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Perry Cox and Bob Kelso: Synchronized Grumps

The Grumpy Man in Blue

Paring: Leonard McCoy/Reader

Tags: female reader, reader is a doctor, psychologists, fluff and angst, medicine, outer space, divorce, tenderness.

Summary: Reader is aboard the USS Enterprise, and works with Dr. McCoy. Or, known to as his staff as the grumpy guy, which everyone tries to take advantage of, and try and make him not be his sarcastic self for a while. Or, at least until a special guy from HQ comes down to give Reader a heads up on her boss…

Notes: You have no idea how much I love Bones. He’s my favourite in Star Trek for the simple reason that he’s so sarcastic and I love metaphors. If I ever met Bones, he’d be first, much, much taller than me, and more importantly, much better than me because I would be nearly useless out in space on the Enterprise. Unless they want a creative writer?? Or even an assistant? That’s basically my use in life. 

I actually pre-wrote this when I was getting my wisdom teeth out (all four out in the dentist’s chair). 

Word Count: 2,040

Posting Date:  2016-09-18

Current Date: 2017-05-23

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“Nurse ________ … look me in the eye and tell me that you love your job.”

You raise your head, and gaze into the brown eyes which stare you down. “Dr. McCoy, I love my job.”

On the USS Enterprise, there was little to do but duties. It was five years; longer than you had studied your degree in psychology and in Starfleet. It would make anyone restless, homesick for a planet which had all of your family and friends aboard. Not that this spaceship was uncomfortable. No, no, it had some of the greatest people ever to graduate and be named heroes by Starfleet. Captain Kirk. Mr. Spock. Mr. Sulu, Mr. Scott…Dr. McCoy.

He was a grumpy, terribly stubborn man, whose grim frown could darken a doorway further than three feet away from where he stood. He had done many great things for the medical field, yes, but there was something that a trained psychologist-slash-nurse could pick up from him which he didn’t want touched. It almost irritated you, but…you never let it get to you. You were a professional. And despite what people thought of medical staff, you got your job done.

At first, you noticed his grumpy nature firsthand. Your fellow nurses and doctors had been around him for only a mere four minutes when the first batch of sarcasm struck, and before you knew it, most of the people in your division made a pool to debate if there could be one person to remove his usual frown for the longest amount of time. There was no time limit, but it felt strange being around people who went out of their way to make the grumpy grump of a CMO scowling, and ultimately, making life hell for people in his warpath.

But no matter how many nurses trying to butter him up with dates and nights off spent with choice alcohol, you could read him like a book, and though it was written in another language, you could see something wrong.

On certain days, he would forget to shave. His uniform and hair would be unkempt, frown lines deeper. His voice harsher. Hands unsteady. But no matter what mood he would be in, his attention to practising medicine would not waver.

“It’s useless,” Simon, a technician, sighed, head held in his hands. “The longest he’s gone without being a Grinch has been fifteen minutes.”

Anders nodded, flicking potato across the tables to hit a red shirt. “Tell me. That was Martinez after he told a him a really boring story, at the end of the shift,” the nurse rolled her eyes, pouting. “You put the damn man to sleep, not made him less grumpy.”

Martinez shrugged, his shirt swimming more so than usual on his small frame, “It’s not my fault he frowns in his sleep - but at least he didn’t yell at anyone!”

A shadow darkens the table you are all seated at in the cafeteria, and accompanied by a throat clearing, you glance up to see firsthand, the face of the captain himself, Jim Kirk smirk, “You’re not talking about who I think you’re talking about, are you?” he grins.

Simon scrambles to his feet, smacking his knees as he rises to salute. “Captain! We - no! We weren’t gossiping!”

Anders shakes her head, and scoots closer to you to make room for the captain. “We totally were talking about Dr. McCoy. It’s lunch, man, and he’s not here. Care to join the loser table?” she offers like she speaks to the man in charge like she often converses with people up on the main bridge of the ship on the regular.

