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Pictured above with her boyfriend is 17 year old Haley Smith, who spent 3 years of her life suffering from a severe case of Cotard’s syndrome and claims to have eventually been cured by therapy sessions and Disney movies. 

Officially recognised by French neurologist Dr. Jules Cotard in 1880, Cotard’s syndrome involves a person experiencing an extreme state of delusion in which they believe that they are either missing internal organs, body parts, or are dead entirely. Many reported cases of Cotard’s syndrome have entailed the sufferer eventually dying of starvation, which occurs due to the individual not eating or drinking as they believe they are already dead and therefore consider the consumption of food and water unnecessary.

Haley Smith, from Alabama in the US, confided that she had become overwhelmed with the feeling that she had died while sitting in an English lesson at school. Following this, she recollected how she wanted to visit graveyards in order to feel close to the dead and felt a sense of relaxation during horror films, as she experienced familial connections to deceased characters. After confiding in her boyfriend, a close friend and her father, Haley summoned the need to visit a psychiatrist, where she was formally diagnosed with the relatively rare disorder years later. It was later discovered that watching animations was key to maintaining optimism, as she bizarrely recognised that Disney cartoons provided a warm and happy feeling which could not exist if she were actually dead.

Now recovering and thankful to be alive, Haley apparently hopes to one day get married and find a job at Disney World, a brand which she personally attributes her survival to.

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