dr helen magnus

So Sanctuary is a scifi show whose lead character is played by Amanda Tapping right after she left the Stargate franchise.  She was the executive producer and it was her baby.

She played Dr. Helen Magnus, a brilliant victorian female scientist whose along with her four buddies at Oxford decided to experiment on themselves by injecting themselves with vampire blood.  It made her extraordinarily long lived (she starts out the series 150ish years old and because of accidental time travel ends the series 270ish).  She is a crytozoologist of questionable scientific ethics and grey hat morality who runs a foundation that protects and studies creatures she calls ‘abnormal’ from the public and governments who might use or abuse them.  She is an extraordinarily violent woman with an english accent that is Tapping’s actual accent (people complain about it being fake but her mother is English it’s hers they’re just used to her speaking American/Canadian).  She wears a lot of leather jackets, lab coats and occasionally the naughty librarian look.

Oh and she’s canon pansexual.  Did I mention that?

The series is told from her point of view so she’s the hero but she could also easily be a supervillain.  A fact that @liberalmasochist and @shinewithalltheuntold are forever upset at me for having pointed out to them.


It had been a long time since Ashley had seen anyone even remotely connected to the Sanctuary. She’d been very careful, picking up on chatter, tracing movements, but apparently she hadn’t been paying close enough attention this time.

She had been working discreetly to aid her mother’s work any way she could, but it wasn’t safe to go home, not yet. Though she had been completely recovered for a fair amount of time now, the guilt still ate away at her, the look on her mother’s face still emblazoned into her mind.

She’d picked up intel about an abnormal boy in the city who needed help, and after a brief check for any Sanctuary personnel on the scanners, moved in herself. However, apparently she hadn’t checked enough, because as she rounded the corner, she very nearly ran directly into her mother. Her eyes widened and she was silent for a long moment. She swallowed thickly and offered her a weak smile. “Um…hey.”