“You know what? I’d love to.” Jim grins, lowering himself into the bench. Opposite, Simon is beacon of red, a human embodiment of a blush, and Martinez is silent. “So, what’s the hot talk down in the Medbay? You know, besides my good friend Bones.”

“I’ve been working with engineering to create an early warning device to be set up at entrances and exits to warn of foreign bacteria contracted while on an unexplored planet,” Martinez blurts out.

Kirk raises a brow. “That’s so cool! Good job, man!”

You push your plate away from you. “What brought you here, Captain?” you ask, leaning forward to see through Anders’ tall hair. “You’re not one to traipse into the cafeteria often, and I sense an ulterior motive here.”

Kirk raises his eyebrows.

“Don’t mind her,” Anders pushes you back, giving a big toothy smile, “She’s the leading psychologist on board.”

Captain Kirk grins. “You read me like a book, Miss…”

You hold your hand out across Anders’ front for him to shake. “Nurse ________, pleasure to meet you Captain,” you greet, and add, “Although I’m a doctorate in psychology, but nurse in medicine.”

Martinez rolls his eyes. “Why don’t you just call yourself Dr. ________?” he blurts.

The captain nods. “Why not?”

Anders slides down the bench as so to sit on the floor below the table, and ignoring her dramatics, you brush hair from your face. “If I was just a psychologist on Earth, sure, but here…I’m not here to analyse the mind primarily. I don’t want to be confused as overqualified in an emergency, plus, it’s embarrassing to have a PhD at twenty.” you admit.

Simon nods. “Tell me about it…”

After lunch is over, you feel a hand on your elbow, and glance up to see the honey-mustard yellow shirt that stood out over the lunch table like a sore thumb. It’s the captain, and in his eyes is a look you’re used to hearing over and over again from your superior officer Dr. McCoy.

“I need to ask you a favour,” his voice is low, eyes searching for eavesdroppers not inherently dropping eaves at that moment nearby, “I need you to keep an eye on Dr. McCoy this week. It’s … I know it’s none of my business, or yours … but he needs someone near him he can rely on, and it’s -,”

Your face pales. “Are you asking me to interfere with his behaviour if my superior officer becomes grumpy?” The words sound as incredulous and silly as they did inside your head spoken aloud.

Captain Kirk shakes his head, and biting his lip, nods. “Just … you’re a psychologist. You’ve been around him for a year now … please, you have to trust me on this.” He pleads.

You close your eyes. “You have no idea what trouble I can get into for spying on my boss,” you gush, but before the yellow-clad man before you can speak more words to convince you, you add, “But I’ll do it. Because whatever he’s going through, I can help more than anyone else aboard this ship.”

Jim Kirk goes to interrupt, but a woman calls his name out. She’s wearing red, and looks in a hurry. “Thank you so much, Nurse ______, you have no idea what good you’re going to do.”

At this, you notice the clock above the doorway, and rush back to where you’re supposed to be on duty a minute and a half ago. But as you appear, the usual frowning face of Dr. McCoy doesn’t scold you for your tardy timing. He just nods.

The same thing happens for the rest of the week - it’s almost as if he’s out of it. Yet, his attention to the patients, as always, doesn’t waver.

Come Friday, you enter the Medbay bright and early for your ten hour shift. You expect to see the usual red shirt in for a splinter or missing limb, and not what meets your eyes.

He sits on the end of a sickbed, blue shirt stark in the brightly lit barren sickbay surrounding him. Hands clutching his head, lowered, you can’t help but remember the promise you made the captain of the ship. From your training as a psychologist, and as a real, live human being, you feel your feet creep up to where he is bent like a man caught up in thoughts and age and circumstance, slowly and surely.

“Dr. McCoy? Are you alright?” you wonder.

He jolts, and in his action, something tumbles from his hand. It makes a small clatter upon the white floors, shining bright like a star caught in a spotlight not a step away from your feet. Slowly, you bend, and pick up what Dr. McCoy dropped.

He clears his throat, “I’m fine, Nurse _______.” His eyes are rimmed with red, and stare at you. “May I -,”

You nod, and place the gold band back into the creased palm of the doctor. “Why haven’t you said anything?” you whisper, eyes searching his light brown eyes for answers you weren’t going to find there.

