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so basically the homeworld gems came to earth a long ass time ago to colonize it right?? they made a whooole bunch of test gems (the villains) to check the earths soil but literally all of them came out defective because the earths soil was polluted trashhhh. rather than wasting time and resources destroying the earth and those gems, they just grabbed their stuff and moved on but without telling the gems created on earth. so these dumbass gems are still loyal to the diamonds and are just running around committing crimes like the little shits they are. (it should be noted that they know theyre defective, theyre just under the impression that the diamonds are kind and merciful because they havent been shattered)

so then wordgirl, who was a gem originally from homeworld, fled because she disapproved of their way of living. she accidentally crashed her ship on earth and was surprised at all the gems there. she was also unaware of the whole diamonds abandoning them thing so she decided to stay and protect the people of earth from them. she thinks shes fighting a real rebellion and the villains think theyre contributing to the diamond empire its so sad. 

ok so yeah the idea is a bit silly but wg is a silly show so just stretch your mind a lil. also i definitely need to draw more of this au because ive thought of gems and designs for ALLLLLL the villains (and kid math) ok im in so deep….

Little things that I love in Sense8

  • how Kala goes from “I don’t know how to kick people to mush like Sun” to “so I guess I’ll just make a FUCKING BOMB” in 0.2 seconds
  • How Lito appoaches Wolfgangs situation like a movie director or an actor by analysing the environment, the “scene”; He’s like: “Ah, so this is where you planned to fall, and there is the gun, very good…” I bet he had a billion conversations like this with directors, discussing fighting choreography to solve framing and pacing problems.
  • the fact that Aminata thinks the man who tried to lobotomise her girlfriend couldn’t be entirely evil because he had a copy of a Nancy Drew book in his bookshelf (Can somebody explain the phenomenon of Nancy Drew to me? Being german, this wasn’t part of my childhood. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t quite get it)
  • while we’re at it: the fact that Dr Metzger (seriously that’s what you’re calling him? Dr Butcher? okay….) called Nomi by her name. It would have been easy to make him some transphobic arsehole, but the few bits that we saw of him made him look like he would be a neat dude if he wasn’t running around lobotomising people. And he seemed really scared of Mr Whispers, so I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • When Lito says “We had sex”, you can basically see Wills brain freeze like “..but…no…homo? yes homo? me homo? whaaaaaa” dude, your straight days are over, get over it, welcome to the pan
  • Silas’ daughter picking Wonder Woman’s civilian name as a decoy name.
  • How Wolfgang takes it as a personal insult when Will doesn’t recognise a line from Conan. And what this movie means to him and how it connects him to Felix and how Felix as a child descided to take on a grown man to protect him and basically I need to watch Conan again some time.
  • the entire scene between Lito and Nomi. I was in tears after that. 

Peter Park/Deadpool: No Heroes Here

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

[A/N: Fair Warning. Complete butchering of Dr. Strange’s Powers ahead]

Deadpool kicked down the door to New York’s Sanctum. Peter had no idea what Deadpool meant by sanctum, other than that he’d been taken to some old building that looked a lot different from the outside than it on the inside. The outside looked like an old building that had been renovated to include modern features. The inside looked like a monastery though. 

Deadpool had mentioned something about magicians and mystic arts, and Peter had tuned him out in favor of freaking out and hoping to whatever deity was listening that Dr. Strange would save him from Deadpool. Dr. Strange seemed like a powerful guy. Hopefully he could do something. 

Men and women in robes whirled away from what they were doing to face Deadpool. In a flurry of hand movements, the men and women produced glowing, orange weapons.

“All right!” Deadpool swung Peter over his shoulders like a scarf and unsheathed his katana. “Mindless and gratuitous violence.”

Peter cringed. “Please don’t kill anyone.” Peter wiggled on Deadpool’s shoulders. He tried to slid free but couldn’t. “Also, could you put me down, please?”

