Hajizuru Sprites!

Yes, you heard that right. Sprites of Hajime from SDR2 but edited so he has his red eye from Hope Arc. Every sprite where his eyes are visible are done. They’re all below the cut. Feel free to use with credit. All sprites are below the cut!

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My soul is healed.

[WARNING: There’s a lot of flashing images that could definitely cause a problem if you’re epileptic or suffer from headaches/migraines easily.]

I get that some people don’t like komahina, but to completely ignore the fact that Komaeda and Hinata did have an important relationship just because you don’t like the ship is ignorant. People keep complaining about others (not necessarily komahina shippers btw) mentioning the lack of Komaeda and Hinata interactions. Especially from Komaeda’s end, Hinata was a crucial part of his character. He pushed everyone away, but couldn’t bring himself to fully distance himself from Hinata like he did with the rest of the class.
If you look at his character for more than 12 seconds, you’d know that he was a very vicious luck cycle that happens to effect everyone he’s involved with. That means that if he gets too close to someone, they’ll probably end up dead like everyone else he’s ever loved.
When Komaeda almost confesses to Hinata, he probably doesn’t go through with it because:
1.) He doesn’t want to admit his feelings to himself.
2.) He didn’t want to risk any kind of acceptance from Hinata. That would put them in a relationship that would risk Hinata’s life and Komaeda couldn’t do that.
Some of the things he’s does and says are done purposely to make those around him hate him. Even if he really cares about them, like his classmates for example (he blew up a gym for them. I don’t think he did that just because he admired them, no matter what anyone says), he doesn’t want any harm to come to them because of him. Therefore, you see him obviously taking a step back from the class. Except Hajime.
This is probably because of the beginning of the game when they were getting close. Hinata didn’t treat him the way that everyone has always treated him. I believe that even after Hinata felt conflicted from his sudden change in trial one, Komaeda couldn’t let go of Hinata. He got attached and couldn’t let go. Instead, his grip got stronger involuntarily.

So, if I seem a little upset at the lack of interaction between these two, this is why