dr 001

Title: Dr. Flug Entry 001 Chapter 1
Author: Ambercreek
Characters/Pairings: Dr. Flug, Black Hat
Fandom: Villainous
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: Magic wasn’t real, you couldn’t make things happen just by casting a spell or reading from old text. You needed physical evidence, and magic didn’t have any evidence. That goes for superstitions too. Monsters, Ghost, Demons. None of those things were real. Or so Dr. Flug thought.


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Subject 001   |  Heero Yuy  | < 2000 Words

Part One:

Heero waited and watched from the darkness of the nearby park as the fires were extinguished by the fire department. He watched horrified men, women and children huddled together nearby as they watched their homes burn and perish in the flames.

Hours had passed. The people had been taken away. Fences had been erected to keep people away from the rubble until the blast was completely investigated. The ash from the fires that burned wildly a couple of hours before had collected in the climate control systems overhead and was now trickling down to the ground like snow, covering the debris with a thin layer of gray soot.

He hadn’t moved. When the emergency crews arrived he should have fled. He could have been caught. It was the right thing to do. He couldn’t risk his mission. It was what he was trained to do, but something told him to stay. He had to see her. He had to know if she was okay.

He had seen everyone who had come out of the apartment building alive. There were men, women and children alike. But not her. She wasn’t among them.

He wasn’t saddened by this. He wasn’t disturbed or upset. He didn’t feel anything except a slight anxiety. He had to see her. He didn’t know why, he just had to.

Once all of the rescue personnel and response crews had gone he climbed the fence and began his search. Calmly he walked through the still steaming rubble searching for her. He had watched them extract a few bodies from the wreckage but none seemed to fit her description. He searched under slabs of cement and dug through flickering piles of ember for any sign of her but there was nothing.

Maybe she wasn’t home, he rationalized. However, just as he had decided this something caught his eye.

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A Little Appreciation Post

Let’s take a look back at that time when Hank Pym risked his life growing again, while knowing it could be extremely dangerous for him…

… or that time when he worked on helping a near stranger and new fellow Avenger who was slowly dying due to her strange mutation…

… or that time where he believed he had found Jan’s essence in underspace…  but held back from bringing her back because it would actually harm her… 

… or his typical way of dealing with supervillains…

… or how he always looked after the Avengers Academy kids, and want to protect them… (seriously, read Avengers Arena no13…  he’s the only one who did anything and everything he could to find his students)

… or how he opened shelters for women and children victims of abuse…

…  or how he risked his neck to save Matt Murdock’s life while he was contaminated with Doom nanobots…

…  or again when he helped Bruce Banner deal with fighting off the Terrigen Mist spreading around the planet…

…  yeah, looks so much like a jerk to me…  </sarcasm>