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Davey Wavey is a cis gay male and I’m a transgender man, our chests are very different but we share something in common that you may not have thought about. Video with Davey Wavey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFCkd2fDzn8


I think mid-May will mark 9 months since my first stage of rff phalloplasty with dr. mang chen of brownstein and crane surgical services. i can’t say enough positives about dr. chen and his microsurgery team, but in particular dr brian parrett. I had my surgery with the “new” microsurgeons and am very pleased with the aesthetics of my new member, for those anxious about this “new” team.

I will hopefully return to post on recovery and my arm scar, as many seem to be curious about all of that – and understandably so; however, this post is focused upon “hooking up” or “sexual encounters” in my experience being post-op downstairs.

Proceed with caution: I will use several terms that may make some uncomfortable though I do so as to not cause any confusion or greyness on what I am speaking of.

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Matthew, 22. Denver, CO. 3 years on T, 2+ years post op w/ Dr. Brownstein in San Francisco.  

I am an artist and photographer, and interested in exploring alternative bodies through visual language. Next fall I plan on traveling to visit and photograph people in the trans* community for a photo book and accompanying text. 

I took this selfie last week in Bandolier National Park, New Mexico — a beautiful state I plan on returning to soon. 

Feel free to follow my transition at mattstransition.tumblr.com. You can also get ahold of me there. I love meeting other individuals in the community—perhaps one day I will be in your city and we can grab a beer!

Cheers :)


I’m almost 3 years post-top surgery! I can’t believe it! Here’s a recap starting from 2010 to before my top surgery, to my surgery in 2012, through my healing process to now (2 years and 52 weeks post op). 


POST-OP FTM PUTS BINDER BACK ON: This was a really weird experience. The question is, do you feel like you’ve always had this chest, do you remember the pain of the binder?