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@m1nktank asked if the Meme Squad could be a thing. And I said…


Myself as Alphys and the narrator/human

@recorderdude as Sans and Papyrus

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Demon Politics 101

Last week, I was at the library, and did 5 hours worth of research on Japanese folklore and youkai, because writing. Fast forward to today. First day of class, you’d think I’d be too busy to write fanfiction? Guess what I fucking did. Here’s a snippet of ANOTHER WIP, strike me down.

(Yamato is a Kodama, basically like a dryad. He’s a spirit that inhabits a tree. Sakura is an empath getting a crash course on conflicts. General warning for tree puns and excessive worldbuilding.)

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anonymous asked:

I guess anon is talking about parkdatassjiminie. She seems to be troubled about Taemin x jimin (?) moments at MB. TBH taemin is a long time friend of Jimin, they never hide when they talk together. I also saw some fans freaking out about Seulgi x Jimin but I watched these moments and found nothing meaningful I mean did they already forgot ALL the Ji-Kook moments or what? We'll probably never know so let's enjoy our Ji-Kook moments.

To be quite honest with you, I think, as with everything else, all these taemin/jimin things are being totally blown out of proportion again.

People need to chill. But you know what, I get it. I get why some people are panicking. Meeting backstage in private, whispering to each other on stage–it’s all shiet that people expect Jimin and Jungkook to do yet now he’s doing it with Taemin. I get it buttttttt at the same time, after you chill….I wanna reassure you all a bit. 

The rational way to look at it, Jimin and Taemin are close. Taemin is one of Jimin’s closest friends and he has a friendly way of approaching everyone in a similar way so it comes across like that. 

But even I can look at these through shipper goggles–the way Jimin and Taemin talk and interact is completely different from the way Jimin and Jungkook interact. Yes, I’ve only seen those few photos and such, but evidently those photos were enough to make everyone flip shiet and turn tables so…let me work with them too. They’re just talking for god’s sake. They’re not getting into each other’s space, it’s reserved and casual body language, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with catching up with one another backstage to have some good bantz. 

And yeah, I agree with you. Let’s just enjoy all the moments. (especially jikook cuz im biasssed af) It’s like between all this shipping drama no one is paying attention to how jungkook was close af to jimin the whole time and fyi they still attached by the waist at airports. Also, I saw some chin prodding that everyone ignore and I’m like…ummm guys?! SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THEY BEING SO TOUCHY AND AFFECTIONATE ON STAGE THEY NVR DID THIS BEFFORREEEEE

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Good job guys, you fell for the bait. They made you forget. They successfully distracted you from the surge of jikook of the past weeks *clap*clap*clap* well-played (but I’m still here >:D) 

Big ol' thought dump bout Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein

After watching Dr. Schneeplestein’s behavior in Jacksepticeye’s Power Hour and then immediately watching it in Bio Inc. Redemption #4, I’m seriously starting to believe the theories that Anti has taken over Dr. Schneeplestein. A line that struck me for whatever reason was at around 0:30, when Dr. Schneeplestein says, “Oh, that last guy. He was a sham. He was a travesty. He does not know how to operate.” When he said that, I had to pause the video and think about it because I got really confused. What did he mean that “last guy”? Aren’t they the same person?

Unless they aren’t.

A theory that I agree with (which has been said somewhere around the fandom at some point) is that Anti’s kinda putting on an act, masking himself as an ego and taking them over to fool people, thus making said ego do what he wants. And everyone will just go along with it because they don’t exactly expect it to be Anti.

If this was really Dr. Schneeplestein, wouldn’t he have chosen the life option in the game? Why didn’t he choose to save the patient rather than kill them? Didn’t he say himself that he “does not let anyone die on his ER table”? Meaning he wouldn’t deliberately kill his patient? Why the change?

I feel like the game was a “practice run”, so Anti can test what the doctor is capable of. Then, later on, he’ll know what to do when he wants to do something far worse.

Just a thought dump after watching both videos. I could be totally wrong, but oh well.