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ダンガンロンパLOGⅡ by suta | Pixiv ID 958680

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Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group1]

Cole Uzumaki x Kendrick Uchiha x Ross Akimichi x Bino of the Sand x Earl Nara x ASAP Rock Lee x Dre Sarutobi x Parappa Hatake x Hopsin Hyuuga x Lupe Aburame

Purchase prints here: https://society6.com/robopeezy (Characters will be updated periodically. Message me if needed.) 

Artist: dotnova 


when  komaeda’s class acts annoyed by his return from his trip, he starts to pull out his souvenir before being interrupted by hiyoko

his souvenir was a gun

this motherfucker was about to shoot up his class

I drew this based on this Tumblr post I saw on Instagram but I don’t remember whose idea it was. Of course, I had to make it more gay.

How do you shade hair. Ugh. And lol Keith got more buff in the last panel.

Also, I’m trying another way of coloring/lining because the way that I usually do it takes way too long for some reason but now that I’ve finished this, I think that I’m going to mix things up. Yep.