“Nurse ________ … look me in the eye and tell me that you love your job.”

You raise your head, and gaze into the brown eyes which stare you down. “Dr. McCoy, I love my job.”

He nods, his fingers slowly hiding the wedding ring once more. “I love my job,” he repeats, not meeting your eyes. “If I’m to remain the CMO of the USS Enterprise, I need to place my past and personal problems on the back burner, no matter the toll on my mental state or whatever,” his voice is grating, and Dr. McCoy adds, “Besides, if I’m to be out, you’re in.”

Your eyes widen. “Dr., that’s no way to speak…”

“I mean, if I’m out of order from personal neglect, you’re promoted to CMO for the time I am away,” he corrects himself. “I’m confident that you can step up to take charge of all the medical officers here to best standard. Better standard than me.”

You take a breath, “Sir, please know I’m very grateful to hear that, but … as a psychologist, and someone who is close to you often, this is no way to treat yourself. I’ve noticed all week that you’ve been not yourself. I can only assume this is an unresolved issue that’s causing you grief.” you place a hand on your superior officer’s shoulder, and slowly lower yourself to sit beside Dr. McCoy.

“Why are you damn smarter than me?” he sniffs, head lowered.

You shrug, “I don’t mean to be, but if it makes you stop this erratic behaviour, I’d be smarter than you for the rest of this five year mission.” You promise, noticing a small smile taking over the face of Leonard McCoy.

“Erratic? Don’t you mean grumpy?” he smirks, and glancing down to his hand, his fingers loosen around the small plain wedding band. “I’ve spent enough time crying over Pam. She isn’t coming back, nor I … I’m going to throw this thing away.”

“Sir -,”

Leonard McCoy raises a brow. “I thought you psychologists recommended throwing away traumatic pieces of people’s history and whatnot,” he challenges, and crossing the room, makes it to the garbage chute where all the dirtied gauze and used casts are cast. “I won’t waste any more time on her.”

Simon isn’t his morose self when Tuesday comes around. At the lunch table, he’s quiet, and eyes wide and the notebook he carries to keep track of the bet on Dr. McCoy is wide open. “You guys won’t believe what I just saw,” he gushes, like a manic maniac hopped up on too much laughing gas. “I just saw the CMO laughing.”

Anders shakes her head. “Uh-uh. No way. McCoy doesn’t laugh, Simon.”

He shakes his head. “Yeah, he does! And he hasn’t been frowning since Friday, and that’s almost five days of him being completely out of his mind and probably on the verge of a breakdown -,”

Martinez places a hand on Simon’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’s probably temporary.”

You look down at your plate.

“Anders, ask ________ if she knows something,” Martinez raises a brow. “She’s looking really suspicious.”

“_________?” Anders’ practically sings.

“I may or may not have cured the chief medical officer from his blues,” you admit. “But he’s human, and prone to emotions and things, so I’m not completely to blame. It’s confidential, actually, so, I would prefer it if you all don’t pry.”

Anders beams. “Confidential is basically code for horizontal -,”

Simon shakes his head, “No, they wouldn’t have. She’s more of a -,” 

Just Fun- Part Three

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(Not my gif)
Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader
Word Count: 1,203
Warnings: Swearing, angst as far as the eye can see
A/N: Third and final part! I’ve really enjoyed writing this. Feel free to leave some feedback and don’t forget to follow me for more fics!

Part One is HERE

Part Two is HERE

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Mr. Slick and Dr. Alma’s grandkids

((From Mia and Dara))

Henry [Nebulian/ Strawberry Frootie hybrid]

Dorothy [Nebulian/ Strawberry Frootie hybrid]

Andy [Nebulian/ Strawberry Frootie hybrid. Agender]

Gemma [Female Lunarian]

Neva [female Frostiloid] [Wears special device to keep constant body temperature to stop from melting.]

