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Dr. Beverly Halstead (1933 – 1991) was infamous among paleontologists. Perhaps it was just his preoccupation with the sex life of dinosaurs. Perhaps it was that when lecturing on this topic he would often have his partner - psychologist Helen Haste - come on stage with him and act out the various hypothetical positions of mating dinosaurs. Perhaps it was that he also occasionally liked to slip in naked photos of himself into his slideshows. Perhaps it was that he once tried to get an article into a prestigious academic journal on how a 17th-Century fossilist mistook the femur of a Megalosaurus for the fossilized testicles of a giant, with the byline that his co-authors were Drs. Cocks & Ball - which was true, his co-authors on that paper were Dr. William Ball and Dr. L.R. Cocks! Needless to say the journal turned him down.

As should be obvious, even with all his scholarly acumen, Dr. Halstead still had something of a mischievous juvenile spirit about him when it came to the subject of sex and dinosaurs.

Perhaps then it is not surprising that it was Halstead that commissioned the first ever depiction of humping dinos, and for a children’s book no less!

Drawn by Giovanni Caselli, here are two mating Iguanodons from Halstead’s 1975 book The Evolution and Ecology of the Dinosaurs.

You’re going to be

 Fandom: Chicago P.D, Chicago Med

Character(s): Jay Halstead, Erin Lindsay, Voight, Dr. Natalie Manning

Summary: Erin Hasn’t been feeling well, for a couple week, so she decided to head to the doctor’s. Manning check’s her out and ask’s Lindsay some questions, one question making her realize that she was a couple week’s late.

Warning(s): Some Minor Cussing, All around fluff

Word Count: 2300

A/N: To the two anonymous who requested pregnant Linstead, i just put them both together, where Erin and Jay find out, but then they finally tell Voight and what his reaction would be! sorry for it taking so long! Just been so busy! but i made it extra Fluffy :)

Erin was sitting at her desk, with her head in her hands. She hasn’t been feeling well for a couple weeks, Erin sat up straight fixing herself she stayed behind to look for things about the case. She sighed taking a break from it and started to get a little hungry. 

Erin took the change from her pocket and headed to the break room to grab something to eat, while heading in there, Jay walked up the step’s. Erin stood at the machine trying to figure out what to eat, When Jay noticed her standing there, he smirked and spoke.

“you know i kinda like the twix bar’s myself” He smirked while walking over to her, She jumped and smiled while turning herself around to be face to face with him, she smirked. “Hey handsome what are you doing here, i though- i thought you were with the team” she got closer to him, placing a hand on his chest.

“I was i had to come grab something for Voight” Erin nodded her head with a soft smile playing with his vest.

“please be careful” 

“of course,” he smiled softly and leaned down and kissed Erin softly they both pulled away from the kiss before anything else could happen. 

“go get them” Erin smirked and patted at his vest, Jay smirked back and headed out the door, she sighed while heading back to the vending machine finally picking her choice of food. 

*few minutes later*

Erin groaned as she lifted her head from the toilet, she sat back for a minute and regretted getting the Twix Bar. “Maybe it was expired” she whispered to herself as she stood up slowly and shakily. She flushed the toilet and headed back to her desk. 

The team came back up the steps smiling and just all around happy for catching the son of a bitch. Erin smiled softly at them and stood up, “hey guy’s great job” she said horasley, Jay looked at her before Voight blocked his view, he rolled his eyes. Voight placed a hand on her shoulder gently.

“You okay kid,” Voight asked in his gruff voice, Erin nodded her head softly and smiled.

“yeah, i’m alright..just i think it’s the flu that’s all.” 

Voight just watched her carefully and crossed his arms in-front of him and pursed his lips, “Maybe you should go home Erin go get some rest,” He smiled softly at her, She smiled softly back and nodded her head, “Thank’s..i will.” She grabbed her things from her desk and left. Jay watched her as she passed, Voight watched her leave, while he watched Jay watch her. Voight just shook his head and walked back into his office closing his door behind him.

