dr goodsir


“…he, Dr. Harry D. S. Goodsir, had decided that he would not turn cannibal to survive, nor help those who found need to. His dissection instructions at the previous day’s muster assembly were his last words on the subject. Yet he would also never cast judgement on the men here at Rescue Camp or on the expedition south who did end up eating human flesh to last a short while longer. If any man on the Franklin Expedition understood that the human body was a mere animal vessel for the soul – and only so much meat once that soul had departed – it was their surviving surgeon and anatomist, Dr. Harry Goodsir. Not extending his own life a few weeks or even months longer by partaking of such dead flesh was his own decision, for his own moral and philosophical reasons. He had never been an especially good Christian, but he preferred to die as one nonetheless”


In 1869, the American explorer Charles Francis Hall was taken by local Inuit to a shallow grave on King Edward Island containing well-preserved skeletal remains and fragments of clothing. These remains were repatriated and interred beneath the Franklin Memorial at Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, London. The remains were thought to be those of an officer due to the remnants of a silk vest in which the body had been clothed and a gold tooth filling. After examination of the remains by the eminent biologist Thomas Henry Huxley, the Admiralty concluded that the remains were those of Henry Le Vesconte, a lieutenant on HMS Erebus. A subsequent examination in 2009 of the “well-preserved and fairly complete skeleton of a young adult male of European ancestry” included a facial reconstruction that showed “excellence of fit” with the face of Harry Goodsir, as portrayed in his 1845 Daguerrotype. Strontium and oxygen isotope data from tooth enamel were consistent with an upbringing in eastern Scotland but not with Lt. Le Vesconte’s upbringing in southwest England.


okay I just finished watching the terror and i’m so overwhelmed ! I just couldnt resist drawing a quick fanart in the middle of the night
doctor cinnamon roll offering everyone cinnamon rolls (he is the most delicious of them all anyway >:3)
goodsir was my all time fave back when I was reading a book two years ago so seeing him so beautifully portrayed and developed in the series made me incredibly happy !! also this is a way of self comforting after the ending
aaand the ultimate bitch cause I can’t help thinking about this meme every time I see his sly face (has someone already done this ?)

Goodsir’s Five Most Savage Moments:

5. Asking “has that ever worked with anyone?” when Hickey flatters him to get information.

4. When teased, “has anyone ever invited you to a wedding, Dr. Stanley?”

3. When he mocked Hickey’s lower class accent and upbringing, even bringing up his “mam.”

2. The bitter way he said “good!” when told to cut open Irving’s stomach.

1. And of course, that time he smeared himself with poison and ingested it in order to inconvenience some cannibals.