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Serial killer Harold Frederick Shipman came from a blue-collar background. His father was a lorry driver and they lived in a small house in Nottingham. At 17 his mother passed away from cancer. Harold had been very close to his mother and often watched while doctors would inject her with morphine to ease her suffering. One day, while sitting in her armchair, fully clothed, she died. Harold developed an interest in medicine and eventually graduated in 1970 from Leeds University. Along the course of studies he also became addicted to pethidine, an opiate, and wrote illegal prescriptions for himself. He was caught and was removed from his position. In 1977 he returned to work in a Hyde medical practic, telling the agency that he was rehabilitated from his addiction.

After 15 years of employment he left and began his own family practice, a one-doctor show. he was what one would expect in a good doctor; caring, concerned, competent and available. His popularity gained him over 2000 patients. He worked alone and without regulation. No one was there to notice that Shipman’s death rates and prescription rates were extremely high. During the course of his 24-year career Dr. Death, as the media referred to him, killed regularly using the painkiller diamorphine, better known as heroin. His patients were all females between the ages of 49 and 81. Most were over 65. He would visit them and treat his patients as if he were an old friend. He often patted their hands as he injected them with large doses of heroin, telling them that their pain would soon be over. Many of his victims were left sitting in their armchairs while Dr. Death went back to his office to falsify their death certificates. During the latter part of his career over half of his patients died within an hour of his home visit. In the end he signed the financial assets of a wealthy victim over to himself and was caught when the daughter, an attorney, examined her mother’s estate. Dr Shipman denied everything but was convicted in January 1999 of murdering 15 women. He is linked to 23 other deaths and is believed to have killed between 200 to 300.

Dr Shipman was housed in England’s highest security level prison in Durham, northern England, until his suicide in 2004.


I was watching a documentary about satanism and they began to discuss this theory. 

There is one thing all of these serial killers have in common, apparently they were all conceived on a Satanic Holiday. Which some believe is the real reason behind their “evil.”

Albert Fish: Born May 19 1870, said to be conceived on August 17, satanic holiday Great Sabbath and Fire Festival 

Andrei Chikatilo: Born October 16 1939, said to be conceived on January 17, satanic revels (day of satanic rituals)

Both Fred and Rosemary West were conceived on “satanic holidays” Fred born on September 21 1941, was said to be conceived on December 24, demon revels day (day of human sacrifice)

Rosemary born on November 29 1959, conceived on satanic holiday February 13 (Friday the 13th)

Dr Harold Shipman: Born January 14 1946, said to be conceived on April 13 (Friday the 13th)

David Berkowitz: Born on June 11 1953, said to be conceived on September 7 (day of the marriage to the beast)

This could just be people looking for a reason behind their “evil”, or it could all be true.

“I never shortened the life of anyone. I just practised medicine exactly as it should be practised.”

In 2013, Dr. Virginia Helena Soares de Souza, unhappy with how little beds were free in the hospital she worked, decided to take matters into her own hands. She injected ill patients with muscle relaxants before cutting off their oxygen supply. She is suspected of killing up to 300 patients and if found guilty, this means she is more prolific than Dr. Harold Shipman.


**ok so don’t judge me i was bored, and apparently aquarius and libra were part of the top three, libra being #1 and aquarius #3 and capricorn as #2 i’m screaming lol** **** the “*” means there were a lot of serial killers with that sign***

Aries: (also found just one) Joachim Kroll

Taurus: (also found one) Albert Fish

*Gemini: Jeffrey Dahmer

*Cancer: Tommy Lynn Sells

Leo: John George Haigh

Virgo: (found just one) Albert DeSalvo

*Libra: Pedro Alonso Lopez

Scorpio: (there was only one lol) Leonard Lake

*Sagittarius: Ted Bundy

Capricorn: Dr. Harold Shipman

*Aquarius: Daniel Camargo Barbosa

*Pisces: Richard Ramirez

Pictured above are just 8 of over 200 victims murdered by Dr Harold Shipman before he was apprehended in 1998. He killed patients by administering lethal doses of painkillers, which went on undetected for 23 years, and was sentenced to 15 concurrent life sentences in 2000 as well as an additional 4 years for the forgery of a will. Shipman hanged himself in prison on 13th January 2004 using bedsheets tied to the bars which covered his cell window.

coolsci  asked:

What is structure of morphine ? How can we synthesize in Lab?

Morphine occurs naturally in the unripe seed pods of opium poppies; the opium that can be extracted from these contains about 20% morphine. The structure of morphine is shown in the image below:

Morphine is a pain-killing drug, and can be introduced into the body in a number of ways. It acts directly on the nervous system, and specifically on what are known as opioid receptors. By doing so, it prevents the brain from sensing pain. It’s a class A drug, and is very addictive.

The first laboratory synthesis of morphine was devised in 1952, and contained 31 steps, with a 0.06% overall yield. This was succeeded in 1980 by a synthesis of 14 steps, and with a 30% overall yield. For the interested, the steps are outlined below:

External image

(Img source/view larger: :boghog, wikimedia commons)

Morphine can be chemically modified to give a number of different drugs. These include other common painkillers such as codeine, which is non-addictive. Additionally, diamorphine, more commonly known as heroin, can be produced. This was used by the UK serial killer, Dr Harold Shipman, to lethally inject & murder as many as 250 of his patients. 

Hope that answers your questions!

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