“Oh, Baby Boy, you have no idea how much I love you right now. Also, how exasperated I am. You’re such a broken record.” Deadpool charged at the men and women. 

“I don’t want to be involved in this!” Peter shouted. 

“Too late!” Deadpool cried jovially as he rushed at some guy with a glowing, orange whip. “The stabbing will end when I see Dr. Strange.” 

“Someone, please get Dr. Strange!” Peter screamed. 

If anyone went to fetch Dr. Strange, it was at a snail’s pace. 

It was swords versus magic, with the occasional bullet thrown in—or shot in, as it were. Peter didn’t know who to root for. On the one hand, he would love for Deadpool to be subdued. On the other hand, when the Jedi-wannabes attacked Deadpool, they also attacked Peter. Peter might not be their true target, but it didn’t change the fact that Peter was attached to their target.

Deadpool dodged their attacks like he was psychic. He hadn’t killed anyone yet, but was enjoying stabbing and slicing anyone who got in his range. People were going to need stitches and blood transfusions. 

“Deadpool” a voice bellowed. Suddenly Deadpool (and Peter by extension) were lifted in the air via a glowing, ring of orange energy banded around Deadpool’s arms and waist. 

Floating at the top of a dual staircase in blue clothes that looked ancient, and adorned with a red cloak was none other than Dr. Strange and his skunk hair. His expression was thunderous as he rose higher into the air. He reached the same height as Deadpool and drifted close until he was within stabbing distance of Deadpool. 

“You might want to give yourself some space, Doc.” Peter wiggled and almost rolled off of Deadpool’s shoulders and onto the ground many feet below. “I know you got Deadpool in a bind right now, but no one should ever be within stabbing distance of this guy.” 

“Aw, Baby Boy,” Deadpool cooed. “You’re so sweet. Thank you for the compliment.” 

Peter sighed and placed his forehead in his palm.Down below the Jedi-wannabe’s were helping each other to their feet. Anyone who had been seriously wounded by Deadpool was receiving medical attention. 

Suddenly Peter’s body felt lighter and Deadpool’s shoulders weren’t digging into his gut. 

“Hey! That’s my future boyfriend, you perv!” Deadpool shouted. 

Peter cried out in surprise when he looked down and saw his body floating away from Deadpool’s. Luminescent, orange bands that were smaller than the one holding Deadpool, encircled Peter’s wrists and ankles. Slowly he floated to the ground. The bands disappeared once Peter’s toes touched the floor. 

“I hope you are all right,” Dr. Strange said, still maintaining a close distance to Deadpool. 

Peter rubbed his wrists. “I’m fine. I just need to go home, and—shit! Work! I need to be at work!” Last Peter had checked he was nowhere near his evening job. He’d have to get a taxi, unless someone in the sanctum had a smart phone linked up to an Uber app.

“Wait! Wait!” Deadpool wiggled. “Don’t let him go just yet, Doc. I need you to show him something. He’s a hero, and he doesn’t know it. He’s like you and Captain America, except cooler.” 

“Ignore him. He’s crazy. Everyone knows that.” Peter backed toward the exit. 

“Doc, this has to do with the multi-verse! I need you to look deep inside yourself and find your inner dickbag Dr. Reed Richards so that I can prove that while I may be crazy, I am not crazy when I say the guy before you is one of the best super heroes ever, and for some reason this god damn universe fucked up and left him an average Joe with a super ass. An ass that tragically isn’t covered in spandex.” 

“The multi-verse?” Dr. Strange’s brows drew together. He scrutinized Peter. 

“Listen, you’re the real super hero, or magician, whatever you consider yourself,” Peter said. “Point is, you’ve fought evil space aliens and stuff alongside the Avengers.” Peter backed toward the front door. “You can handle Deadpool. I’m just a normal guy, like he said, so…”

There was a loud sound behind Peter, like the sound of a bolt being slid into place. 

