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Pavel Chekov x Reader

Fandom: Star Trek AOS

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 901 words

Prompt: could you write an imagine with playboy Chekov? by a lovely anon

Warnings: None

There are a lot of things that surprised you. The way Dr. McCoy acts all grumpy and annoyed, but is actually the biggest mother hen of the crew surprised you. Noticing Spock just barely smiling, when he thinks no one is looking at him, surprised you.
But the thing that surprised you the most was, that the sweet innocent looking navigator was a real playboy. Pavel uses the cheesiest pick up lines, but somehow they work for him. He just needs to look at someone with his ridiculously bright eyes and he got them wrapped around his little finger.

You were quite relieved that you weren’t one of his targets, since you liked him and didn’t want to be just another person he drops like a hot potato, once he had enough.

Until today.

You were just working on something you need to translate for your superior Uhura, when you noticed a shadow behind you. Thinking that it was just someone who wanted to talk to your colleague, you ignored it, when you heard the person clearing their throat.  

“Excuse me, Miss. I just wanted to tell you, zat you look extremely beautiful today. Ewen more than you usually do, which I zought would be impossible,” he said confidently, while leaning against the console right next to you effortlessly.

You could feel your cheeks getting warm as you just stare at him, not believing what was happening. But he didn’t give you any time to reply, and it would have taken you a lot of time to find an answer that wasn’t stuttered.

“See you later, [Y/N]”, he spoke again, smiling at you, before leaving you alone to your thoughts again. Did he really just flirt with you? That couldn’t be possible. For 2 years you thought he didn’t even knew you exist and now, he seemed to be interested in you.

No! You have to stop thinking like this. You know that this is how he gets all those people to swoon like teenagers and you won’t be part of it!

So you ignored each and every of his compliments and there were a lot of them. It hurt like hell knowing that he is only playing with your heart, but you were too proud to show it.

After a whole week of him trying to woo you, you had enough. And by enough, I mean you snapped at him, telling him to leave you alone. You are worth more than someone whose only aim it is to leave you once he gets bored.

What you didn’t expect were the disappointed looks you got from the rest of the crew. You didn’t do anything wrong! They should look at him like that and not at you, but instead they look at him encouraging. “I never considered you to be a heartbreaker, [Y/N],” Uhura told you, before returning to her work.

Did she mean that Pavel does have feelings for you? That you weren’t some kind of toy for him? That couldn’t be possible. Everybody knows that he is a playboy!

But Nyota knew him like barely anyone else and if she tells you, that you broke his heart… then it had to be true! You broke the heart of the person you had feelings for, since you saw him the first time.

Looking around you noticed that he wasn’t here anymore, but you need to apologize. Need to tell him that you feel the same.

“Miss Uhura, may I take a break? There is something that I can’t respite anymore,” you asked, while trying not to look so in a hurry.

“Of course, take off for today. I’ll order someone else here to finish you work,” she replied, chuckling slightly, that caused you cheeks to get hot, before she added, “Oh and [Y/N] Chekov is in the observatory room…if you are looking for him”, with a smug face.

With a nod, you excused yourself, walking slowly to the lift. But as soon as you reached the right level, you ran towards the observatory room, apologizing to everyone on your way, not stopping until you entered the room.

Immediately you felt his gaze on you. This wasn’t the right time to be shy. Right now you need to be as brave as you can be.

“Chekov, we need to talk. Right now,” you started, standing in front of him. He looked hurt and confused. Clearly not knowing what you want from him after you told him to leave you alone.

“Pavel, you need to be honest with me. Do you truly have feelings for me, that go beyond friendship?”, you asked boldly.

“I-… Yes, I do. But I get it. You don’t feel the same way and zat’s okay. We still can be friends”, he answered, his cheeks slightly pink as he looked at his feet. To say that he looked adorable was an understatement.

“No we can’t be just be friends Pavel”, you stated. He looked hurt, but not like he would start to argue.

“But we can be something more… if you want. How about we talk about it over lunch? I’m starving”, you added, as you watched his expression changing from hurt to delighted.

“Of course! Let’s get you something to eat and then we’ll talk about our first date and future relationship” he said brightly, as he linked your arms, before taking you to the mess hall.

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     Above the resonance of discordant wails, Jonathan surveys the hinges and framing leading to the office. He’ll favor her reverently of a mirthless smile, fleeting. What is of greater importance ascends to priority. 

     You’re going to fix my door, right?