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a friend who i’m very tactile with introduced me to her dog and he just!!! loved me instantly!!!!!! like literally it was like he’d known me his entire life. also, two weeks ago she came over for the first time and my dog had the same reaction to her. we discussed this and concluded her dog is probably used to my scent and vice-versa since we hug pretty much 50% of the time when we hang out

ANYWAY THIS GOT ME THINKING. maccachin’s reaction to meeting yuri is the Cutest, but like, it’s not common? not even for such a soft dog like macca? i’d understand a tail wig and whatnot but she litERALLY TACKLED&KISSED YURI’S FACE ALL OVER LIKE SHE WAS MEETING AN OLD FRIEND

and i’m just here like. um. what if maccachin had such a reaction because… she already knew yuri, in a sense? 

enters the banquet. if i’m sure of one thing, it’s that the Katsuki Fragrance™ got all over victor that night

so, what if victor came home from sochi and refused to wash his banquet clothes? what if he’d sleep with his nose buried in his jacket, because it still smelled faintly of yuri? what if maccachin noticed this, and realized whoever that scent belongs to, they are the one victor craves for? what if maccachin tackling yuri wasn’t just a “hello, i like you” thing and more of a “hello, i like your Musk™, and my dad does too. this makes you my new Other Dad. Dad #2, if you will” thing

TL;DR did u kno doges’ sense of smell is the bomb

a short announcement regarding the linguistics of a meme.

So I know that “I lik the bred” is a great meme and we all love the purposeful misspellings. But I would personally like to clear up something that really.

Really bothers me.

The misspellings in “My Name is Cow” and its sister poems are NOT “hello hooman lol” meme speech. They aren’t ripped from a Doge meme or plastered from some other “bork bork” meme. They are a very specific style mimicking the way words used to be spelled before the English language was standardized; meaning, people would simply spell the words how they thought the words sounded. This meant that some people wrote “Daye” when the word was referring to the word “Day” as in the daytime. It’s how we got weird-ass words like ghost instead of gost and how all of the old writings from that time period are spelled “incorrectly”. Spelling was much more phonetic and much less regulated. So it would very much make sense for the spellings of “wen its nite” and “haf gon to bed” and “I lik the bred” to be spelled that way. Phonetically, it is correct.

If you really want to make a good “I lik the bred” meme, for the love of god avoid injecting Doge meme speech into your poem. It just takes away from the witty, spritely humor of the thing and makes it seem cheesy, childish and overwrought. The only excusable (and actually pretty funny) example I can think of is if you are writing an “I lik the bred” meme in response to a doggo picture or some sort of meme where that speech is regularly used. It’s a sort of homage to the other meme and blends the two, allowing your reader to appreciate both memes at the same time without disruption.

Don’t use hackneyed Doge speech in a Chaucerian verse in your “I lik the bred” poems

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2012 Compania de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez Dehesa Gago

Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang. Dark cherries, dark plums, and strawberries on the nose with vanilla, clove, molasses, and fruit leather. Macerated dark cherries and strawberries on the palate with a touch of lighter plum, vanilla, clove, and molasses. PASS THE FLANK STEAK!

4/5 bones



14% abv