Damn it! Abducted by Deadpool, and now Dr. Strange. How was this his life? 

Dr. Strange floated down to Peter’s level. “You do look familiar.” 

Peter sighed. He held up his hands and shrugged. “Maybe I delivered pizza to you once?” 

“Think about it, Doc!” Deadpool shouted. “Think about all the times you peered into your crystal ball and saw Spider-Man.” 

Dr. Strange scowled at Deadpool, but his gaze kept flickering back to Peter. 

Peter’s stomach churned. “I really need to go to work.” 

“What’s your name?” Dr. Strange asked. 

“Peter Parker.” 

“Peter Parker,” Dr. Strange spoke the name as if he were tasting wine. He reflected upon the name for a moment. There was a flash of recognition, then Dr. Strange was studying Peter once again. “Peter, I understand your desire to leave, but I think it would be wise to linger. Even if Deadpool’s claims are wrong, he is a persistent individual. It might be wise to go through the motions of verifying his claim. Otherwise, we might find ourselves in this situation once again.” 

“You’re saying you’re going to give the bad guy exactly what he wants?” Peter deadpanned. What kind of upside-down universe was he in? Dr. Strange should be kicking Deadpool’s ass for abduction and breaking and entering. Heck, he should at least be fighting in the names of all his friends Deadpool just stabbed. 

Dr. Strange looked like he had sucked on a lemon. “Unfortunately, yes. If recent battles with Deadpool have proven anything, it’s that negotiation and compromise are usually the best methods for keeping Deadpool in check. Even if he just stabbed several sorcerers.” 

“Listen, I just found out my future boyfriend has been denied his super hero destiny. I’m a little emotional right now, and your friends made me feel so attacked, okay?” 

Peter thrust his arms at Deadpool. “Did you hear that? Did you? How can you consider going along with someone like him?” 

“Because, Baby Boy, I will cut myself in half to get free from this magic stuff then drag you back here if you walk out that door.”

“You can’t do that!” Peter shouted. He then asked more quietly at Dr. Strange. “Can he do that?” 

Dr. Strange sighed. “Deadpool is resilient, and he very well could do that. I can delay him. In fact, I could delay him for some time, but-”

“Son of a bitch! That fucking hurts!” Deadpool had pushed against his bindings and the orange ring cut into Deadpool’s stomach like a saw. 

Peter gasped in horror. “Holy crap! Put him down! Put him down!” 

Dr. Strange huffed and with a few fancy hand movements, he lowered Deadpool to the ground. He didn’t undo the magical binds around him. Deadpool continued to struggle, and the magic cut into him more. 

“Stop!” Peter seized Deadpool by the shoulders. “I’ll miss work, okay? I’ll miss work and go along with this crazy idea of yours.”  

“You know, I’m kind of insulted that you would choose work over me.” Deadpool hissed in pain as the bindings continued to cut into him. “You mind freeing me, Doc?”

Dr. Strange eyed Deadpool warily. “I shouldn’t.” 

Peter was horrified. Sure, Deadpool was a terrible person, but that didn’t mean he deserved to be magically sawed in half. “Let him go. This is inhumane!” 

“Aw, Baby Boy.” Deadpool’s head lolled to the side. He smiled up at Peter. “I’m so happy you care. This is why I need you. You’re just so good.” 

The orange rings around Deadpool vanished. Dr. Strange kept his hands raised and poised to work his weird magic if Deadpool attacked. 

Deadpool breathed deep.

Peter reached out to touch Deadpool then stopped himself. “He needs medical attention.” 

“He doesn’t,” Dr. Strange stated. “He has an increased healing factor. It’s why he is so resilient.” 

“You could still give him some Advil,” Peter snapped. God, was he really defending Deadpool? The man who happily stabbed people and had abducted Peter? He must be catching whatever crazy Deadpool had, because just five minutes ago he wouldn’t have imagined himself defending Deadpool. 