((From Ben and Cato))

Ciel [Nebulanian/ Dinomal Hybrid]

Celine [Nebulanian/ Dinomal Hybrid]

Shannon [Simizoid. Agender]





sal-si-puedes  asked:

For the fanfic trope meme: doctors AU?

Ooh, good one!

How likely am I to write it?

Hmm, probably not very if I’m being honest. I lean more towards cop shows than medical ones (although I watched ‘E.R.’ and a British show called ‘Casualty’ fairly regularly back in the day), and while I might watch the odd episode of something like ‘Chicago Hope’ here and there or something, the medical world isn’t top of my list for AUs I’d like to explore in my writing. I would read other people’s, though, especially if I knew and enjoyed the author’s previous work or if the summary sounded like something I’d like or if it was recced to me.

What character(s) or pairing would I most likely write it for?

My mind immediately went to two pairings I’ve written in the past. First, and possibly most predictably, Johnlock (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson). Predictable because John is already a doctor so we automatically have a way into the story. And of course one can’t help but think Sherlock would make for a fabulous fantastically arrogant surgeon who’s the best at what he does, but whose tongue is just as sharp as his scalpel. There’s also scope for a Doctor Strange crossover! (Although in general I’m not a huge fan of crossovers.)

My other first thought (if you can have more than one first thought, lol!) was Marvey. Because, much like Sherlock, I can imagine Harvey making for an incredibly arrogant surgeon, albeit one who’s much more of a playboy with a very persuasive bedside manner! Mike, naturally, would be the cocky new intern, all mouth but with a heart of gold, absolutely 100% dedicated to his patients. And he and Harvey would clash, of course.

“You gotta learn not to get emotionally attached, kid.’

“Jesus, Harvey, why the hell did you become a doctor in the first place if you claim not to care about your patients so much?? If money and power were all you wanted you could’ve just went to work on Wall Street with the rest of the douchebags!”

“What did you just say to me?? Let me explain something to you, Doogie Howser. John Q. Public comes through those doors? He’s not interested in who’s best at holding his hand and wiping his fevered brow and whispering soft, soothing platitudes to him. No. He wants the guy who’s the best at what he does. The guy who gets in, gets the job done, and gets out. He wants the genius, not the Florence Nightingale. Even if that genius is an asshole. He doesn’t care about that. He wants the asshole! Because he knows the asshole is the only one with the balls to take the risks others won’t. The one with the balls to try that risky new procedure or that incredibly delicate operation. The one who can pull off miracles because he’s just that good. I’m just that good, Mike. I’m the difference between life and death for these schlubs. I hold people’s lives in my hands on a daily basis, hotshot. There’s no greater power than that.”

“Oh my God, you fucking dick! These are real people! With real lives and feelings and families and people who love them! Not pawns to be sacrificed to your massive ego! Not playthings you can manipulate to satisfy your need to play fucking God! You need some serious fucking help, my friend. Physician, heal thyself. Go see a fucking shrink before you kill someone with your God complex!”

And then Harvey pushes him up against a wall and they have an incredibly hot make-out session which leads to some incredibly hot hate sex which leads to a series of less angry, but still hot as fuck, sexual encounters which slowly become more and more loving over time, and, oh fuck, Harvey’s in danger of falling for this kid.

And then of course Harvey does actually lose a patient, one that he thinks he should’ve been able to save, and he spirals into guilt and depression and loses faith in himself and his abilities. But Mike’s there to help him through it. To help him accept he’s only human, just like the rest of us, and he’s slowly helping him rebuild his self-confidence, but Harvey still hasn’t been able to step back into an operating theatre. And then something happens…

Someone is hurt or taken seriously ill (maybe it’s Mike, maybe it’s not, I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet) and Harvey is the only one qualified to help, but he doesn’t know if he can do it. But there’s no one else there who can help and if he just stands by and does nothing he’ll definitely lose them.