*At the house* 

Erin arrived back to her apartment after stopping at the little corner store at the edge of her street. She sighed as she locked the door behind her and sat the bag down on the little table in the hallway.

She closed her eyes, hoping it wasn’t true. She wanted kids, but didn’t know about jay, or what Voight would think and her job. Erin reopened her eyes and grabbed the bag and kicked off her shoes. “ come on Erin you got this.” she whispered to herself trying to boost herself up to take the test.

Erin walked into her and Jay’s bedroom and into the bathroom she went, her hands were shaking. Normally she has never been nervous, Erin has been on alto of cases involving a lot of things, but it was this that was making her nervous. She read the box, and opened it and silently praying. 

Erin did her business and placed the cap back on the end of it, and reread the box again saying to wait about five minutes. She growled to herself, “That’s along time.” she sat her timer on her watch and got changed into something comfortable while waiting on the little test that can determine her’s and Jay’s future. Of course she would be happy if she was..but everything was too soon, they’ve been careful.

The timer on her watch beeped letting her know it was time to check the test. Erin closed her eye’s and reopened them as she walked slowly into the bathroom and over to the stick. Peeking at it, she smiled softly and placed a hand on her belly. She was pregnant with Jay’s baby, she was happy. She had to Tell Jay. 

Erin walked over to her bed finding her cell phone laying on top of the covers, unlocking it dialing Jay’s number. It kept ringing but finally he answered it. 

“Hello Halstead” He answered, Erin smiled softly and spoke.

“hey jay” she smiled while playing with her hair and sitting in the bed upright.

“hey, Erin what’s going on you miss me” he asked with a smile playing on his lips, she giggled.

“of course, i miss you all the time,, listen..i need you to come..over now” she spoke lowly but softly to him, knowing someone had to be listing to the conversation because he was still at the station. Jay nodded his head through the phone.

“of course, i’ll leave right now” he smiled, “be there in 10, love you” he spoke lowly and softly to her, she smiled and said it back to him. They both finally hung up on each other as Erin placed a hand on her stomach. She wanted to tell Jay and then maybe make an Appointment before she told Voight.

*10 minutes later*

Jay finally made it home to Erin, he unlocked the door with the key that she had given him. He smiled softly as he saw her sitting on the couch Jay walked over to her and sat down at her feet and placed them into his lap.

“so what’s going on Erin,” he smiled softly at her, she sighed looking down at her hands with a smile appearing on her face.

“i’m pregnant…Jay..I’m pregnant” she smiled softly, Jay frozed for a minute taking back what she said, He started to smile great big, along with Erin. He laughed in happiness and pulled her into his lap and held her close to him and kissed her.

“Erin…baby…” he smiled letting out a sigh of content and Erin looked back to him, and placed her hand on his cheek. “I’ll make an appoint for tomorrow.,” she felt his slowly make their way to her stomach, and placed her hands on top of his. 

“alright, so i’ll make an appointment tomorrow, if voight ask’s where i am you know what to do” Erin turned to Jay, who nodded his head. “alright, i’ll try my best..but we got to tell voight soon or later..” Erin sighed and nodded and bite her lip in thought.

“yeah we do..maybe tomorrow we could after” 

Jay nodded at her response and smiled softly, “yeah we could.” Erin smiled, and leaned up and kissed Jay, who kissed back and it got a little hot. Erin Straddled Jay while still lipped locked and Erin trying to take off his shirt. Jay laughed and pulled away with a smirk, “ Need help” He smirked to Erin leaning up pulling off his shirt.

*Next Day*

Erin woke up, and let out a soft yawn smirking remembering what had happened last night. She smirked turning around to see Jay still asleep, Erin slid her legs over to her side of the bed slipping on Jay’s shirt and heading to the bathroom.