Deadpool chuckled and rose to his feet. He pressed one hand to his abdomen. “It’s okay, Baby Boy. Just a few more seconds and the cut will heal completely.” He grabbed Peter’s arm and squeezed it in what seemed like comfort, but Peter swore he must be misreading Deadpool. “I just need you to understand. I can take you home after that, then we can celebrate your birthday with booze, cake, and a little something special if you’re in the mood.” 

Deadpool winked. 

That soul-puking sensation returned to Peter. “I swear if you weren’t holding me right now, I’d walk out of here.” 

“That’s what she said.” Deadpool laughed then stopped suddenly. “Oh man, that is what she said. That was really harsh. Not like I was asking her to cuddle. Deadpool don’t cuddle. He’s a macho man. I’d of course cuddle with you though,” Deadpool eagerly tacked on for Peter.

“Thanks,” Peter said sarcastically. 

“Perhaps it would be best if we went to a private chamber?” Dr Strange gestured to the grand hallway above the dual staircase. 

“Alone in a room with, Baby Boy?” Deadpool puffed out chest and grinned. It’s a dream come true. “Come on, baby.” Deadpool yanked  Peter toward the deep reaches of the sanctum. Behind them Dr. Strange and one of the sorcerers exchanged a few words. 

Peter wilted under the stormy looks of the sorcerers who watched him and Deadpool. It was so painfully obvious that they were not welcome in the sanctum. It was just one more reason to get this thing over with. Dr. Strange would use his magic, prove that Peter wasn’t the alternate universe version of this Spider-Man guy, and then Peter would go to work. 

Peter startled as Dr. Strange floated past him and Deadpool. Dr. Strange pushed open a door and gestured for Deadpool and Peter to go inside. 

The room was sparse, with just a few pieces of furniture and a carpet in the center of the room. An incense burner hung in one of the corners, and on the table was a scrap of paper with the word “Shamballa” written on it.  

“Make yourselves comfortable.” Dr. Strange waved at the room. “Someone is gathering the supplies we’ll need.” 

“Magic mirror?” Deadpool asked. “Magical wardrobe!” Deadpool cooed. “Please tell me, we’re going to have to travel through Narnia.”

“There are many worlds—many universes—and all of them are connected. Even so, peering into alternate realities is no easy feat. You might find it easier to step into a hidden world on another plane of existence. Because as-”

“Blah, blah, blah.” Deadpool mimed talking with his hands. “We get it, you’re not Reed Richards. You’re the mystical guy who goes to magical realms and stuff. Well, right now, you’re what we got, so stop yammering and start making magic.” 

Peter sighed. He was tempted to point out that Deadpool should not exasperate the guy who was helping him, but Peter could already hear Deadpool’s rebuttal.

Dr. Strange took offense, but if he intended to say anything to Deadpool about it, he was interrupted by one of the sorcerers bringing a tea kettle and two cups. Dr. Strange thanked the sorcerer as he took the items. The sorcerer accepted the gratitude then went over to the incense burner. 

“Take a seat on the carpet.” Dr. Strange did so himself and poured what looked and smelled like tea into the cups.

“I don’t know, this rug looks pretty dirty. It’s going to ruin my suit.” Deadpool may have protested, but he plopped himself on the floor. 

Peter joined him with a bit of caution to his movements. The carpet was old and thin. The floor beneath it was hard and would probably damage something if Peter dropped himself on it. 

With a gaudy lighter, the sorcerer lit the incense burner. Dr. Strange thanked him again, and the the sorcerer gave a nod of acceptance. The sorcerer cast a Peter and Deadpool a look of distrust as he exited the room. 

 Dr. Strange handed Peter and Deadpool the two cups of tea. “These will help free your mind, and make it easer for you to peer into alternate universes. 

