dr house christmas


Imagine dating House and trying to get him excited about Christmas.

“Come on, just help me set up the tree,” you whined, struggling to set up the artificial Christmas tree.

“If I help set it up, am I exempt from helping to decorate it?” your boyfriend bargained, crossing his arms.

“Why are you such a Scrooge?” you accused with a pout. “It’s Christmas! Show some spirit! Please?”

“I was born with a heart three sizes too small.”

“Well, your hands work fine so at least help me with the tree. Please, Greg? For me?” You gave your best puppy-dog eyes, pushing out your lower lip.

House sighed, rolling his eyes, “Fine. I’ll help you set up the tree.”

You grinned, standing to press a kiss to his cheek, “I’ll put the Christmas spirit in you yet. Even the Grinch came around eventually.”

Gif Credit: House