She took her cell phone in with her to call the doctor’s to make an appointment with the Ob/Gyn. They made her an appointment for today at 12pm, she looked over to the clock and seeing that it was 11am, she sighed and walked back into the bedroom seeing Jay putting on his clothes.

“where you going,” she smiled, Jay smirked.

“i gotta go to work, you know our boss” Erin let out a small chuckle with a small smile placing on her lips. “hmmm and do i know your boss” she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“hmmm you do, because he’s your boss too” Jay answered with a smirk while placing his badge and gun on his waist. Erin smiled and placed a kiss on his shoulder blade. 

“remember, i got an appointment today at 12pm, cover for me please” she smiled as she handed him some coffee, he smiled and nodded his head and headed out the door to the station.

*The doctor’s office*

Erin walked into the waiting area and up to the desk, She told the lady about the appointment she had with Manning. The young woman nodded and took down the information and told her that Manning would be right with her.

Erin sat down in one the chairs, she held her jacket and looked at the clock noticing it was about 12am time for her appointment. A nurse came out a door and called Erin back, she walked over and walked inside. The Nurse and Erin went over the questions, Erin sat up on the table waiting for Dr. Manning to walk in. She was thinking of things, how to tell Voight was the main thing on her mind.

Manning walked in the door, looking down at her chart, and then back up to Erin with a smile. “Nice to see you Erin, so what’s going on” she sat down on her stool scooting closer to Erin. 

Erin sighed and messed with her fingers and hands, and looked to Natalie, “Listen, i..i took a pregnancy test..and it said it was positive, but i just wanna make sure it is right or not right..” she said hoarsely to Manning. Natalie just smiled and patted Erin’s leg. 

“It’s okay, we can do urine sample to make absolutely sure.” Erin nodded her head with a small smile playing on her lips.

“Yeah that will be fine.” Manning smiled at the answer.

“alright, so i’ll put in for you needing a urine sample and i’ll call you for you the results.”

Erin nodded, and smiled “alright..thank’s Natalie for helping” Manning smiled softly to Erin, “ No problem we’re family.”

Erin moved a piece of hair behind her ear and smiled to manning as she walked out to place the request in for her. Soon a nurse came in with a cup and handed it to Erin and lead her to the bathroom. She did her business and handed the cup back to the nurse at the station and then left.

Her phone dinged letting her know that she had a message, she pulled her phone out of her pocket seeing it was Jay who sent the message.

“hey you on your way back, yet because voight is starting to get worried alittle” 

Erin sighed and typed back, “just tell him i over slept because i dont feel good and that im on my way back.” She sent the message sighing as she fastened her belt and headed her back to the station.


Erin parked her car, and opened her door and jumped out with locking the car. She headed up the steps to the front door of the Station and walked in with her phone ringing, she picked it up quickly as she looked to platt, who gave her a look as she opened the door to the steps that she takes up. 


“yes is this Erin Lindsay” the nurse asked her on the phone

“alright, we just got your test back and it is indeed your pregnant” Erin was smiling and licked her lips. “alright thank you for calling”

“no problem, and congrat’s” the nurse told Erin and hung up the phone Erin hung up her phone aswell and put it back into her pocket while reaching the floor of her’s. Jay watched her walk in from his desk, he sits up and smiled at her, who smiled back softly to him.

Voight looked out his window from the desk, and stood up and walked out to the door,. “ Lindsay, in my office,” Erin nodded softly and gave Jay a look, Voight noticed and gruffly called out, “Halstead in here now!” Jay nodded and got up from his chair and walked into the office. Voight closed the door behind them. 

“now you two, are you going to tell me what’s going on” he gruffly asked and folded his arm’s a crossed his chest and leaned against his desk looking at the two in front of him.

Jay and Erin shook their head’s, “Nothing, why,” Voight looked to Erin, “You missed the case this morning, you were not here, normally you come weather your sick..” Voight went silent waiting for Erin to answer him. 

