dr crankenstein

okay while waiting I drew animalsonas…….

finn’s a hare bc he’s like yo and he’s silly sometimes and sounds energetic p much like all the time even when he’s tired. also he’s a good listener and he’s very careful and w/e and is very nice

I’m a bear bc I eat and sleep a lot and if I don’t eat or sleep enough I wanna slash someone’s face off. also I’m really protective of my friends and I usually don’t like new people. bears are like that. with their babies. my friends are my babies.

tessa’s a HAWK because hawks are FREAKING AWESOME man and tessa is really awesome so therefore she’s a hawk. hawks are cool and calculating and they know what up. she also knows how to pick her fights and she’s really good at just watching things and analyzing and stuff. I’ve only seen one picture of tessa so I don’t know if I’ve done this right but look she’s showing off her lovely plummage what a cool person