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Be More Chill Dr.Horrible AU: Everything You Ever

“Jeremy you can’t be serious,” Captain Awesome now stood paralyzed on stage as the terrified crowd watched the two argue. “We can’t just kill a man! We’ve done a lot of bad stuff before but murder?”
“You heard what SQUIP said, this only way we can join the Evil League of Evil. We’ll be famous supervillains and there will be one less asshole in the world. Now give me the death ray!” Jeremy lunged for the death ray, grabbing one end as the two struggled for it.
“Damn it Michael, give me the death ray!”
“It’s not even stable! For all we know this thing could blow up in our faces!”
“All the more reason to use it right now instead of wait for that to happen!”
“That doesn’t make any sense!”
“I know!” Before the argument could go any farther they were interrupted when Captain Awesome jumped off the stage, no longer paralyzed. Punching Michael in the face he took the death ray and pointed it at Jeremy.
“A death ray? Looks like you’re moving up, let’s see if works better than your others.” He pointed the gun at Jeremy who started to panic.
“Please…” His whole life flashed before his eyes and all he could think about was Christine. He’d die with her knowing him as that loser wannabe villain that couldn’t pull the trigger. He closed his eyes until after a few seconds of nothing he opened them to see the Captain shaking the gun.
“Stupid thing doesn’t even-” There was a loud bang as the gun exploded knocking Jeremy to the ground as everyone started running and panicking. In the midst of all this confusion with Captain Awesome running away Jeremy knew this would be the perfect time to get away. Looking for Michael he spotted him a few feet away but the closer Jeremy looked the more he realized there was something off.
“Michael?” Getting closer that’s when he saw it. A piece of shrapnel was sticking out of his side and even through his red hoodie Jeremy could see the blood soaking through. “Oh my God, Michael!” He ran over to his friend’s side.
“Jeremy?” His voice sounded tired and his eyes were barely open
“Shh, Michael don’t move…”
“Hey Jer…I…I need to tell you so…mething…”
“Anything, I’m right here.”
“I’ve actually wanted to tell you this for a while…I love…you…” Michael’s eyes slowly closed when Jeremy realized he was crying.
“Michael? This isn’t funny, M…Michael?!?” Jeremy heard a gasp as he turned around to see Christine.
“Christine, I…” Jeremy find himself at a loss for words. There was nothing he could say before the press started crowding around him.
“Why did you do it?”
“Your own sidekick?”
“Was this all part of your plan?” Through the tears Jeremy couldn’t help but smile a little. He finally did it. He was now the supervillain he always wanted to be, and nothing would stop him.

I saw a post that put Heinz Doofenshmirtz with Stan Pines and Rick Sanchez in the “elderly cartoon con men” category, and while I understand the convenience of the association I must protest that Doof is as pure as the driven snow. There is not a shade of the shyster in his makeup. He is entirely blatant in his desire to take over the Tri-State Area, even generous in his willingness to share the fact with others, as a hobbyist is willing to express his love of the pursuit. He probably corners reluctant listeners on the bus and shows them snapshots of his various -inators, and even if plenty of his schemes ran to the effect of “I will lower the temperature of the area, creating an increased demand for hot chocolate, and thereby gain control of the Tri-State Area by selling it at exorbitant prices,” I somehow doubt that he would have been anything but entirely open about his intentions throughout.

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*Spoilers ahead* Strange question: so in the shootout in the bunker at least like three or four random BMoL guys get shot in the head... are they just going to leave them on the ground? I figure the only reason they are "trapped" in the bunker is because that gives them time to find an exit instead of just shooting them, end credits. It just seems sloppy if they completely ignore the puddles of blood that are probably everywhere.

Dude that whole thing.

Didn’t it all just remind you of this?

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“Why don’t you just kill him?”

“I have an even better idea. I’m going to place him in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death.”

#Fire Bucklemming.