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The Muppet Diary 1980 was a schedule book that was published in the UK by Charles Letts & Co Ltd. Like the previous book, The Muppet Show Diary 1979, the pages centered around “The Muppet Show”, featuring special illustrations by Alastair Graham at the beginning, the centerfold, and for the holidays.

The concept and design of the book was done by Bruce McNally, Les Skinner, and John Stevenson.

Canon in K:TGC Novel

I tried to put a list of everything now canon in the kingsman universe that was written in the novel but not showed in the movie FOR SCIENCE. I’ll try to put everything that happens in chronological order and then my thoughts on the book in a separate post. The book is written by Tim Waggoner but BASED on the screenplay of TGC.

WARNING: Major Spoilers + Long post

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In light of today’s episode, I am gonna tell the stupidest pun. I’ve been saving this since I saw the promo pics, and now I’m releasing it to the masses.

Here it goes.

… you sure you wanna hear this? It’s bad. Like, just terrible. Feel free to scroll away.

No? Determined to stay, huh? Okay, you asked for it. Here we go.


Beaker did the ‘Dew.

[drops mic and scuttles away]

[comes back to pick up mic] Nonono, these are expensive.