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ID #54478

Name: Camila

Age: 18

Country: Argentina 

Well, hello. My name’s Camila, but i like to be called Cam, or Cami. I’m half argentinian, and half mexican. I’m currently studying History in Argentina, but i may move to Mexico in a few months or a year to study Latin American Studies.
I love blue, literature, art, series. I go from music to theater, dancing, drawing or painting. Kind of a Netflix -proud- addict, my favorite shows go from Supernatural to How to get away with murder, also including some like Rick and Morty, Skins, Dr. House, and Glee (with many others). I’m a musician and a writer myself (have an acoustic group and I’m editing a poetry book). Also, I’m really into any fandom (guilty pleasures starts with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson, Dr Who, etc etc)
Something really important about me: i’m really into social stuff. I’m part of a comunal radio, a gender-open group, and I’m constantly participating in any movement that involves justice and human rights. My town, particularly, has a long story of popular fight and social movements.
I know this is pretty messy. I really want to find a penpal and do this for the first time. I’m open to anyone-boy, girl, it. Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter. I want someone to know, to be friends with. I wanna send letter, since writing is the thing I love the most. So if you’re interested on knowing me a little bit more, feel free to write. I will be expecting your message <3

Preferences:  As said above, I really don’t mind about which is your age/gender. I’m open to meet anyone who wanna exchange culture, feelings, way of life’s, interest. I only expect them to be tolerant, into social, art, politics, fantasy, etc. Oh, and I’m not looking for any love-related relationship, jic.