dr jekyll and mr hyde 1920

Anybody wanna watch some Horror movies with me?


So to get in the mood why not watch all the scary movies? But It’s so boring watching them alone. And with Rabbit I can share my Netflix so we can watch if you don’t have Netflix. Anybody interested? It wouldn’t all be tonight obviously, to many for that. But I’m gonna watch these from now until Halloween, Halloween. 

I’m probably gonna watch:

 Children of the corn

A nightmare on elm street

Let the right one in

The Omen


Darkness Falls 

Night of the living Dead


Pet Cemetary

Invasion of the body snatchers 

From Dusk til Dawn

Hansel and Gretel (Haven’t seen it, let’s see how bad it sucks. Or maybe is surprisingly good.) 

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1920 version

House of Whipcord

So If anybody wants to watch with me just lemme know. Maybe we can make it a once a week thing and watch 1 or 2 at a time.