dr hoot


A peculiar design for a peculiar client - but then again all bird owners are mad, take it from me. This creature has the power to turn itself transparent at will… all save for its bony structures, which are bioluminescent. Don’t ask me for explanations - I only do what I’m paid for.

But, you should know… watching a glowing owl skeleton flap soundlessly through the night air? It’s a real hoot.

-Dr. H.

animatedc9000  asked:

In the original story of Dumbo, the titular elephant was helped by a robin named Red. Later, they meet an owl who tells them how Dumbo could possibly fly. Red and Dr. Hoot (the name the storyboarders gave the owl) were eventually changed to Timothy Q Mouse and the crows, respectively, but storyboards do exist of Red and Dr. Hoot. I'll send in a link that has them.

Oh, cool, I didn’t know that. Thanks!