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Do you know if Sonic and his friends are characterized differently in English and Japanese?

- The Japanese pronoun that Sonic, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Silver, Vector and Jet use in speech is “Ore”, which is masculine and informal. In Sonic’s case, he uses “Ore” in all of his forms i.e Darkspine, Werehog etc. Jet and Knuckles are a touch more arrogant as they also use “Ore-sama”. Which indicates a large degree of self-reverence.

- The Japanese pronoun that Tails, Shadow, Big, Mephiles and Charmy use is “Boku”. Which is masculine. Lacks the “bluntness”of “Ore”.

- Amy, Wave and Rouge use the pronoun “Atashi”. Which is feminine and casual.

- Dr Eggman uses the pronoun “Washi”. Which is often used by old men.

- Cream, Blaze, Eggman Nega, Princess Elise, Shahra as well as Omega use “Watashi”. Which is gender-neutral and polite.

- Gamma is notable in that he’s the only Sonic character I know of whose pronoun changes. He used “Watashi” before his rebellion, “Boku” after.

- Emerl is unique in that he picks-up the pronouns of the characters who “raise” him. Which lends a sort of dimension to his character growth. Obviously lost in the English translation.

- Whenever Amy get lovey-dovey, JP!Sonic tends to act along the lines of being somewhat weirded-out and “Oh no here we go again” in an exasperated way. There is a huge tonal difference between the JP version of this cutscene and the English one - ENG!Sonic talks to Amy rather contemptuously, asking how she got there, JP!Sonic is not.

- JP!Sonic is sort of a nicknamer. Often refers to people in a casual sort of way. For instance, he calls Knuckles “Nakko” occasionally and refers to King Solomon in SatSR as “Old man”/”Gramps”. Neither of these are present in the English scripts.

- JP!Sonic is a Engrish-speaker. Obviously, ENG!Sonic does not exhibit this quirk.

- JP!Sonic in Colors doesn’t feel anywhere near as Flanderized and “dudebro” as ENG!Colors Sonic.

- One of the traits that Amy finds so appealing about Sonic is his heroic fighting spirit (”Kiai”). To my knowledge, this isn’t mentioned in English scripts or profiles.

…This is what comes to mind at the mo.

This will obviously never happen, but I would love it if there was a section in Forces where you reach Robotnik’s current headquarters, and just outside of it there’s a mocking graveyard dedicated to all the villains who screwed Robotnik over in the past, as a way to flaunt his own victory compared to their tragic failures.

Black Doom
??? - 2005
“Should have lived and learned.”

Mephiles the Dark
1996(?) - 2006
"You can forget the story, but you can never forget THIS loser.”

Dr. Eggman Nega
??? - 2007
“Only good for an alternate skin in the Olympics.”

??? - 2014
“Wasn’t from this continuity, but fuck him anyway.”

Let's calculate the BMI of Sonic and co.

Some characters don’t have official weight so I won’t be calculating the BMI of Amy, Blaze, Rouge, etc.


Sonic/ Shadow/ Silver: 35kg; 100cm; BMI: 35 (overweight)

Tails: 20kg; 80cm; BMI: 31.2 (overweight)

Dr. Eggman/ Eggman Nega: 128kg; 185cm; BMI: 37.4 (overweight)

Knuckles: 40kg; 110cm; BMI:  33.1 (overweight)

Cream: 12kg; 70cm; BMI: 24.5 (normal)

Big: 280kg; 200cm; BMI: 70 (holy shit)

Vector: 200kg; 180cm; BMI: 61.7 (holy shit again)

Charmy: 10kg; 70cm; BMI: 20.4 (normal)

Espio: 36kg; 110cm; BMI: 29.8 (overweight)

E-123 Omega: 1230.512kg; 150cm; BMI: 546.9 (lol robots)

Jet: 33kg; 100cm; BMI: 33 (overweight)

Storm: 80kg; 140cm; BMI: 40.8 (overweight)

E-102 Gamma: 825.256kg; 215cm; BMI: 178.5 (y’know, robots)

Emerl: 14kg; 110cm; BMI: 11.6 (underweight but still, robots)

Metal Sonic: 125.2kg; 100cm; BMI: 125.2 (roboooooooots)

Werehog Sonic: 60kg; 125cm; BMI: 38.4 (overweight)

Chip: 5kg; 45cm; BMI: 24.7 (normal)

