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Top Surgery List
1. Seattle, WA – Dr Mangubat [http://www.labelleviecosmetic.com]
2. Portland, OR – Dr Hansen [https://www.ohsu.edu/xd/health/services/cosmetic-plastics-services/surgery/breast/transgender-chest-recon.cfm]
3. Greenbrae, CA – Dr Satterwhite, Dr Crane *+ [http://brownsteincrane.com]
4. San Francisco, CA – Dr Mosser [https://drmosser.com/transgender/ftm-chest/]
5. Salt Lake City, UT – Dr Agarwal [http://healthcare.utah.edu/plasticsurgery/body/female-male.php]
6. Tucson, AZ – Dr Taki, Dr Larson [http://takiplasticsurgery.com]
7. Albuquerque, NM – Dr Morehouse [http://mariposaplasticsurgery.com/AboutUs/MeetDrMorehouse]
8. San Antonio TX – Dr Lawton [http://www.transgendersurgery-sanantonio.com/ftm-femal-to-male-surgery/ftm-surgery.html]
9. Austin, TX – Dr Crane *+ [http://www.transhealthcare.org/curtis-crane/]
10. Plano, TX – Dr Raphael+, Dr Dulin [http://m.ai4ps.com/transgender-procedures-plano/female-to-male-plastic-surgery/]
11. Madison, WI – Dr King [http://topsurgerymidwest.com]
12. Chicago, IL – Dr Schechter + [http://www.ftmsurgery.net/surgeons/dr-loren-schechter.htm]
13. Ann Arbor, MI – Dr Kuzon [http://surgery.med.umich.edu/plastic/patient/team/wkuzon.shtml]
14. Cleveland, OH – Dr Medalie [http://www.clevelandplasticsurgery.com/transgender/]
15. Atlanta, GA – Dr Lincenberg [https://www.gaplasticsurg.com/procedures/breasts/gender-transition-top-surgery]
16. Davie, FL – Dr Garramone [http://drgarramone.com/costs/]
17. Ft Lauderdale, FL – Dr Sassani [http://www.topsurgery.net/surgeons/dr-russell-sassani.htm]
18. Baltimore, MD – Dr Fischer, Dr Schuster [http://www.cosmeticsurgerybaltimore.com]
19. Ardmore, PA – Dr Rumer [http://www.rumercosmetics.com]
20. Philadelphia, PA – Dr Leis [http://www.drshermanleis.com/topplasticsurgeon.html]
21. New York, NY – Dr Alter [http://www.topsurgery.net/states/new-york.htm]
22. Boston, MA – Dr Tobias [http://m.richardabartlettmd.com/transgender-surgery-boston/]
*Splits time between California and Texas
+ Also performs bottom surgery
•Disclaimer: this is not a fully inclusive list, merely a resource.
•Disclaimer 2: please excuse their language and use of phrases like “born in the wrong body” and so on.
•Disclaimer 3: I didn’t make this infographic. However we think that the blue-shaded states are for masculine identifying (breast reduction), and the pink-shaded states are for feminine identifying (breast enhancement).

Links and info valid as of February 2017.