Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 is happening ⊟ 

Maybe this time will be different? Maybe we’ll get this this one? Square Enix teased this 3DS sequel in the latest issue of Weekly Jump, but the publisher didn’t provide a release date for when iw will come out in Japan.

This game will star the Saiyan Future Trunks fellow rocking a pair of Beats by Dracky headphones in the scanned page above, according to a report from Anime News Network. And that creature next to him is a “mysterious being” going by the name Nochōra.

The site adds, “[DQMJ3′s] story takes place in a ‘cyber’ world with advanced science, and the device the main character wears on his ears is called a ‘reactor.’” The game will also have over 500 monsters.

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You can set up to 3 monsters to ride, in the up, right and left d-pad buttons. The down d-pad button has you walk again.
Pressing A while riding make the monster attack. And pressing B makes you jump, even when not riding a monster!