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I need to film a video.... what should it be about

About DR’s new gf. Create some scandal bro.

Im surprised nobody has yet! Where are the trolls when you need them haha.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Pines and Mr. Cipher (Gravity Falls AU)

So, I am sure none of you have read the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because no one reads classics anymore. Rip. This is one of my favourite books ever, so I have made a GF AU on it. It is very Ford, Bill and Fidds focused because I can.

[B]Very briefly:
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Stanford Pines (He has twelve PHDs so it makes sense. Jekyll has like 7 PHDs. 😂)
Mr. Edward Hyde: Bill Cipher (He is basically all that is evil. :P)
Gabriel Utterson/Dr. Hastie Lanyon: Fiddleford McGucket (I feel as if he would fit both roles.)

[B]Onto the story.
Anyway, Dr. Stanford Pines studies the strange and weird. He has been working his whole life to the anomalies of the world. As he comes to a stand still, he decides to work on a concoction to give him a burst of inspiration. He calls upon his friend Fiddleford McGucket to help him with his endeavors.
The two work endlessly to perfect the potion. Fiddleford does not know Stanford intends on testing the finished product on himself.)
As they finish the potion, Fiddleford is excited to see who they will use to test the potion on. Stanford dismisses it and says they will perform the experiment tomorrow. Fiddleford leaves a bit disappointed.
That night Stanford drinks the potion and creates the vile Bill Cipher. They share the same body, but the physical changes are there. The eyes are the most noticeable difference. (And sense of style.) Also, Bill is much smaller than Stanford.
Anyway, this Mr. Cipher goes out on the town doing whatever he wants. Fiddleford eventually bumps into him on the street and notices a familiarity, but Cipher runs off before he can make connections.
As Stanford wakes up as hilself, his right eye is bleeding. He knows what Bill did, but he is unable to control himself.
The next day, Fiddleford is turned away by Stanford. Fiddleford is confused as to what had come over his friend. He dismissed it to sickness.
As the months pass of Fiddleford seeing less and less of his friend, he becomes increasingly worried and starts to investigate the lab secretly. He discovers a diary of both Stanford and Bill. He confronts a sickly, frail and paranoid Stanford, and Stanford is shocked and forces him to leave. That night, Dr. Pines had decided he would not lose himself to the vile Mr. Cipher and decides to take cyanide. As his life leaves him, he dies as Bill Cipher.

If you have read all of that, I love you. If you enjoy it, I love you even more. I may post more of this AU because I am in love. I need to make art for it. Ahhh. I love this way too much. Help.

Anyway, thanks for reading. ;3