dr dangles

Dr. Flug: [dangling from the roof] I deserve this. This is all because I forgot to feed my turtle, Sheldon, in kindergarten! He went to heaven, and now my life is bad! [looks up] Ya happy, Sheldon?! We’re even now!
Demencia: [out of Flug’s field of vision] Flug?
Dr. Flug: SHELDON?!

Source: Drake and Josh

Hannibal meets another skilled chef (I know at least 2 people who are in the dangly grandpa fandom how come they didn’t tell me about the human butter thing? Thank you anon for bringing this to my attention)

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Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc!

So funny and lighthearted! So many shenanigans! Everyone’s happy always happy THE WHOLE CREW IS HERE LITERALLY EVERYONE IS HERE AND THEY ARE ALL SO FUCKING HAPPY



D O N ’ T  H U R T  M Y  B A B I E S

cleaning up

“Don’t touch him,” Shepard said, carefully bending to her knees to place Kaidan on the ground of the shuttle bay. She slid one hand to the back of his head and eased his body onto the ground. Liara stepped away just slightly, but still hovered over to keep watch and offer her help. Shepard hadn’t meant to sound so frozen and stoic, harsh even, but it was the only tone she could somehow bring to life.

“Normandy’s en route. They’ll be here soon,” James said.

Shepard was withholding her urge to tell him he was a reckless idiot for pulling a stunt like that. Sure, he’d stopped the Cerberus shuttle from escaping with the data, but he’d also nearly blown up all four of them in the process.

“We need the data,” Liara said through the comms, tired, and struggling to find the energy to speak.

“Yeah,” Kaidan said, “Well, I don’t think that synthetic is going anywhere.”

Shepard smiled, and was grateful no one could see it through her helmet. Kaidan was different, older, more distinguished, but with this new confidence he had in himself, came moments of adorable snark that she wasn’t necessarily used to him being open with.

There were two loud clangs from the other side of the Kodiak, and a third that sounded like metal snapping. She hoped that Kaidan got Liara out of the way quickly because it sounded like the shuttle was about to burst. Before she could round the corner she heard it.


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