and gets out of the water prison :p and turns into some kind of weird kagune form.

Then Saiko saw Donato on top of a building’s roof and says to hurry to go to Urie and Higemaru and call the medics, when they arrive to the roof they find Urie but they find him also in a weird ghoul form which he can’t go back [he was warned about this before] and so Saiko has a memory of the old squad talking about how they had to surpass Arima because he was the only one able to stop Haise so they should be able to stop him too and also themselves in case any of them went berserk and so Urie said as his duty he wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of any of them in order to stop them.

At last Saiko says the mission is now to save Urie.