dr cheeseburger

Diamond Dogs [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: i needed mob boss evil barry ok? ok AND DIFFERENT DECADES

At first it started as a normal day; you got up, got dressed in your light green waitress uniform and went to work. What you didn’t expect was a group of leather-clad men entering and everyone in the restaurant clearing out. All of the men are tall and muscular, some have facial hair, except for one who is lean and clean shaven. He slicks his light brown hair back, black bomber jacket scrunching, exposing the yellow lightning bolt patch on the upper arm. The Flash gang.

The boss snaps his fingers, pointing to one of the tables, silently ordering his boy’s to pull out a chair. They comply; the silver metal of the chair legs echo through the building. With a sly smirk, he plops on the seat, crossing his ankles, crinkling the tight dress pants just a tad. “Motherfucker’s late.” he sighs, checking his fancy wrist watch. The men look nervous. “Might as well eat somethin’.” he bites his lip, peering around the little diner, grinning wickedly when he notices you behind the counter. “Hey doll, could I get a menu?”

Gulping, you nod, picking up the thin laminated paper. Your white sneakers squeak on the dirty tiles, stopping at the long table. “Here you go…” you whisper, watching his pale fingers grab the menu, yours still holding on. His leafy green eyes twinkle at you while he smirks, pulling the menu from your grip. “Do you want a dr-”

“Cheeseburger with no pickles, extra fries, with a can of Coke.” he smiles, handing the menu back to you; rings barely touching the edges of the laminated paper. You nod, about to spin towards the kitchen until he captures your wrist. “Bring the fries out first, yeah?” Again, you nod, heading to the kitchen and giving the order to the cook. Quickly, you pour his drink, taking it to him; his three rings clink against the glass. “Thanks, dollface.”

The small bell hung over the door jingles, signifying someone is coming in. Deciding it’s best to be out of sight, you scurry back around the counter, keeping your eyes focused on the restaurant’s telephone. “Allen. Nice to see you again.” the muscular blond sneers, “Have you considered my proposal?” he questions, fixing his leather jacket as he sits across from ‘Allen’.

One of the men steps forward protectively but the boss stops him. “Easy, Cisco.” he smirks, eyes never leaving the blond. “I’ve given it some thought, Mr. Queen. Maybe up the price, then we’ll talk.” he muses, watching you bring the basket of fries to the table, “Ah, wonderful! Thanks doll.”

You blush, cracking a little grin. ‘Queen’ suddenly pulls a gun from the waistband of his jeans, aiming it at the brown haired man, who doesn’t flinch. “Barry, I need this. I’m begging you. Make the damn deal.” he growls through gritted teeth, blue eyes squinted in rage. You hold your breath, fear bubbling inside you.

Barry rises from his seat, leaning on the table with his hands clutched to the sides. “Now, now, Oliver, no need for weapons. It’s simple, I will do it, if you up the price. I don’t work for nothin’.” he smirks, waving one of his hands. “Going once.” he says in a demanding voice, eyeing Oliver. “Going twice.” he warns.

“Deal. I’ll get you the money next Tuesday.” Oliver grunts, tucking the gun behind his back with his jaw set.

A coy grin creeps on Barry’s face, “Good. Now, get outta my sight.” he waves his hand towards the door, picking up a crispy fry and munching on it. Oliver scowls, leaving the building. You just stand there in pure shock. He chews, glancing at you. “Sorry you had to see that, baby. But you did…” he sighs, dropping the fry in the basket, rubbing his index and thumb together, dusting off the salt.

You shake your head, clutching the pale green skirt of your uniform, “I…I won’t tell anyone, I swear!”

His hands clap together, rings clinking as his dress shoes waltz over to you. He smiles at you reassuringly, “I know you won’t.” he pouts almost mockingly, cupping your cheek; the cold rings press against your skin. “But, you belong to the Flash now.” he shrugs nonchalantly, spinning on his heel, and snapping at the door. His men open it for him and he struts out.