So he steps up to the plate, all the while thinking of this kid with the mouth and the attitude and the bluest eyes he’s ever seen, who looks better in scrubs than anyone has a right too, and who has the biggest heart Harvey has ever encountered, and, yes, I’ve just decided that Mike is the patient and Harvey is about to see that actual heart for himself when he has to open the kid up to operate on him. Because Mike (stupid, soft, beautiful Mike) caught some junkie he’s been trying to help attempting to steal drugs and the junkie (let’s just call him, oh, I don’t know, just off the top of my head, Goddamn Trevor 😡) stabbed him for his bother, nicking his heart, and now it’s up to Harvey to save him.

To save the man he’s fallen hopelessly in love with somewhere along the way. The man who showed him what being a doctor, about helping and healing others, is all about. The man who helped him reconnect to his own humanity. And who he’s damned if he’s gonna lose now!

“Scrub in, Nurse Lois, because it’s about to get Litt up in here!”

Naturally the operation is a success. But some of the other hospital staff still have a bone to pick with Harvey…

“While I’m thrilled that you’ve finally embraced my catchphrase, Harvey, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Nurse Lois?!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Lois. Would you prefer it if I called you Nurse Jackie or Carol Hathaway instead?”

“Goddamn it, Harvey! I think I preferred you when you realised were fallible, just like the rest of us, and you couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and you looked like shit and didn’t think you were the shit!”

"Sorry, Lois, that’s guy gone, and he’s never coming back if I have a say in the matter. And you know I never look like shit. I rock the grunge look. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a patient under the influence of some serious anaesthetic I have to go propose to before he comes to his senses and realises what he’s agreeing to.”

And, okay, so maybe I do have a medical AU in me after all!😂

I’ve also now just thought of a third possible pairing for this trope. I don’t think anyone’s ever done a James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis (from the British detective drama ‘Lewis’) doctor AU (that I’m aware of), and I think that could work.

Only it would be the reverse of the Marvey one. James is the new, young surgeon, recently recruited by the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, and marked for great things by the hospital administration. He cares deeply about his patients, but is intensely private and sensitive, with a mysterious, troubled past, so he has walls and he often comes across as cold and distant. It doesn’t help that his talent, especially in one so young, causes many of his colleagues to resent him. All this leads to him feeling rather isolated and questioning his career choices.

Until the grumpy, compassionate Dr. Robbie Lewis returns to the John Radcliffe after a two year sabbatical with Doctors Without Borders that he embarked upon following the death of his wife, that is.

The hospital administration, in particular Jean Innocent, the woman tasked with overseeing the everyday running of the hospital, would like him to take up a teaching position, but Robbie still feels he has more to offer in a hands-on role. He resists, and he and James find unlikely allies in each other, sharing a sense of humour and a healthy cynicism, but still with the desire to make the world a better place.

James, a formerly devout Catholic (who seriously considered being a priest for a while) has struggled to accept his bisexuality in the past, but he can no longer deny it as he finds himself falling for this kind, if somewhat gruff, older man. But he doesn’t know if the seemingly heterosexual Robbie would be receptive to the attentions of another man, plus he has a rival for Robbie’s affections in the shape of hospital pathologist, Dr. Laura Robson. Could Robbie surprise him by showing him that you can teach an old dog new tricks or will James end up licking his wounds?

Ooh, I like that! What do you think, @rolodexthoughts? Do you know of any Hathaway/Lewis doctors AU fics that I might’ve missed? And seriously, I’m just gonna start calling them Lathaway or Hewis because Hathaway/Lewis is such a mouthful (cue gratuitous ‘that’s what she said!’ reference!)

And damn you/bless you, @sal-si-puedes, now I suddenly have ideas for an AU I didn’t even think I’d any interest in writing when I started this post!😂

(Sorry, this got rather longer than expected. Sometimes my brain just gets carried away with itself and all these rambling thoughts pour out. Hope I didn’t bore you too much, and actually gave you some kind of coherent answer to your ask.)

