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RWBY - A Very Grimm Theory

Okay.  It is safe to say that the Grimm in Volume 4 have brought with them a whole new level of scary/cool.  First we have the Beringel, which took Ruby an entire trailer to defeat.  Then we got the Geist, which can possess inanimate objects and make themselves into basically anything.  Then we had the Sea Dragon, with its awesome wings and lightning breath, then the Seer, whose only way of communicating is with a sound like dead wood chimes, and then we have this thing:

Up until this point, I believed that Grimm were inspired from either some kind of animal or ghost-thing.  My mind was completely blown when I saw this creature appear.

Seriously, what the hell is that?!

But then, thanks to a post from @violet-kingdom, I found out what this thing could possibly be based off of, and that is a Nuckelavee.  So thanks for that!

However, it still doesn’t explain how this creature even came to be.  So, like all the other times I see something I don’t understand, I made a theory.

The entirety of Volume 4 began with the creation of a Grimm.

I think this is meant to say something along the lines of “Since the CCT’s down, Vale is in shambles, and negative emotions like anxiety and worry are spreading like wildfire, the are more Grimm and they’re even fiercer than before.”  That’s what people took it for at a first glance.

But I think there’s another message here: “Look closely.  This is how Grimm are made.”

Like, they come out of pools in Salem’s realm, which tie her to the Grimm even more.  She’s literally the mother of all Grimm.  They’re like her soldiers, her eyes, all with some kind of connection to her.  But this what I decided to focus on.  They’re pools.  

Doesn’t that mean they’ll work both ways?

Think about it.  How would something like a Geist–or a Nuckelavee, for that matter, ever become an idea?  Both looked pretty rare, as the most powerful Grimm we saw in the battle of Beacon was a dragon (and we saw another dragon fight Sun and Blake, so they must not be as rare as everyone thinks).

Now that that idea’s in your head, let me bring another in: 

There used to be six members of Salem’s inner circle.  You can tell because there are six chairs (minus the one at the head for Salem) and only four of them are filled.  

Emerald and Mercury stay by Cinder’s side, almost as if they don’t have the right to sit at the table.  This makes me think that the chairs don’t belong to Roman and Neo, because they were part of Cinder’s posse as well.  Which meant that there used to be two other people that Salem trusted.  My guess is that they disobeyed or failed her and were killed.

Or were they?

See, the thing about pools is that things don’t just come out of them…you could throw something in, too.  And I wonder what would happen if you threw a corpse in there…or a live hunter and his horse?

Wouldn’t that explain the Geist at the beginning and the Nuckelavee now?  The person who became the Nuckelavee betrayed Salem long ago, long enough for them to go out and destroy Ren’s village.  The Geist was one that had betrayed her not too long ago, and was actually killed before being tossed into a pool (that’s the only way I could see Salem getting a ghostlike Grimm from a human).

There are several hints about this throughout the interactions between Team WTCH and Tyrian’s words when fighting Qrow:

Watts says he’s not particularly fond of failure.  Why use the word ‘particular’?  The sentence would have meant the same without it…unless he’s seen the punishment firsthand.

Cinder insisted that she killed Ozpin when we all know that’s not quite true.  Was she afraid of what would happen to her if she said no?

And Tyrian, specifically when he was talking with Qrow said “One does not upset the queen.”  Sure, he was being respectful of her, but I think he was also saying that as a warning.  “Don’t upset her…you’ll get a fate worse than death” is the vibe I got from that (but in a giddy way; something tells me he enjoyed seeing those two get turned into Grimm).  Tyrian’s behavior after he was crippled by Ruby was literally shock -> pain -> anger -> terror.  Because he really doesn’t want what happened to the other two to happen to him.

Well, there’s my theory!  What do you think?


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Raith, one of the newest mirror Flesh-Weavers, snuggles with Grimm for his tundra fluff. WHO CAN ARGUE WITH TUNDRA FLUFF???
Story behind Raith is when she was a young mirror, she started to become infested with the Wasteland’s contagion. This was a devastating discovery since the majority of Flesh-Weaver dragons are immune to infection. Doctor Grimm took in the mirror by Omen’s request; agitated as always that his own work is disturbed he went along with the treatment. During the treatment Raith has become extremely attached to Grimm and he didn’t seem to mind. The treatment to eliminate the contagion was an extinguishing success, but of course the cost of their resourced. Instead of Raith returning to her life, she become EXTREMELY indebted to Omen and his clan. To avoid harsh treatment and slavery until they replenish their resources from Omen, Grimm requested to take Raith under his wing. Sharing the burden, both of them work hard to restore any lost resources used for her treatment.

Raith sees Doctor Grimm as a father to her, even though they are not connected in family. Grimm is never used to physical interactions in an affectionate ways, but he will make an acceptation with his little girl.

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Warren G ft. Nate Dogg “Regulate” (1994)

Standout single from 1994′s Above The Rim motion picture soundtrack (directed by Jeff Pollack). Both Warren G and Nate Dogg made their first appearance on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic (1992) but made bigger gains when one or both appeared on Snoop’s Doggystyle (1993) and Murder Was The Case… soundtrack, (1994) and with Mista Grimm on “Indosmoke” in the same year. “Regulate” became their biggest boost via Above The Rim where Warren G would take to extremely smooth lyrical lacing while Nate Dogg took to his trademark singing through intros, bridges, and choruses. Though most fans will always trace Nate Dogg and their best moments of their lives back to “Regulate” thanks to him, he’ll always also be linked to 213, his solo works, collaborations, and the G-Funk movement that both he and Warren G helped pioneer.

Nate Dogg passed away on this date in 2011 due to complications from multiple strokes. Rest in peace.

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He sighed, as his life was going downhill fast. He got laid off, he lost his apartment, and now he was homeless. All that within a few months. He tried to hide how it was getting to him, resulting in sleepless nights. As usual, he had kept his head down as he walked along the sidewalk, causing him to bump into someone. “Sorry.”

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