“voight…i need to tell you something..Me and Jay..well we are together” Voight nodded and stuck his tongue in the bottom of his lip. “i knew that Erin..what else.” Jay looked to Erin with a worry and then back to voight with a worry smile to him.

“Im..” Erin takes a deep breathe and closes her eyes..”i’m pregnant, voight” she finally let it out with tears peeking up at the brim of her eyes, looking to jay with her head down waiting for Voight to yell or something.

“Erin…when…when did you find out”

“i found out today earlier this morning at the doctors but last night but i wanted to make sure.” Voight and went silent nodded his head, and stood up away from his desk and walked over to voight with tear’s in his eyes, and held her close to him..”im so happy Erin, your going to be a perfect mother, im going to here for you, and this baby” He smiled, and then looked to Jay and gave him a stern look.

“you protect, these two got me Halstead protect them with your life and i’ll keeping checking on you guys.” he smiled, “protect my grandkid”. Jay smiled softly and nodded his head with Erin’s hand in his.

“of course sir” Erin smiled and all the stress and worry blew off her shoulder’s. She was happy that Voight was happy that the two of you are going to be parent’s and that he was going to be a grandpa again. Voight thought of Erin and treated like Erin was his own daughter..or his actual daughter. They all smiled and they started to talk about the baby and some other things.

A/N: I loved writing this! :D keep sending in those request! Im going to post about three more stories tonight trying to get caught up :) and thank you all for being patient with me! 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could write a Jay Halstead imagine where the reader works at Med and he was down there working a case or something and Will sees him looking at the reader for a bit too long and Jay admits he has feelings for her. Or along those lines please.

Okay I love this idea :)


Once again, the ER was in total and utter pandemonium. Which honestly has never been surprising. However this time, a cop was shot. And so were the two alleged shooters.

So now the ER was backed up with cops, everything was in chaos. Oh and the fact that the ER was already backed up with patients before the cop and shooters arrived did not help.

Choi (who generally took charge in times like these) and Jeff were immediately given one of the shooters, while you were given the other. which left Rhodes to handle the cop. That was all find and well, however now the ER was in utter chaos.

Your patient had a bullet wound in his shoulder and one further down his arm, none of which were life threatening and honestly he could last long enough for you to get the ER back into the lower level chaos it usually operates in.

“EVERYBODY QUIET,” you shouted and to your surprise you found everyone had indeed stopped what they were doing and began to listen to you, “Right now this is what we’re gonna do. Dr Halstead and Dr Manning are going to run triage. They check the patients and see if they need immediate medical attention or not. Nurses will help evaluate as well. Any friends and family, go the waiting room for hourly updates. And any cops who are going to be questioning, stand over there by the nurses station and wait until we call you. Is that understood?”

Everyone nodded and you finally made your way to your patient, “Okay. What we got?”

You went off to work on your patient. While unbeknown to you, a certain detective was sending heart eyes your way.

“Well someone’s in love,” Will said playfully to him.

“What? Y/N? Never,” Jay responded, his voice going an octave higher as he said so.

“Come on Jay,” Will said, leaning against the nurses station, “you’re my little bro. Tell me about the girl. Maybe I’ve got some advice for ya.”

Jay laughed, “Says the one who can’t get the girl either.”

“Oh so there is a girl?”

“Urgh fine ya got me,” Jay said. He meant it jokingly, but his eyes were serious.

“Come on Jay,” Will said, “stop pretending and tell me.”

“Ok fine,” he said, “it’s Y/N. It’s always been Y/N. there’s just something about her. About the way she walks. The way she talks. The way she just takes control of a situation and makes it better. She’s amazing and she’s never gonna see the same in me.”

Will laughed, “Turn around Jay.”

“Hey Jay,” you whispered, having just heard the entire conversation.


I’m wondering if I should make a part two…
Eh. If someone requests it I will :)

So feel free to request anything else as well :) either a prompt or just an imagine. I write for the Chicago Series, all D.C. tv shows as well as a bunch of bands and book series (full list somewhere on my page).