Orbot: 30kg; 87cm; BMI: 39.6 (robots)

Cubot: 39kg; 90cm; BMI: 48.1 (robots)

Conclusion: They’re all unhealthy, except Cream, Charmy and Chip, all started with a “C”


originally wanted to see if Espio is underweight cuz he’s only 36kg when Knuckles who’s the same age is 40kg, and Silver seems heavy cuz Sonic/Shadow is older and have the same weight while Jet is still lighter than Silver despite being the same age. Another thing, I noticed powerhouses seem to have a higher BMI, so their height/weight isn’t as random as we thought, well, except Knuckles :’D Also, the moment when you realise Eggman is healthier than Big and Vector…but consider it invalid cuz they’re totally different species.

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Unpopular Sonic Opinions?

  • Sonic himself is not one of my favourite characters in the series.

  • Sonic not knowing when to shut up has been a problem for a long time, not just since 2010.

  • I prefer Robotnik to be a real threat and a total bastard. Not in the one-dimensional sense, I’m not saying he should be a cardboard cutout like the SatAM version. I just like my Eggmen to be ominous whilst retaining their more comical qualities.

  • I have fun with 3D Blast.

  • While I don’t mind Shadow as a character, his backstory was convoluted from the very beginning, and it’s one reason for why I find Adventure 2’s story in general to be overhyped. Subsequently…

  • Adventure 2’s story was one of the biggest catalysts in this franchise’s serious (heh) problems with keeping a balanced tone.

  • And with a few exceptions, I think Adventure 2’s soundtrack is mostly samey and underwhelming, especially when compared to Adventure 1’s varied soundtrack.

  • I like Rush, but I like Rush Adventure more.

  • I don’t think Shiro Maekawa and Ian Flynn are that amazing as Sonic writers.

  • I acknowledge the effort and love put into Unleashed, but there are too many issues and grievances for me to consider it one of the best in the series.

  • With a few exceptions like Misty Lake and Faraway Avalon, Black Knight has some of the dullest settings I’ve ever seen in a Sonic game. It also has one of the most forgettable soundtracks in the series.

  • I like the Deadly Six, and I’d be all for them getting improved rather than being left in the dust.

  • I’d like to see Marine again.

  • Captain Whisker is a better Eggman Nega than Eggman Nega.

  • One of the reasons for why Rouge is one of my favourite characters is because despite first appearances, she’s NOT a total bitch.

  • Rise of Lyric is a bad game, but JUST a bad game. Bland and unremarkable. NOT the next Sonic ‘06 like so many fans and non-fans make it out to be.

  • I prefer AoStH over SatAM. Neither of them are that great, or fitting for the series, but at least it’s easy to have fun taking the piss out of AoStH. SatAM is just a generic 90′s cartoon and nothing but for the most part. (Also, SatAM didn’t give us Long John Baldry.)

  • I think it’s possible for Metal Sonic to have signs of a personality while remaining fiercely devoted to his creator.

  • Neo Metal Sonic’s design is goofy and laughable for what’s supposed to be a “cooler” upgrade for him. Elf shoes? Ripped dress? Starfish head?

  • I don’t mind Elise too much, and I think some of the reasons people use for hating her are silly.

  • Sonic X’s portrayal of Robotnik is my least favourite of the lot.

  • Season 3 of Sonic X was the worst one.

  • I like Erazor Djinn despite otherwise not caring for the game he comes from.

  • Merlina’s betrayal wasn’t really foreshadowed that well.

  • Thunderbolt doesn’t do much for me. Harley Quinn-type characters generally annoy me more often than not.

  • Due to not much happening in the middle of Unleashed’s story, Sonic and Chip’s relationship falls a little flat for me when I’m expected to see them as really close friends by the time they’re in Adabat.

  • I don’t see the Create Your Own Character system in Forces as something that will ruin the franchise more than ever, let alone kill the franchise. Not when the franchise has made far bigger and arguably crazier risks in the past.

  • People really need to chill out about Pontac and Graff. Even for this fandom’s standards, many fans take their contempt for them way too far, and far too often. They also express even more double standards than usual when the subject is about them. (”Enough with the Sonic self-deprecating, LEGO Dimensions! Besides, they should have made fun of a Pontaff game instead!”)
  • Black Doom is one of the best comic relief characters in the franchise.