dr dre spam

HOW TO CURE YOUR TUMBLR [for those getting dumb dr. dre or mcdonald's spam]

So your Tumblr’s been haunted by the ghosts of free Dr Dre headphones and McDonald’s meals, eh? Well. Here’s how to rid your blog of any such nonsense. [Credits to Mariolo for the tip.]

1. On the top right of the magical land that is Tumblr, click your blog name [to the right of Dashboard].

2. Click ‘Blog Settings’ on the right side of the page.

3. Under 'Post by Email’, you’ll see a funny-looking email address [237txtit@tumblr.com, for example]. Click the button which says 'Reset’.

4. A new randomly-generated email address will replace the old one. If you’re paranoid, click the 'Reset’ button a couple more times.

Have fun with your virus-free Tumblr! :)