dr boyfriend


Summary: You get a cut in engineering and your boyfriend, Dr. McCoy, has a problem with it

Warnings: Blood mention, but only a little. 

Pairings: McCoy/Reader

A/N: nope

Word Count: 595

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Written by: spencerreidsmiles

My second fic for Halloween! Requested by the sweet @sarahcrystalheart. A Halloween Reid x Reader fluff piece. 

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last resorts (sick!g-dragon)

pairings: g-dragon/reader
word count: 984
rating: PG-13
warnings: making out, lots of fluff 
tl;dr: when your boyfriend jiyong gets sick and doesn’t want to take his medicine, you have to resort to more creative means of persuasion



No.” His voice cracked and he cleared his throat.

Raising an eyebrow at his behavior, you repeated yourself. “Yes. You have to. Oppa, you’ve been sick for two days now. You need to take your medicine.”

“No, I don’t,” he persisted. “You know, back in ancient Asia––”

“Kwon Jiyong, I swear.” You cut him off, shaking your finger at him.

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