dr doofenschmirtz





Doofensmirtz: Wait did you hear that cookie part? I think my echo is broken.


Buford: How many jelly beans in the jar.

Baljeet: oo Im really good at solving these kinds of problems.

Phineas: So the base of the jar is pie times radius square

Balfeet: You are measuring the radius in cm? Right?

Phineas: No inches that way the interactions work with pie 22over 7

Baljeet: You do not use pie as 3.14?

Buford: Oh for cryin out loud (eats jelly beans) there zero.

*door opens*

Baljeet: ok technically that is right but you didn’t show your work

Buford: I will in about 20 mins


Candace: I’m double booked, if you count Stacy, I’m triple booked! Oh darn my endlessly giving nature!