dr evil

anonymous asked:

Hey, Jeff. Dr. Evil is saying your daughters are ugly and discussing their physical appearance. Are you going to slam him the way you did the vegan couple?

Nah, this is just a desperate move by someone who has nothing to contribute to anyone or anything. He was really frantic to get me to make a video about his situation with Durianrider, and I didn’t take that bait either. He fully deserved what he got from Harley – and more, in my opinion.

His communication with me, and he’s written me super long, weird emails a number of times, has been deranged and mentally ill. He fancies himself an intellectual, but I went to Yale and then Stanford where there are a lot of actually intelligent people. None of them talk or act like this unemployed loser. Nearly all of my friends from college run big companies, have successful careers and normal relationships with other people. Dr. Evil is 40, spends his day on Youtube making long rants focused on young girls, and uses big words he doesn’t understand. You don’t have to have an Ivy League education to understand what word best describes this guy: pervert.

It’s a good thing he doesn’t have access to young girls or even his own daughter, given his weird behavior and sick obsessions. He’s got the whole sick Trump mindset that it’s okay to objectify females and talk about their bodies. I think it’s good that his wife and daughter don’t live near him, and I hope he never gets custody.  And thank you, Harley, for speaking out against this guy from the beginning.