Thanks for the ask. Love, Dee.😘😘😘

anonymous asked:

Hi! Umm this might sound weird, but I just want to know your opinions of Alec? What do you think.of him? What according to you are his strengths and weaknesses? And just your ramblings(?) about him. Thanks x

it isn’t weird! i don’t talk about alec as much just bc most of the q’s i get are about magnus but i love alec !!! in many ways, i identify with him more than i do with magnus bc alec has a similar conflict of growing up in a conservative family/society but also at the same time being exposed to a more liberal world that he isn’t sure he’s allowed to be a part of without bringing shame to his parents. like he lives in new york, he must’ve noticed an increase in open same-sex couples, seen the pride parade, etc, but he’s stuck behind glass. he can see it, but it isn’t in reach for him and that’s a painful experience.

which is why alec discovering his parents were part of the circle is so important for his character. he spent so long hiding himself, and then it turns out his parents had already ruined it long ago and he’s like ??? i gave up everything for nothing ??? this is why jace and isabelle handle it better. the lie must’ve hurt them, too, but for alec, it goes much deeper than being lied to; it’s about how much he’s sacrificed his entire life only to learn it amounted to nothing. it’s no surprise he had a massive meltdown over it.

anyway, like all of the characters – and like people in general tbh – i think his strengths are at once his weaknesses. alec is super focused and determined which is great but he also gets massive tunnel vision as a result, and getting him to change is like trying to tip over an angry bull. he’s also highly selfess/self-sacrificing, but there’s a point where he takes it too far and then he’s just setting himself on fire and everyone is like “alec this is no longer helpful whatsoever” but there he is all “this is fiNE ARE YOU WARM YET I CAN ADD MORE FIRE” as his face melts off. alec pls.

i hope season 2 will be a journey of him slowly reinforcing his self-worth until he really believes it. magnus is a good partner for him bc magnus doesn’t need him. i mean, yes magnus cares, but it isn’t in the way his family needs him or the mundanes need him. magnus wants him, which is a distinction i feel is important for alec. in alec’s mind, magnus saw alec doing nothing special, just being usual grumpy un-fun self in a corner behind the Angelic Jace Wayland, and still magnus went yes that one i want that one.

this is why jokes aside, i don’t believe alec was clueless to the flirting; to me, his bafflement wasn’t about whether magnus was flirting or not, it was about him not understanding why anyone, never mind someone like magnus, would ever bother. but magnus did bother, he chased him all the way to the aisle. eventually alec is going to start to think, you know, there’s a reason an amazing person like magnus is dating me?? it’s been 3 weeks now….3 months….a year….? maybe i’m actually a dateable loveable person? maybe i am important?? these are feelings everyone deserves to have.

tl;dr i love my grumpy tol son and i hope he gets to be happy

My Thoughts on Once Upon a Time’s Final Battle

I would just like to say that this show rarely delivers on its promises, but the past couple of episodes have been good, and I’m excited for the musical episode, so if the “Final Battle” is anything less than epic, I will RIOT.

I have stuck with this show for six seasons. And not all of them perfect, tbh.

On the other hand, I stuck with Buffy the Vampire Slayer for seven seasons. (And that was much better television, by the way.)

Now, Once Upon a Time is beyond redemption at this point. But if it delivers an epic “Final Battle”, that will be a good way to end things (or, if you’re ABC and you want to milk this show until there is no life left in it, a good way to set up Season 7).

So what does it need to make the “Final Battle” epic? Well, I’m basing it off one of the best examples in television history:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7, Episode 22 “Chosen”

Warning: spoilers for Buffy Season 7 + 1 violent image

1. Location. Buffy did a great job of setting the final battle in a meaningful place, the place where the adventures of the Scooby Gang began: Sunnydale’s high school. Because we had lived as an audience in that school for so long, it was heartbreaking to finally come full circle.

Once Upon a Time doesn’t have any specific place, so the best location would be all over town, instead of just grouping the main cast and a few extras in the street to confront the villain. It would be so epic to see people fighting at Granny’s and in the clock tower and the Charmings’ apartment and the town square all at once!

2. A Main Character Using Magic to Help the Heroes After a season of struggling with guilt over her girlfriend Tara’s death and also not making the best decisions (specifically: dating Kennedy as a rebound), Willow fully embraced light magic again, helping potential Slayers all around the world realize their strength and empower them. She was also a badass at doing it, and kind of saved everything.

