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Is there a new Thor video?

yes! the second part of the thor mockumentary marvel studios released last year is a part of the dr. strange bluray extras and they uploaded one minute out of the actual four-minute footage here:

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JUNKO SINGING TO THE DANGAN RONPA THEME?!?! yes, it happens in a drama cd track where they seem to preform on stage at the school festival…She sounds absolutely awesome, So I had to share it!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to tell everyone but it turns out to be Celes instead. but uhm, I’ll just keep this junko picture up. sorry for the confusion! ´q`; Ha, it’s still really awesome though. 


gotta follow kasper to work for that extra $$$

LIBERTY: Dr. Goon, is it true? am i pregnant?!

KASPER: hmm… did you have a big breakfast this morning?

LIBERTY: yes! i can’t stop eating recently! i’ve really been craving sweets…

KASPER: ah-ha! that’s what it is! i’m sure the bloating will go away within a few hours… if it doesn’t though, i’d wait about… 3 more months?


Give me all the disability related KobraCola headcanons
  • Kobra having severe anxiety and touching Cherri’s hair to calm down. Somehow Kobra gets anxiety attacks right when Cherri’s hair dye is drying and Kobra gets his hands all blue
  • FNSD (also known as conversion disorder) Cherri struggling with pseudoparalysis that gets especially bad in his legs. Kobra secretly practices weightlifting so he can carry his boyfriend when his legs won’t work
  • pt. 2: Kobra helping Dr. D fix his extra wheelchair so that Cherri can always be mobile
  • Kobra having some form of autism and being severely anxious when he has to speak. Cherri clumsily tries to teach him sign language so that he doesn’t have to use his voice when it scares him.
  • Cherri’s FNSD acting up to the point where he goes blind temporarily. Kobra waits with him and describes their surroundings in a calming voice until Cherri can see again. The first thing he sees is Kobra’s helmet at the foot of his bed.
  • Cherri reading poems to Kobra when Kobra is dissociating
  • Kobra asking Dr. D about paralysis because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and offend Cherri but also wants to know what Cherri is going through
  • Cherri having sleep paralysis but Kobra not finding out until one night when he can’t sleep he can hear/feel Cherri’s breathing being irregular, like crying. From then on, Kobra sleeps with both arms around Cherri and his head on his chest
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  • fucking
  • boyfriends helping each other with disabilities

You know nothing, John Snow…

Extra Credits has just wrapped up an excellent series on cholera, Dr. John Snow, epidemiology, and life in Victorian England.

I highly recommend you watch it all, including the Epilogue and “Lies” episodes, for bonus fascinating history and current stuff.

Episode 1: You Know Nothing, John Snow!

Episode 2: Epidemiology Begins!

Episode 3: Map of the Blue Death

The Sanitary Movement

England: The Broad Street Pump - “Lies”

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I'm really super sorry if you've been asked this like a 103453 times before but where can I hear more from the drama CD?! where they voiced free time events!!!? where's that shit I need it

Actually I don’t get this question a lot lmfao so don’t worry ;P

Anyway, If you’re looking for the voiced free time events they are all bundled in one track right here! One FTE for each character but the number of it varies from first/second/final/ etc. 

I’m still trying to find the rest of the FTE’s, but they are scattered everywhere @A@ (atleast I managed to get ishimaru’s first FTE) iF SOMEONE COULD POST THEM ALL FOR EACH CHARACTER WITH LINKS I’D BE VERY PLEASED there’s a high demand for Mondo from me cause his VA is damn amusing. especially when he voices a happy mondo omfg :’D)

You can download a rip of the cd that someone uploaded here  But I;m not sure if that file also had the voiced Free time events;; (some tracks didn’t work for me :C) From what I know, these tracks are about the DR cast working on a School Cultural Festival. 

I try to collect all tracks in my dangan ronpa drama cd tag, there’s several translations in there from the School Festival series but nngh not everything UGH i need to organize sometime ( T-T) 

oh and there’s also the dangan ronpa radio tag. I guess that is relevant too.