dr baldhead

Seriously, when it works, that Hunger games simulator is fucking brill. Especially for how it turned the normally sunny and super friendly PASCAL into a bloodthirsty doom of all mankind

  • She impales Doctor Baldhead from Guilty Gear in the back of the brain with a pitchfork
  • fucking murders Cless Alvein for his stuff
  • goes mad with rage and kills Rutee Katrea
  • Strangles Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7 to death with a rope

The only reasons he didn’t win was because Earl (from that old Mega Drive game ToeJam & Earl) killed her off in the final battle.

Hey cyandlne I bet you never saw Pascal going through all this madness

Mun: Awwww… I just made a profile about Baldhead but I found not so much information about Dr. Baldhead (execpt on wikia GG but anyway ._.;;;; ), I’ll have some lil’ difficult to play with… I’ll do it in my style! (like I do with Faust .w.;;; *shoot*)

I hope nobody it’s again this… That will make me embarassed if that bother you, specially Guilty Gear Fan and Rper .x.;

Please, don’t kill me… T-T