This is going to be Regina. I mean, it has to be. This is the perfect completion of her story arc from the beginning of the pilot. Also, I could spend hours watching Lana Parrilla using magic…

3. Sacrifice The Buffy body count wasn’t too high, but the characters were significant. Amanda, the potential Slayer who was tough and fierce and should have survived. And yeah, Spike was a huge deal (I could never like him after Season 6). But for many of us, the huge blow was Anya Jenkins, aka vengeance demon aka one of the greatest characters in television. She was finally fighting for humans (coming a long way from Season 3 when she left town to avoid fighting), and then this happened:

And then they were all leaving and Xander was calling for her…it’s too much

The point is, this is a final battle, so OUAT better be ready to sacrifice some cast members. I think Snow and Charming would be too cruel, but let’s be honest - are we really going to care if Zelena survives the finale? I mean, I love Rebecca Mader but she’s wasted on this show, and it’s time for the character’s story to finish. If not, there are plenty of secondary characters who have no relevance (and their actors are on different shows so it makes sense) to kill off: Granny, the dwarves, Dr. Whale, Tinker Bell, August, Archie, Aurora and Philip, the Blue Fairy.

Look, the point is, this has to be a spectacular final battle if it’s going to do a good job of ending the show (or “ending this chapter and setting up the new one”), and it should be so emotional that we’re all sobbing by the end.

But looking back at what we’ve been promised and what we’ve actually received, I have a feeling we’re going to be more like:


Pavel Chekov x Reader

Fandom: Star Trek AOS

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 901 words

Prompt: could you write an imagine with playboy Chekov? by a lovely anon

Warnings: None

There are a lot of things that surprised you. The way Dr. McCoy acts all grumpy and annoyed, but is actually the biggest mother hen of the crew surprised you. Noticing Spock just barely smiling, when he thinks no one is looking at him, surprised you.
But the thing that surprised you the most was, that the sweet innocent looking navigator was a real playboy. Pavel uses the cheesiest pick up lines, but somehow they work for him. He just needs to look at someone with his ridiculously bright eyes and he got them wrapped around his little finger.

You were quite relieved that you weren’t one of his targets, since you liked him and didn’t want to be just another person he drops like a hot potato, once he had enough.

Until today.

You were just working on something you need to translate for your superior Uhura, when you noticed a shadow behind you. Thinking that it was just someone who wanted to talk to your colleague, you ignored it, when you heard the person clearing their throat.  

“Excuse me, Miss. I just wanted to tell you, zat you look extremely beautiful today. Ewen more than you usually do, which I zought would be impossible,” he said confidently, while leaning against the console right next to you effortlessly.

You could feel your cheeks getting warm as you just stare at him, not believing what was happening. But he didn’t give you any time to reply, and it would have taken you a lot of time to find an answer that wasn’t stuttered.

“See you later, [Y/N]”, he spoke again, smiling at you, before leaving you alone to your thoughts again. Did he really just flirt with you? That couldn’t be possible. For 2 years you thought he didn’t even knew you exist and now, he seemed to be interested in you.

No! You have to stop thinking like this. You know that this is how he gets all those people to swoon like teenagers and you won’t be part of it!

So you ignored each and every of his compliments and there were a lot of them. It hurt like hell knowing that he is only playing with your heart, but you were too proud to show it.

After a whole week of him trying to woo you, you had enough. And by enough, I mean you snapped at him, telling him to leave you alone. You are worth more than someone whose only aim it is to leave you once he gets bored.

What you didn’t expect were the disappointed looks you got from the rest of the crew. You didn’t do anything wrong! They should look at him like that and not at you, but instead they look at him encouraging. “I never considered you to be a heartbreaker, [Y/N],” Uhura told you, before returning to her work.

Did she mean that Pavel does have feelings for you? That you weren’t some kind of toy for him? That couldn’t be possible. Everybody knows that he is a playboy!

