dr doge

Doge Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Doges tracklist:
Look Alive, Doge
Doge Doge Doge
Bulletpoot Heart
Pepetary (GO!)
The Only Hope For Me Is Poot
Doge Star And The Pepe Kid/ Traffic Report
Pooty Poison
Save Yourself, I’ll Doge Them Back
The Memes From Yesterday
Goodnight, Dr. Doge
Vampire Memes


Stupid inbred dogs and their stupid owner alert doing stupid inbred adventure things in the stupid backcountry being stupidly unhappy. Gosh, look at how horrible my stupid dogs’ lives are!
Gosh I hate it.
It’s miserable.

Seriously. I love my life. This post cheered me up. Hope it cheers you peeps up!