Love ya :)

Friend or Foe -Will Halstead Imagine

Pairing: Will Halstead x Reader

Word Count: 647

Request:  Imagine working at Chicago Med and never getting along with Halstead, but when you are insulted by a patient Halstead goes in when he thinks you’re not around and “yells” at the patient that y/n are an excellent doctor, as you are eavesdropping outside of the patient room? And this changes the way the reader thinks of Will? love you blog ^^


This week had to have been the worst week of your life. Monday brought in an influx of trauma victims from a multicar pileup; three of the nine victims didn’t make it. Tuesday meant it was time for a morbidity and mortality meeting, where you happened to be the keynote speaker. An endless stream of questions to pinpoint where you went wrong where throw at you for two hours. Wednesday was brought in a patient with a mysterious diagnosis. A day later and worsening condition, but there was still no diagnosis in sight. 

To top it all off, a hospital board member, Clarence Dubose, was in the emergency room with pneumonia. He happened to be the most persistent and demanding person to ever step foot into the hospital. You also had to work alongside Dr. Halstead, who was your biggest foe. 

Maybe it was your competitive streaks or the need to constantly prove yourselves, but you and Will did not get along. It was always Will’s way or the highway. He constantly had to be right and never trusted anyone else’s input, aside from Dr. Manning’s. The world revolved around her and her medical advice. It was obnoxious. 

It was the end of your shift, and you just wanted to go home. Mr. Dubose had other plans for you. 

“Dr. Y/L/N,” he shouted. 

You spun on your heels, “I’m coming, Mr. Dubose.” 

You entered the room, checked his vitals, and asked what the issue was. 

“I have places to be and clearly, you’re not treating me in a timely manner. Efficiency is a staple at Chicago Med,” he huffed, “you don’t fit that standard.”

“Sir, Dr. Halstead and I are doing everything we can to get you back on your feet. Pneumonia is a serious illness and can easily cause more health problems if not treated properly.” 

It was the same speech you had given a thousand times. You hypothesized that his next move would be asking for a transfer or asking for you to release him. Your guess was sadly off. 

“I want to speak with Dr. Halstead. Maybe he’s the one with brains in this hospital. I wonder how you even passed med school; I bet it was daddy’s money,” he hissed. 

In all your years as a doctor, you had never been so insulted by a patient. Not only did you work throughout med school, you also paid for every single penny of it. You were still paying. 

Before you said anything you regretted, you left. Will was pretending not to listen, but you knew he heard every word. You just shook your head, walking past him. 

“He’s your problem now, Dr. Halstead,” you called, turning in your tablet for the night. 

You went to the lounge to change. You also grabbed a cup of tea, hoping the warmth would calm you down a bit. 

By the time you exited, Will was in Mr. Dubose’s room. It seemed like he was scolding him. 

“I know you’re high and mighty in this place, Mr. Dubose, but that is no way to treat your doctor. Dr. Y/L/N graduated top of their class at Harvard and paid for it all. If that’s not smart, then I don’t know what is. They’re a great doctor; I’d trust them with my life, so maybe you can consider trusting them with helping you get better,” you overheard Will criticizing the man. 

He walked out of the room, closing the curtains and hoping that no one heard him yelling at a patient, especially one that was so prominent. You heard him, though. 

“Will,” you spoke, tapping his shoulder. He turned to face you, his cheeks a rosy color. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to step on your toes.”

“No, I just wanted to say ‘thank you,’“ you smiled, hugging the doctor you once thought was your biggest enemy at Med. 

Isolation part 1

Originally posted by twntyone21

Fandom: Chicago PD, Chicago MED
Characters: Dr. Charles, Will Halstead, Jay Halstead, Natalie Manning, Hailey Upton.  
Prompt: Will gets called at night that Jay has been put in an isolation room at the psych floor. 

A/N: I was in a mood for the brothers, so I decided to make this a two part fic, called “Isolation.” You’ll understand in the end why I did that :) 

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