Peter wrinkled his nose. Dread pulled on Peter’s stomach. Dr. Strange was a hero. He had worked with the Avengers, and he was pretty cool. Not as cool as Iron Man or Captain America, but still awesome enough that Peter had trusted the guy to help him, and Dr. Strange had. Now that Peter was sitting in what looked like a room belonging to a monastery and being offered a drink by essentially a stranger, he doubted himself and Dr. Strange. 

“All right, let’s try some of these psychedelic drugs.” Deadpool lifted up the bottom half of his mask and downed the tea. 

Peter blinked then stared at the scared skin on Deadpool’s chin. The scars were red and angry. Peter’s jaw ached in sympathy. He wondered what the hell had happened to Deadpool for him to get scars like that. 

“The hell?” Deadpool ripped the cup from his mouth and scowled. “That was just regular tea.” 

“You sure the drugs aren’t just tasteless?” Peter asked. 

“There are no drugs in the tea,” Dr. Strange stated. “The tea is meant to calm and relax you. That is all.” 

“This sucks,” Deadpool whined and dropped his cup on the ground. 

Peter looked at the cup in his hands. He sniffed the beverage. It smelled like chamomile. Hesitant, Peter sipped the tea. He didn’t taste anything odd, so he he continued to drink until he slurped up the last drop. He set the cup aside. “Now what?”

Dr. Strange thrust his palms at Peter and Deadpool’s foreheads. “Now, I free you from your physical constraints.” 

One moment Peter was sitting on the floor and the next he was floating above his body. Peter barely had time to panic as a force pushed him backwards. He cried out in shock. A wispy figure of Deadpool shouted something beside him, but Peter couldn’t make out his words. A blinding white light shined behind them, and soon Peter was thrown into it. 

There were stars and galaxies around Peter. He flipped and spun in the vacuum of space, only to be pulled toward a door. Peter reached out to grab something, and his hands gripped Deadpool’s. 

“Wild ride, right?” Deadpool hollered. 

Then they weren’t in space anymore. Peter didn’t know where they were, but everything was distorted. A Dali’s painting was more comprehensible then the aurora like skies and the neon green bridges that connected doors, pits, and toxic looking lakes. 

It all faded to black. 

Peter squeezed Deadpool’s hands, needing an anchor. He didn’t feel Deadpool though. 

The blinding light that had sucked Peter in returned with images of himself, except they weren’t of him. The person he saw looked like him, but the things that version of him did were impossible for Peter. The person wore a spandex suit and saved people. He called himself Spider-Man. He fought alongside other heroes. He even joined forces with Deadpool to fight a monkey assassin. 

He saw himself with the friends he’d had before his parents had died and he had been put into foster care. He saw himself break down over the loss of a friend. He saw himself with his Aunt May. 

Suddenly Peter was back in the room with Dr. Strange and Deadpool. 

“Whoa! What a trip. Who needs drugs when you can do that. Right, Baby bo-Fuck!” 

Deadpool’s curse snapped Peter out of his daze. 

Tears rolled down Peter’s cheek. He’d been crying. 

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theotakux  asked:

I just bought a DVD of Memorial Valley Massacre that uses the 'Son of Sleepaway Camp' title, and it got me wondering about horror movies getting retitled for VHS back in the day (usually to cash in on other, more popular movies). Do you know of a list of movies that did that? I'm really curious about it but haven't found much online.

Oh, gosh.  Now this is a subject that I know much about, as it’s something that was pretty common throughout horror during the 80′s–particularly Italian horror, as Italian filmmakers realized that there was a greater market for horror films in Italy if the public there believed them to be American-made (this trend actually plays a MAJOR part in jump-starting the film career of horror maestro Mario Bava–and the rise of horror and sci-fi films in Italy–but that’s a story for another day).

For example, let’s start with the late George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978).  In Italy, it was known as Zombi.  Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (1979) was created to profit off of the popularity of Romero’s film, and was marketed overseas as Zombi 2Zombi 3 later came about in 1988, and was co-directed by Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei.

