dr adam

Reasons why Tom Hiddleston is perfect
  • He is tall
  • He is incredibly good looking
  • He is sexy
  • He is charming
  • He is British
  • He has a British accent
  • He is a total gentleman
  • He treats women like princesses
  • He is modest
  • He is humble
  • He is down to earth
  • He is passionate and dedicated
  • He loves Shakespeare
  • He can recite Shakespeare
  • There’s no scandals involving his person like ever
  • He keeps his relationships and other personal matters private
  • He is sportive, like goes for a run, works out to stay in shape for his job
  • He can cook
  • He can sing
  • He can dance
  • He can do voice impressions
  • He can act (duh)
  • He can do voice acting
  • He can play the guitar
  • He can play the piano
  • He has an adorable laugh
  • He plays Loki like no one else ever could
  • He is the only man who should be allowed to wear suits
  • He is polite
  • He is a master of accents
  • He speaks French
  • He speaks Spanish
  • He is intelligent
  • His name alone sounds like he’s royalty
  • (Thomas William Hiddleston, I mean, come on)
  • He knows how to ride
  • He is romantic
  • He takes a stand for charity and works with UNICEF
  • He has a great sense of humour
  • Quite frankly, he is a DORK sometimes
  • He likes to read
  • The way he treats his fans is heart-warming

Reblog and continue. I want to see how long we can make this list, for, uh, scientific research purposes.

Who Should You Fight: The Bright Sessions Edition

(idk if someones made this already BUT)

Dr. Bright

Chance of winning: 40%

Homegirl’s a doctor, not a fighter, and im pretty sure theres something in the Hippocratic oath about “do no harm”, but is it for therapists? see rating. She could possibly psychoanalyze her way around you and maybe manipulae you for her own goals, and she’s been taking yoga classes so she’s probably really flexible. If youre fit, go for it. 


Chance of winning: ???

She’d probably get so anxious that she’d time travel and where would that leave you? Alone and with no one to fight. In any case, why would you ever??? Let her rest, she’s been through enough. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Listen. She’s a telepath, she knows youre next move before even you do. You can say “oh shes just an art student!!” all you want but consider: she’s a sculptor and can probably take your eye out with a scoring tool. Do not attempt. 


Chance of winning: 10%

Dude’s a football player, so he’s pretty darn ripped, and probably fast too. Can literally sense fear, will use that to his advantage. Only attempt of you want a challenge. 


Chance of winning: 90%, but at what cost?

This child is an emo wreck and will end up crying on the floor if you hit him, which is not fun for anyone. Also, his boyfriend will 100% beat you up for it, so theres that. And I will also beat you up. Leave this boy alone. 


Chance of winning: 0%

listen I know what the rating says, and we all know why its like that but please, p l e a s e fight Damien, everyone will cheer you on. You’ll fail but it will be glorious. Fight Damien. 


Chance of winning: 50%

He seems like a pretty normal guy? that rating goes up or down depending on what atypical he’s near, but in a fair one on one throwdown? average joe. Go for it for a fun time, he’ll probably take you out for ice cream and a beer afterwards. 

 Agent Green 

Chance of winning: 99%

PLEase fight him it will be easy and hilarious. The guy is a bureaucrat and needs to file forms in triplicate to get authorization to throw down, so time is on your side. Fight Agent Green. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Don’t do it. 

fangirl life

Does it ever happened to you that you just fall SOOOO in love with a fic character that it actually changes your hole life and hurts your heart and all you wanna do is just stay 24/7 in bed watching their photos and scenes and films and interviews and reading fanfic and just forget about your studies your exams your friends your bf/gf your family and AALL YOUR REAL LIFE?

cause i do.




Get your facts straight.

Hyde (from “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and Adam (The creature, from Frankenstein) weren’t described as ugly by their authors, they were just uncomfortable to look at.



Couple of weeks ago I stumbled into an audio drama called The Bright Sessions, which tells the story of a psychiatrist called Dr Bright and her strange and unusual patients. And I LOVE IT. Please give it a try, it is super interesting, has amazing characters, it is LGBTQ+ and most importantly of all; they handle mental illnesses really well.

Here are my depictions of some of the characters! I was meaning to draw Sam too, but I couldn’t decide what she looked like.