But Nyota knew him like barely anyone else and if she tells you, that you broke his heart… then it had to be true! You broke the heart of the person you had feelings for, since you saw him the first time.

Looking around you noticed that he wasn’t here anymore, but you need to apologize. Need to tell him that you feel the same.

“Miss Uhura, may I take a break? There is something that I can’t respite anymore,” you asked, while trying not to look so in a hurry.

“Of course, take off for today. I’ll order someone else here to finish you work,” she replied, chuckling slightly, that caused you cheeks to get hot, before she added, “Oh and [Y/N] Chekov is in the observatory room…if you are looking for him”, with a smug face.

With a nod, you excused yourself, walking slowly to the lift. But as soon as you reached the right level, you ran towards the observatory room, apologizing to everyone on your way, not stopping until you entered the room.

Immediately you felt his gaze on you. This wasn’t the right time to be shy. Right now you need to be as brave as you can be.

“Chekov, we need to talk. Right now,” you started, standing in front of him. He looked hurt and confused. Clearly not knowing what you want from him after you told him to leave you alone.

“Pavel, you need to be honest with me. Do you truly have feelings for me, that go beyond friendship?”, you asked boldly.

“I-… Yes, I do. But I get it. You don’t feel the same way and zat’s okay. We still can be friends”, he answered, his cheeks slightly pink as he looked at his feet. To say that he looked adorable was an understatement.

“No we can’t be just be friends Pavel”, you stated. He looked hurt, but not like he would start to argue.

“But we can be something more… if you want. How about we talk about it over lunch? I’m starving”, you added, as you watched his expression changing from hurt to delighted.

“Of course! Let’s get you something to eat and then we’ll talk about our first date and future relationship” he said brightly, as he linked your arms, before taking you to the mess hall.

Turkeys now taking over the neighborhood at 6am.

Thanks, neighbor that leaves bread for them. Do she come out at 6am to feed or shoo-off these fowl? Nope. Now the birds come looking for food.

Cute until I heard the story of a friend that lives on the other side of the parkway: a turkey broke through her window in her lower bedroom, got into her house, and went wild. Caused a lot of damage inside. These things are actually strong, and very trouble making!

Wow, just call me Dr. Grumpy I guess.

Imagine Harrison Wells and Cisco arguing over Big Belly Burger

Words: 334

Note: The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner.

You are heading to Harrison’s lab and being extremely excited about the first dinner date with Harrison. By walking through the corridors, you hear the arguing sound, which comes from the lab, and then you hear Y/N.

“There is no way Y/N will like it.” Your heart skip a beat, did Cisco just mention you in their argument?

You then decide to slow down your pace and carefully not showing your appearance in front of them but overhear what they are arguing about.

“How do you even know? You are not Y/N.” Here comes Harrison’s sound, he seems a little mad about their conversation.

“Well,” Cisco rolls his eyes over Harrison, “because no girls on earth like their first dinner date being take place in Big Belly Burger!”

“What is the problem with Big Belly Burger? They have double size beef and even three layers of chesses!”

“Okay,” Cisco takes a deep breath, “it’s not about the food itself, but the surrounding feeling.”

Harrison frowns with a confusing look and Cisco sighs, “Girls love romantic stuff, like candles, flowers… So please take Y/N to a nice restaurant for your first date. Trust me, the idea of going to Big Belly Burger tonight will kill everything. I am not expecting a grumpy Dr. Wells tomorrow morning.”

Harrison still confusing but tries to take what Cisco just said, “So… a nice restaurant will work?”

Cisco shakes his head with a poor look on his face, “Oh man… you actually know nothing about girls do you?”

Harrison glares at Cisco and at the same time you can’t help but giggle and step out of shadow.

Both men are shocked at your sudden appearance.

“So… you heard everything?” Cisco asks with embarrassment.

“Yep,” you laugh and give Harrison a big smile, “Big Belly Burger sounds wonderful, Dr. Wells.”

Harrison rises his eyebrow with a victory look towards Cisco.

After the two of you leave the lab, Cisco shakes his head once again and mumbles, “What a weird couple…”