Here’s where it gets weird: 

  • Sometimes Umberto Lenzi’s Nightmare City (1980) is credited as being Zombi 3 (it was also sometimes marketed as Cannibal Holocaust 2 to ride the success of Ruggero Deodato’s “found footage” horror), as is Andrea Bianchi’s controversial Burial Ground (1981).  Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) and Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher, M.D.) (1980) have both been marketed at some point as being Zombi 3.
  • Jean Rollin’s A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973) is often referred to as Zombi 4, as is the 1988 film After Death (which many consider the “real” sequel).  Panic (1982) is known as Zombi 4 in Greece.
  • Jess Franco’s Revenge in the House of Usher (1982) has been marketed as Zombi 5 in America, but it’s Joe D’Amato’s Killing Birds (1988) that’s widely considered to be Zombi 5.
  • Joe D’Amato’s Absurd (1981) has previously been marketed as Zombi 6, when–in actuality–it is the sequel to D’Amato’s own Anthropophagus (1980).
  • And, it is Anthropophagus that has been marketed as Zombi 7, even though it came before Absurd.  Andreas Schnaas’ Zombie ‘90: Extreme Pestilence (1991) has also occasionally been sold as Zombi 7.

Confused yet?  Let’s try an easier one.

Let’s talk about House (1986):

  • Not to be confused with the Japanese House, later renamed Hausu (1977).
  • House was followed by House II: The Second Story (1987), which did not follow the previous film’s storyline whatsoever.  It was also known as La Casa 6 in Italy, but I’ll get to that…
  • Overseas, the supernatural slasher The Horror Show (1989) was sold as House III (and La Casa 7).
  • House IV (1992) is the official third entry in the series, as it actually shares a character with the original film.

So what’s La Casa?  Hmm…I guess this one wasn’t much “easier” to understand after all:

  • La Casa is what Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981) was titled in Italy.
  • La Casa 2 is Raimi’s sequel, Evil Dead II (1987).
  • La Casa 3 is actually an Umberto Lenzi film, originally titled Ghosthouse.
  • La Casa 4 is the sequel to Ghosthouse, and originally known as Witchery (1988).  Neither have anything to do with Raimi’s films.
  • La Casa 5 is really just a film called Beyond Darkness (not to be confused with Joe D’Amato’s controversial Beyond the Darkness (1979), also known as Buio Omega and Blue Holocaust), and was directed by Claudio Fragrasso, who brought the world Troll II (which was originally titled Goblin, and also has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie it’s allegedly a sequel for!).
  • As mentioned before, La Casa 6 is what we know as House II: The Second Story (still no relation to The Evil Dead).
  • La Casa 7 is just The Horror Show.  I guess House IV wasn’t good enough to be La Casa 8.

Ever heard of the Curse series?  Well…it isn’t a series:  The Curse (1987), Curse II: The Bite (1989), Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1991), and Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice (1993) are four films that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. 

  • The original film is an adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space (this same story was the inspiration for 1965′s Die, Monster, Die!, and partially inspired “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” from the 1982 horror anthology Creepshow).
  • Curse II: The Bite is about a man being bitten by a radioactive snake, and spawning other snakelike creatures.
  • Curse III: Blood Sacrifice was originally called Panga, and is about a tribal magician in Africa summoning a demon.
  • Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice is actually a film from 1988 called Catacombs that’s about a monastery haunted by a demon.  The film wasn’t released for five years after its completion due to the financial downfall and seizure of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures by a credit company (which later led to Band forming Full Moon Features).  Columbia TriStar slapped the new title on it to try to pass it off as another entry in a series that was never a series to begin with.

How about Demons (aka Dèmoni)?

  • Lamberto Bava (with Dario Argento producing) brought the original film to the world in 1985, with great commercial success.
  • Dèmoni 2 (1986) is a legitimate sequel from the same people.
  • Dèmoni 3?  Well, that could be a few films, including Lamberto’s own The Ogre (1988), Michele Soavi’s The Church (1989) (coincidentally, Soavi played a part in the original Demons), or Umberto Lenzi’s Black Demons (1991) (which is commonly considered the “official” third installment).
  • Soavi’s The Devil’s Daughter (1991) was marketed as Demons 4: The Sect.
  • Bava’s La maschera del demonio (1989) was marketed as Demons 5: The Devil’s Veil.
  • Luigi Cozzi’s adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” was retitled to Demons 6: De Profundis (1989).
  • Soavi’s Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) (1994) was occasionally marketed as Demons ‘95.

Only the first two were intentionally linked.  The rest were renamed when convenient for the sake of sales.  Did anyone notice the frequency with which certain names have been appearing here?  The Italian filmmaking industry was some wild shit.

Other examples that I can think of (at least at the moment):

  • Meng Hua Ho’s supernatural shocker The Rape After (1986) is sometimes re-titled Devil Fetus 2, after the original film by Hung-Chuen Lau.
  • Izô Hashimoto’s Lucky Sky Diamond (1990) is occasionally falsely associated with the infamous Japanese Guinea Pig film franchise (due to sharing similar themes of cruel experimentation), but is a separate, unrelated v-cinema release.

Sometimes it’s just the packaging that tries to pass something off as something it’s not.  Check out this Japanese box art for Andreas Schnaas’ Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom (1999).

If this titling nonsense isn’t bad enough, poster artists also ripped each other off right and left during the 80′s.

Someday, I also want to post about parodies and rip-offs in horror, because some of them (such as India’s Mahakaal) are so blatant that they’re honestly endearing.

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Hey here’s a thing i’ve been working on!! Not sure if i’m ever gonna finish it but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to post what i’ve done so far :)

i want the original villains to go on a road trip

- all the adults fall asleep within an hour of starting the drive so tobey drives a lot of the way

- butcher questions the safety of letting a ten year old drive but tobey argues that he can pilot giant robots just fine so he can figure out a car

- granny may almost drives them off the side of the side of a mountain several times

- two brains is banned from the aux cord because everything he plays is at a frequency that only he can hear 

- chuck gets carsick before the engine even starts

- they consider robbing a gas station but its 4 am and everyone is too tired to make an effort

- butcher tries to take a nap to pass the time, but everyone keeps waking him up to ask for snacks

- granny wants to stop at each and every minor attraction they happen to drive past

- eventually they realize nobody actually told tobey’s mom he was going on a road trip. a search party is being organized as we speak.

- theres an hour long screaming match about whose idea it was to stick the two biggest people in the back seat when it would be smarter to put either chuck or the butcher in the passenger seat

- they drive for like a week before they realize nobody even remembers where theyre supposed to be going

Wordgirl Character Asks
  • Send in a name!
  • Wordgirl: If you could choose any superpower what would it be?
  • Becky Botsford: What makes you laugh no matter what?
  • Bob: Who's the most important person in your life?
  • TJ: do you like/play any sports?
  • Violet: tell me about a dream you hope to accomplish!
  • Scoops: [ask any question you like!]
  • Tobey: Do you have a crush on anyone? Who?
  • Victoria: do you have any strange talents?
  • Kidmath: What's your favorite school subject?
  • Doctor two brains: Do you like the person you've become?
  • Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy: If you could choose your own name what would it be?
  • Lady redundant woman: what's 3 things you couldn't live without?
  • Mr Big: What's your ideal job/career?
  • Granny May: Do you have any pets?
  • Glen Furlblam: Name someone you look up to
  • The Butcher: Favorite food?
  • Miss Power: What do you consider to be your biggest flaw?
  • Beau Handsome: Do you want to have children some day? How many?
  • Professor Doohickey: What's your most prized possession?
  • Professor Tubing: Whats important to you?
  • Professor Boxleitner: Name 3 things you love most about yourself